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Gerard Way At Comic-Con 2010

Gerard Way At Comic-Con 2010 have posted two new blog entries featuring even more pictures of Gerard at Comic-Con. Check out entries #1 and #2 for those.
A few Q&A videos from the Darkhorse panel discussion have surfaced on YouTube. In the first clip Gerard answers a question about relationships within The Umbrella Academy, and in the second clip he discusses The Breakfast Monkey, Bandit’s favorite book and his favorite bounty hunters.

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  1. Claire says:

    Ima cave and put my two cents in: I like the hair. It’s grimy and sleazy and different which is the reason I like the band; I guess we forgot that as they cleaned up a little bit since the BP. If anything I’m psyched cuz it’s like, ok good, he’s still got it! He still gets off on doing stuff like that

  2. LinTu says:

    Yeah I’m getting used to this hair too 😀

  3. A$H says:

    When I first saw his hair I wasn’t quite sure what to think, but I agree it’s grown on me in the past… what it’s only been two or three days right? Anyways, I just wish the clips were a bit easier to understand. In the first clip I think he said something about men showing affection to eachother, and in the second I couldn’t make out much of anything. Does anybody know what he was saying?

  4. Claire says:

    No idea ha I’m just hoping someone else uploads clearer ones

  5. Cryptic says:

    You’re a bit too late on the blonde-hair thing, Gerard. 3 years late, actually. Stealing from Bert McCracken again are we?

  6. sipie says:

    Urm Cryptic, Gerard did the ‘blonde thing’ before Bert. Bert copied it because he became a whiney bitch after they fell out 🙂

  7. Chris says:

    I’m sure that neither Bert McCracken or Gerard Way were the first people to bleach their hair. Gerard is not imitating Bert.
    From a discussion between a fan and Lindsey at Comic-Con:
    Fan: “What happened with Gerard’s hair?”
    Lindsey: “Nothing, he just wanted to be blonde.”

  8. Cryptic says:

    Sipie, Gerard dyed his “white” not blonde. Half the My Chem songs sound like they ripped The Used’s sound.

    Bert kicks Gerard’s ass at singing any day.

    Just wanted to see if anyone would freak out over my comment.

    The fact that people actually care this much about his hair is hilarious. No wonder this band gets so much shit. What happened to fans actually giving a fuck about the music?

  9. A$H says:

    Okay first things first I can assure you that all of us (or at least myself) listen to My Chem purely because of their music. No other band has been able to have such an impact on me. I knew they were going to be one of, if not my favorite, band just from the first song I’ve heard by them, before I knew what they looked like, or any of their names. I don’t care if all of the members were bald and overweight, I would still listen to them as much as I do today. So yes, I do give a fuck about the music.
    And I really don’t think either band ripped eachother off. And say what you want, but Gerard’s voice is… moving. Bert has a great voice, but it just doesn’t compare to his (in my opinion).
    And if you don’t like My Chem that much (which is the impression I’m kinda getting) then why are you on here in the first place?

  10. sipie says:

    Agree with you A$h 🙂 It’s always been the music for true fans (Me and my soon-to-be fiance included). People and bands always change their image, just look at Metallica lol. Cryptic if your here to stir things or to just be annoying then please grow up 🙂

  11. Cryptic says:

    My Chem used to be my favorite band and I’m from New Jersey and live a few towns away from them. I’ve also met the band several times. I have no problem with anyone in the band but Gerard. He basically ignored a bunch of fans at the 2006 The Black Parade record release in Fords, NJ. I was young back then and really looked up to the guy and having him turn his back and ignore a bunch of kids who were huge fans kind of sucked. Everyone else in the band (especially Bob and Frank) was amazingly nice.

    That aside I’m not too crazy about Gerard talking shit about Green Day and other bands in interviews lately. I don’t mind the band changing in fact I encourage a band to change and try new things but I think it’s important to stay true to your roots and not forget where you came from and remember that you were once a fan yourself and not all the fans are going to be screaming girls giving you gifts.

    The whole Bob thing is really depressing too. No one knows what went down but it doesn’t sound pretty.

    As far as Bert and The Used go, once I heard The Used everything by My Chem became irrelevant for me. Bert puts so much emotion into songs and lyrics and you can really tell it’s real. Same goes for everyone in the Used. They care so much about music and that’s really nice to see. Gerard said in LOTMS that playing music isn’t why they made the band, it’s because they wanted to help people. I kind of think that’s a load of bull shit and I think a lot of the things about saving people’s lives (no offense to anyone who claims to be saved by them) as being the point is also bull shit. Gerard clearly has a big mouth and it would be nice to just let the music speak for itself for once instead of creating this elaborate stories and metaphors in lyrics when a lot of people just want honest music that speaks for itself. That’s why I like The Used, they write honest rock songs because they love music, not for any other reason. If it helps someone through something then that’s awesome but they’re not there to be some pariah. I just think My Chem (Gerard in particular) needs to just relax and let the music do the talking.

