Brian Schechter To Become Stuntman

Brian Schechter, who first managed My Chemical Romance, and is largely responsible for the groups success, is all set to becoming a stuntman. He is currently attending the International Stunt School in Washington in hope of getting a job in the movies due to economic recession.

Brian Schechter already knows it’s tough to break into entertainment — he’s done it once already, as manager of the platinum-selling rock band My Chemical Romance. But after touring the world and building his own management company, Schechter found himself burned out and looking for a second act.

So after shutting down his business, the 31-year-old is betting that some connections around L.A. — along with a love of skydiving and other thrill-seeking sports — can give him a leg up as a rookie stuntman.

If that sounds risky, Schechter said, it can’t be much worse than starting over in the music business, where online distribution and piracy have hammered traditional album sales.

“I never did it for money, but it’s not there anymore,” Schechter said. “It just isn’t. To develop an artist in that business the same way — I’d rather bet on myself and develop this.”

In the video below Schechter talks briefly about finding work in the recession and performs a few stunts. He appears at approxmiatley 1:44. To view the original article at The Augusta Chronicle, click here.


Brian Schechter Stuntman
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