YouTube And Warner Music Group Deal

YouTube Warner Deal

YouTube Warner Deal

Ever clicked a link to view a My Chemical Romance video on YouTube only to find that it has been removed or muted?, yes?, we’ve all been there. Well, earlier this week YouTube and Warner Music Group made a deal that the record company would no longer remove or flag videos that feature songs by their artists, instead YouTube will be inserting Warner Music ads on their videos.

Last year, Warner pulled its videos from the world’s leading video-sharing site but will now be back as part of a new revenue-sharing deal.
Perhaps more importantly, Warner won’t flag third-party videos that feature the songs it owns. The unauthorized clips will stream on, with YouTube slapping ads on those videos on behalf of Warner.
Warner may have had every legal right to force third-party clips to go silent if they included prerecorded music by its acts, including Nickelback and My Chemical Romance. But doing so was just stupid. It creates fan resentment. It nixes free artist promotion. This new deal is the right way for labels to go about things. It’s a win-win-win situation, since the viewer doesn’t have to curse label-signed talent while Google and Warner make a little more money.

The full article can be read at here. This is definitely good news for us fans and it will help to further promote the band.

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