New My Chemical Romance Album Delayed have posted an article stating that a fall 2010 release date is more likely for My Chemical Romances fourth album. There is also some speculation that the completed tracks featuring Bob Bryar may not be included in the final release.

“Last December, the band’s fourth album appeared to be on target for a Spring release, but now the remaining members are heading back into the studio, making a Fall 2010 on-sale date more likely.
Reps for MCR’s label played seven new songs for SPIN staffers in December, which featured Bryar’s drum work, but now, with the band writing and recording again, it’s unclear how many of those tracks will make the final album.”

It seems obvious now that the album won’t be ready in time for the initial spring 2010 release date, however I’m sure it will feature Bob on the drums. Any thoughts on that?

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3 Responses to New My Chemical Romance Album Delayed

  1. LinTu says:

    I just hope the album is worth all this waiting! I really wanna hear it. If it’s ready why won’t they release it?! If they have some new songs, then they can make a B-side or something. Millions of people are waiting!

  2. Vanz says:

    I completely agree with LinTu…I don’t know what to say…I’m not against MCR and their decisions at all…But I really think it’s pretty possible that Bob and MCR really had arguements…That makes me sad ):

  3. A$h says:

    I’ve been excited for this album since forever… It sucks that it’s delayed. There’s just been so much stuff that’s been going on with the band, so I can’t blame them. Bob leaving, Gerard having vocal problems. I’m sure the album will be more than worth the wait.

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