My Chemical Romance Beaten By Coheed & Cambria

We gave it a good run guys, we really did, but My Chemical Romance were beaten in the final round of MTV’s Musical March Madness by Coheed & Cambria. Being a big fan of both band’s I am pleased for Coheed & Cambria, but I was surprised that they even got through the first round, never mind winning. I have been a Coheed fan for about five years now and I have never met any one who knew who they were. There was a lot of speculation early on in the contest about Coheed fans cheating their way through the first match-ups. Whether this is true for the final round or not, who knows?, but for a band nobody’s ever heard of they sure did get a lot of votes. Thanks to everyone who voted though, we did well and this will only make us a tighter group. MTV’s Musical March Madness 2011 will be ours!.

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3 Responses to My Chemical Romance Beaten By Coheed & Cambria

  1. LinTu says:

    “but for a band nobody’s ever heard of they sure did get a lot of votes” – you took the words right out of my mouth. I wanted My Chem to win but…oh, well…that’s life. At least they know we love them and we tried our best. If that other band’s fans chated, that’s too bad for them but there’s nothing we can do.

  2. Chris says:

    Yeah, I’m happy at where My Chem is at anyway, I think they probably should have won, just because they have more fans then Coheed to vote for them. I have no doubt Coheed fans cheated, it’s a shame they played so unfairly and I feel really let down by them. I voted for Coheed up until the final, when we got through the first few rounds I thought it was down to luck, then when we beat Tokio Hotel I suspected something was wrong. Nobodys ever heard of Coheed, but Tokio Hotel have a huge fanbase. I’m pleased for Coheed, but anyone who thinks they played fairly is blind to their small fanbase.

  3. A$H says:

    As much as I hate to say it, I do think that the Coheed fans cheated as well. Whether they did or not isn’t going to change anything right now though. I don’t think they’ll be able to find proof that Coheed fans cheated (though all signs definitely point to it). Either way, they better be prepared, because My Chem is definitely going to win MTV’s Musical March Madness 2011!

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