My Chemical Romance’s “A Road Less Travelled”

A Road Less Traveled

A Road Less Traveled

While we’re on the subject of upcoming DVD releases, My Chemical Romance: A Road Less Travelled is due for release on May 4th 2010.

This documentary charts the entire history of My Chemical Romance from their earliest days spent playing to a local following, to their signing with a major label, to the taking of their music and message to a global audience, to becoming the blueprint for a hundred tame copycats. The film gives the inside story of this extraordinary act through exclusive interviews, location shoots, previously unpublished photographs and footage, and a wealth of other material, which all at once makes for a fluid and focused insight into the past, present and future of MCR. Also features extras such as photo gallery, the MCR interactive challenge and digital contributor biographies, plus the ‘beyond DVD’ section for the true collectors.
– Summary from MVD Entertainment Group

Another unofficial release, which is available to per-order now at

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6 Responses to My Chemical Romance’s “A Road Less Travelled”

  1. A$h says:

    Hmm… Whats up with all of the unofficial releases all of the sudden? Anyways, with any luck it will be halfway decent. My b-day is coming up (only 8 more days!) so if you guys want I can I can use some of the money I get to preorder it, or I can get it off of Netflix if they have it and I can tell you guys whats on it and if its worth getting.

  2. LinTu says:

    I’m trying to make my mom buy it for me, I’m half way to success XD A$h, if you order it, please share with us if it’s good enough to buy it 🙂

  3. Chris says:

    It seems a wierd time to release two unofficial DVD’s. Surely they would sell better with the new album release, although if everything had gone to plan that would probably be out by now. Yeah A$h, if you do get hold of this or The Midnight Curfew please let me know. I currently don’t plan on buying either, but if The Midnight Curfew is good I’ll get that, if it’s as in-depth as it sounds.

  4. A$H says:

    Yeah, I’ll be more than happy to let you all know, if I can manage to get my hands on it. I doubt I’ll be able to actually order it off of Amazon; my parents have managed to catch wind of the Daily Mail blaming My Chem as a suicide cult, and it doesn’t help that I’ve been clinically depressed/suicidal before. They brought it up with me and I tried to explain that it was biased and anything but true, but I’m not sure if they actually believed me. So my best bet is to try to order it off of Netflix without them knowing. They should have it when it’s released, I checked and they had Life on the Murder Scene, The Black Parade is Dead!, and Things that Make You Go MMM! (can’t say I’ve seen that one) so with any luck I’ll be able to get it.

  5. Claire says:

    I saw Things That Make You Go MMM, its not that great. Since its unofficial, they can’t use any MCR music or hardly any interviews with the band, there was just one with ray. And we basically know all the info already. What was interesting was the interviews with people who know them, like Alex Saavedra and other people that helped em out in the beginning. They shed some light on Otter and everyones feelings when they split from Eyeball to go to a major, and the way they tell Gerards tooth story was funny.

  6. Chris says:

    Yeah, I got Things That Make You Go Mmm a few years ago. I was disappointed at first because like Claire said, there is hardly any MCR in it, but it’s actually really informative. It has a lot of info about the bands beginning and during the Bullets era. All of it is from people who worked with or know My Chem so it’s pretty reliable. I’m going to have to dig that out and watch it again, I’ve only seen it the once.

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