    Just my opinion. The blond hair thing was just a catalyst for all this. And I’m sure a lot of fans are still in it for the music, but it’s disappointing to see fans who aren’t. But hey, that’s how you make your money: off 13 year old fan girls.

  12. Cryptic says:

    And everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’ve got no problem with that but I think a lot of fans are thinking it and that it should be written somewhere. That’s all. No need to freak out at me 😉

  13. A$H says:

    Sorry if I did come out a bit harsh, I didn’t mean to, but when you made it seem like the music was unimportant to us I just retaliated – their music means a lot to me and everyone else on here. And now that I know a bit more I can understand what you’re saying better.
    I used to think the whole “saving lives” thing was a bunch of bull too. Until (you can choose to believe this or not, I don’t have a problem if you don’t) they did save mine. And it’s not an exaggeration, as in “I was really depressed for a few days, and then I listened to ‘Revenge’ and it made me realize everything was going to be okay.” No, I had actually decided when, where, and how I was going to kill myself and was intent on going through with it at the time. I heard “Cemetery Drive” on my ipod only hours before I was planning on doing it, and it made me realize exactly what I was going to be doing not only to myself, but to everyone else. Like I said, you don’t have to believe it. But I think that every band has the potential to change or save lives through music – be it My Chem, the Used, anyone.
    And I’m sure you’ll be happy to know (although you probably already do know this) that the next album is supposed to be more direct, honest, and straight to the point – no more sprawling metaphors.

  14. sipie says:

    I agree A$h 🙂 And it took a lot to put that on here. To me there was a lot of tweens who listened to ‘Revenge’ and ‘Parade’ and jumped on the whole ‘mcr saved my life’ bandwagon to look cool. Where as there were people, such as yourself, really did find comfort and safety in the bands music. Yes the next album is a return to straight rock ‘n’ roll, but nearly all music uses double meanings and metaphores.

  15. Cryptic says:

    It’s real cool of you to share that on a website A$H and I’m glad their music did help you.

    The whole point of music is to help and relate to people and I definitely felt that way about MCR’s music for a while. I think their music and music by other bands can save someones life but the fact that it was built up to be this huge deal and almost larger than life was kind of disheartening.

    It’s nice to know there are still real fans out there. It just started getting really old where in every interview I would read it would be Gerard talking about how important their music was and then going to Spin and MTV and Rolling Stone or whoever it may be and saying that the new album is awesome and people are going to love it. It was kind of like, “You’re saying your bands album is amazing before anyone has even heard it?” There’s nothing wrong with saying, “We’re happy, excited, and proud of the new record and hope people like it,” but it kind of seemed like he thought they were better than they were. I missed the My Chem that was real and was just making music for the sake of making music.

    Then the whole Bob thing happened and it seems like they re-wrote the whole record. Gerard seems a lot more humble from what I can see at Comic Con. Who knows, maybe the success of The Black Parade and Desolation Row and MTV actually starting to give a fuck about them kind of gave Gerard an ego. I don’t know. As someone who lives in New Jersey and grew up here and plays actively in the music scene here it kind of feels like they’ve turned their backs on New Jersey. I’ll be honest, this state sucks. The people are rude, there’s a huge gap between the rich and poor, everyone is always on edge, there are tons of drug problems, and the state itself is fucked up. New Jersey isn’t the greatest place to live but I still think the fans here like those who showed up to the Fords, NJ show would really like to see MCR get back to their roots and play some clubs here in Jersey instead of the Roxy in California. I can see why Gerard wanted to get out because I feel the same way but at the same time you forget where you came from and to me some of the greatest shows are the ones where MCR played in the crappy VFW hall in Cresskill and at Clube Krome. A lot of people like Bullets the best out of every album and although the album itself is pretty shaky the songs are real and living in Jersey it’s easy to see what the lyrics are about.

