Gerard Way’s Black Metal Movie Comments have posted a short article about Gerard’s recent Twitter comments on the upcoming Black Metal Movie. It isn’t much of a story to be honest, just a round of his Tweets, which we all know are not to be taken too literally.

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3 Responses to Gerard Way’s Black Metal Movie Comments

  1. LinTu says:

    It’s obvious from the comments under the article that people don’t get that Gerard’s joking. They take his words absolutely literally and think he’s stupid or something. I think only people who’ve heard one or two interviews with him would understand when he’s joking and when he’s serious.

  2. Chris says:

    Yeah, I don’t really see why Kerrang! posted it. It just felt like padding for their website to me. There’s nothing there other than a couple of daft Twitter messages. When I saw the Tweets I didn’t think of posting it, there really isn’t much of a story there.

  3. A$H says:

    Kerrang! posts a lot of pointless news, to be honest. And some people just can’t take a joke, and others are just rude. I read some of the comments, and one person was saying that they were cold and their signature was Hannah Bond, and in another somebody posted that they were Gerard Way and were going to beat his daughter and that he was gay, or something like that. They need to get a life, if all they ever do is write comments like that.

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