My Chemical Romance’s New Album Article At AOL posted an article earlier today about My Chemical Romance’s upcoming album. It basically just rounds up what’s already been said, but it’s worth a read.

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5 Responses to My Chemical Romance’s New Album Article At AOL

  1. A$H says:

    You’re right, there weren’t any new details, but it still makes me excited for the new album- aka “The Rainbow Cupcake”- even more, if thats possible.

  2. Chris says:

    Haha, we should officially refer to it as “The Rainbow Cupcake” until the title is released. Wierdly I’m not really looking forward to the new album. I think because I was so disappointed with The Black Parade, it’s better if I don’t expect anything of it. I wanted a second Revenge and it didn’t happen so this time around I’ve cleared all my expectations. I’m going to try and listen to The Rainbow Cupcake for what it is, rather than comparing it so harshly with it’s predecessors.

  3. Claire says:

    Haha I’m pumped that my rainbow cupcake joke is like legit now. I feel so important.
    Oh my gosh thank you – I agree about TBP but no-one will admit it was a bummer. It wasn’t the snarling, rough-around-the-edges, honest music that I came to love MCR for. Maybe if another band had put the same album out, I would have thought it was genius. But for MCR, it took away from what made them genius. Maybe cuz they tried to sound like Queen and Pink Floyd, and there already is a Queen and Pink Floyd. I wanted MCR. But alot of people disagree with that so it’s whatever; I have had moments where I was in certain moods and was moved by it. But mainly it all seemed like a big show, I couldn’t take it seriously, it wasn’t as authentic or something. I hope it’s not Cavallo’s doing, cuz isn’t he working on some of the Rainbow Cupcake?
    ^ Sorry, that was The Black Tirade

  4. Claire says:

    Ah sweet it worked

  5. Chris says:

    Hey Claire, yeah I have an anti-spam plugin that seems to catch most things whether it’s spam or not. I’m currently trying to sort that, a lot of fans comments are being marked as spam. I always check the filter before deleting though so I’ll always approve you guys, so keep on commenting. Oh yeah, The Rainbow Cupcake totally stuck, it was too good to let slide. Genius.

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