  16. Claire says:

    It’s interesting to hear that from someone who has followed them from the beginning. I came a few years late but have been most affected by Bullets, and I always kind of noticed a difference in the genuineness between that era and the more recent my chem; I wasn’t sure if I was being biased, since I wasn’t there in the beginning. But I met him once at projekt rev and he kind of blew us all off then too. And I personally dislike the Black Parade. It’s all been disappointing and I’ve never been “saved” by them or any band but no matter my feelings about any of this stuff, I don’t think the used and my chem have anything in common at all ha and I’m trying to keep the faith for the next album. My comment about the hair was just a goofy roundabout reference to that, like, well, he still LOOKS like a greasy motherfucker, maybe he actually hasn’t changed too much in other ways either lol. I’m grasping.
    Side questions: where have the used been (their website is like desolate) and when did gerard bad-mouth green day?
    Also I’m thinking they chose the roxy cuz a few of them live there with their families, and they record there, so it was easier. They did film the BPID in jersey at a small club right?
    After this can we all reminisce about how awesome bullets was?

  17. Cryptic says:

    The Used are off recording a new album to follow up 2009’s Artwork. Really quick but I guess they wanted to record again.

    Gerard dissed Green Day’s latest album “21st Century Breakdown” in an interview with some magazine (I think Spin or maybe another magazine scan I read) that I don’t remember saying it was them trying to continue American Idiot. Regardless of what he may think, I don’t think it’s right to bash someone like that to a magazine…especially since they helped My Chem a lot.

    I’m sure the reasons for playing the Roxy were like you said but it would still be nice to play here in Jersey again. For TBPID they played at a small club called Maxwell’s in Hoboken where they had their record release show for Bullets I believe.

    Now about Bullets. Bullets was definitely not their best album as far as performance goes. Half the time Gerard isn’t even on a note (he’s just yelling or talking over most of the songs) but in his defense he wasn’t a trained vocalist and this was pretty early in their career. Matt Pelissier is off-time during Our Lady of Sorrows and other songs (not very noticeable and understandable considering they didn’t have a lot of money and some of those songs are a bitch to play on drums). All those things set aside I think what a lot of people like about Bullets is it’s sincere. There’s no elaborate story concocted (at least that I know of or if there was, it wasn’t really talked about) and it’s raw. If you look at the My Chem attic demos or the Used’s Demos from the Basement they’re extremely rough, the instrumentals aren’t that great, Gerard is basically yelling attempting to hit some sort of note, Bert is off a lot of the time and is straining to hit the notes, the quality isn’t that great. But, I love those demos just like a lot of other people. Why? They’re raw and you can feel the emotion. Bert’s screams are real. You can feel the pain. You can feel the emotion. People will ask, “How the hell did THAT get them signed?” To a lot of people it may seem like crap but considering they were just starting out and it was real and raw people can relate to that. Labels clearly saw that and they knew that with some training the problems there could easily be fixed.

    To make a long story short I think that’s what people (especially new fans) miss about My Chem and like about Bullets. I don’t think people necessarily want an album that sounds just like Bullets but an album that is as real and honest as Bullets. The Black Parade was a great album, great instrumentals, good lyrics, but it wasn’t really real. I think if perhaps the whole elaborate story and costumes and such weren’t involved it’s honesty would have shone through more to those who were stupid enough to just look at the band call them emo because of the way they looked and acted. To me, the best songs are the songs that are honest and real and that you can relate to. I’d much rather listen to Demos from the Basement by The Used than The Black Parade any day.

