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Gerard Way Dark Horse Panel Coverage

TFAWvideos have posted almost an hours worth of the Dark Horse panel discussion featuring Gerard Way. A YouTube search for “SDCC ’10: Dark Horse Comics Panel” will provide you with parts 1-6 of the discussion. Thanks to Claire for that. … Continue reading

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Gerard Way At Comic-Con Candids

The Livejournal user ljmd has uploaded 14 candids of Gerard at Comic-Con. Head on over to the journal entry for the full set. I’ll round up all of the Comic-Con images and add them to the Gallery as soon as … Continue reading

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New Fanlisting Members

A huge thanks to Julia, Adri M, Sas, Claire, Alanode and Anna Hudgins for joining the Fanlisting. You have all been added to the members list.

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Gerard Way At Comic-Con’s CBLDF Party have just posted the above image of Paul Pope, Gabriel Bá and Gerard Way at Comic-Con’s CBLDF party.

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More Comic-Con Coverage have posted two new blog entries featuring even more pictures of Gerard at Comic-Con. Check out entries #1 and #2 for those. A few Q&A videos from the Darkhorse panel discussion have surfaced on YouTube. In the first clip … Continue reading

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Even More Comic-Con Pictures

The user dancinbutterfly has written about her experience at this years Comic-Com, which is accompanied by a bunch of new photos. The images feature Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Lindsey. Check out her journal entries #1, #2 and #3 for … Continue reading

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Gerard Way On Dark Horse Panel Discussion

httpv:// The above video features Gerard Way in yesterdays Darkhorse panel discussion at Comic-Con 2010. In it he reveals that the finished album was their second attempt and that he is in fact dresed in costume. Gerard is last on … Continue reading

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