My Chemical Romance’s “The Midnight Curfew”

The Midnight Curfew

The Midnight Curfew

A new My Chemical Romance DVD, “The Midnght Curfew” is due for release on June 29th.

The story of their formation is legendary, their rise to fame has been extraordinary and their influence is everywhere – and now the eyeliner crowd’s favourite band are roaring back into the fray. Gerard Way’s group has been a lesson in ‘how to connect’ for young bands across the world, moving from their New Jersey roots to global superstardom in a few short years. MCR’s combination of dark theatricality, a message that resonates globally and melodies that’ll hook you from mile away have been the catalyst for the intense connection that fans have forged with this extraordinary collective.
This two disc set allows Chem fans everywhereto get closer than ever to their heroes, with the most thorough and entertaining DVD documentary yet about MCR, covering their entire history and including exclusive interviews, contributions from those who have been intimately involved throughout their history and the finest music journalists and writers analysing recordings and performances by the group.
Also included is a CD interview disc containing more than an hour of rare audio interviews with the band in which they all reveal more than they have ever done previously.
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It looks to me as if it’s an unofficial release. I wouldn’t be expecting another Life on the Murder Scene, but it does sound pretty good. The title has been listed as an album at and AOL Music, speculating that “The Midnight Curfew” could also be the name of My Chemical Romance’s fourth studio album. Personally, I doubt it, but we’ll wait and see. American fans can pre-order now at, and UK fans can pre-order at, who also offer worldwide shipping.

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3 Responses to My Chemical Romance’s “The Midnight Curfew”

  1. A$H says:

    Wow! I wasn’t expecting that! That’s great though! I don’t care if it’s unofficial or not, I’m getting that… “The Midnight Curfew” has a nice ring to it (at least in my opinion, which doesn’t really count), so I wouldn’t mind if it’s the title for “The Rainbow Cupcake” as well.

  2. LinTu says:

    That’s sooo great! I want it 😀 I doubt it’s gonna come in my tiny country so I’m gonna look for a way to order it on the web. LOTMS is truly great and if the “The Midnight Curfew” is as good as it (no matter if it’s official or not) it would be fantastic!.

  3. Claire says:

    “The midnight curfew” seems like a random title, so whether it has anything to do with the album or not it must have some significance, I’ll be interested to see what it refers to.

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