Gerard Way Spin Magazine Scans

Gerard Way Spin Magazine

Gerard In Spin Magazine

The LiveJournal user _greatguitarsex has posted scans of Spin’s 25th Anniversary issue featuring Gerard Way and Iggy Pop. It’s actually a pretty good read all in all, head on over to the original post for those.

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4 Responses to Gerard Way Spin Magazine Scans

  1. LinTu says:

    Gerard looks great on these photos. And at the same time he looks different to what I’m used to 😀 It’s great to see him again

  2. A$H says:

    I have the magazine, I thought it was a pretty good read as well. You can get it at Barnes & Noble if you want the actual magazine. And yes, Gerard does look good in those photos!

  3. Tina Djupvik says:

    Omg, how thin he has become? :luv: but yeah, omg, he looks so good! 😮 😛

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