  18. Claire says:

    Ya if you’re talking about production and musicianship, The Black Parade was absolutely perfect and a good record for sure. But I never really feel anything from it. I guess that’s not true, I’ve had a few moments with that record, but not as often or intense as with the others. I don’t think being pitch-perfect is a necessity of rock’n’roll. I just think you have to mean it, and in Bullets and all the demos, they mean it so much they’ve disregarded the search for perfection in order to portray exactly what they’re feeling. You can hear down into the guy’s throat, into his body, and both with the vocals and with the instruments there is such intensity and purpose it’s like they have to say what they’re trying to say RIGHT NOW and so forcefully and honestly that they don’t care so much about technical aspects. Cuz maybe you lose something when you have to compromise your vision with the professional rules of recording, but maybe not, what do I know? All I know is that Bullets really has an affect on me, I feel like they really mean every word they say and note they play. Also I think I can relate to it because of all the themes of getting out and not letting “them” get you, cuz although I don’t live in Jersey, I live in a place equally as stagnant that just sucks people in. There’s a desperation and a fear and a hopelessness on that record that’s just really touching (not to say that there aren’t also moments of hope).
    So basically I guess I’m saying I don’t give a fuck about formal training and to me, that was gerards best performance because it was so emotive and encapsulated what rock is to me. Also I enjoy the drumming on Bullets much more than any of the other records, and I’m a drummer. It’s just really fun and intricate, though you’re right they’re a bitch to play and pretty messy.
    Now, I’m not saying that having a beautiful, perfect voice and flawless drumming style makes it not rock’n’roll, because I listen to a lot of like Zeppelin or whatever and that stuff is usually pretty on-point. There’s a difference though, we’re talking about a particular band and taking into consideration their strengths and creativity.
    I really love trying to hear what they want to tell me…it really is like a glimpse into another persons’ soul (as gay as that sounds), and what could be more interesting than an actual, pure view of the way another person feels and thinks? It’s not so interesting on a more edited record, to me, because there is no deciphering, there is no message that’s just dying to reach you; instead it’s laid out, like, “and here’s the rock solo, where you are supposed to feel badass,” and then, “here’s the slower part where I sing softly and so this is supposed to make you feel sad or reflective.” It’s just so obvious and maybe that’s why it seems like they aren’t being real, because it is much harder than that to be honest about things that really mean something to you, real things. And then how is that interesting for the listener? Anyone in the world can say to me, “I feel sad” or angry, whatever. Not interesting. Scream it at me, let your voice crack, throw in a metaphor about vampires that let’s me know exactly the degree to which you feel preyed upon, have a really throbbing, nasty pulse in the guitars. Now you’ve hit me in the gut.

  19. Claire says:

    I’m not trying to rag on this band though, for real. I still love them, I’m just trying to explain why the latest cd isn’t my taste. I’d love for someone to stick up for the BP, cuz I still want to support my dudes lol and I’d like to hear that point of view as well; any Paraders?

  20. A$H says:

    You two said that really well. Better than I could have, thats for sure. I’d add to it, but everything I could possibly say would just be a pointless restatement of what you guys have already said.
    Now, I’m one of the few fans that enjoyed all three albums – Revenge being my favorite, beating Bullets by the tiniest margin, and then the BP being last. The reason I liked the BP is because I got into them pretty late, actually the summer after the BP was released. But if anybody asks I tell them that I got into them during the Revenge era, because I’ve had my back turned on by other fans that I used to talk to simply because I didn’t get into them before the BP was released. Apparently that makes me a ‘poser’.
    Since I wasn’t actually with the band from Bullets to Revenge, I wasn’t there to witness their changes in music and style. So although I knew there were a lot of differences between the albums, it didn’t have as much of an effect on me. I’m almost certain that if I had listened to them from Bullets on I wouldn’t care about the BP at all.
    The reasons I have for liking the BP are different from a lot of people’s reasons, because mine are all personal. I could spend just about forever detailing them, but I won’t because it would take way too long and I’m sure nobody gives a shit about my personal life.
    So I will tell you the one, major reason as to why I like it (and as to why I love Revenge and Bullets) – it made me FEEL. It made me – a teenager with pathetically low self-esteem, hardly any friends, severe depression and anxiety, who had given up on myself and the world, who was beyond caring, and just wanted to end it all – feel. And it felt amazing.
    Of course I can never get a break, and things got worse, which led to them bringing me back from the brink. The point is, I love every My Chem song, and every My Chem album, because they remind me that I’m alive, that somebody understands me, and that I’m never alone.
    Yeah that wasn’t exactly sticking up for the BP, it was really just me explaining why I love My Chem, but that’s how I feel about all of their material. They give me something I can easily identify and relate to.

  21. Claire says:

    That’s awesome A$H, I guess it really just depends on where we are in our lives that determines how we feel about each record. I do understand the potential for the Black Parade to affect someone the way it has you, it’s a very insightful album. It’s hard to say that any of them are the “best” of the three because they really do have something different to say in each one. Although everyone always seems to agree on Revenge ha that one’s undeniable.
    The whole “poser” versus “true fan” thing is so ridiculous. All you need to be a true fan is to value the music. You don’t need to know anything about the band, be it their names, the history, whatever, or have discovered them at a certain time. You ever read the blogs on the official site? It gets pretty dumb with that stuff lol.
    I’ve definitely failed on the don’t-repeat-stuff front, I’ve mirrored Cryptic a little bit but I can’t help it, I love musing on all this. None of my friends are very into my chem so I go a bit crazy on here.
    Anyways, I think it’s really cool that you can look at it from an unbiased point of view and see the draw of each one for different people. I think I get super biased; they probably haven’t changed nearly as much as I think they do sometimes, as people I mean. Their lives are just different now and so some things have to be different along with that.

  22. Claire says:

    Oh my god, I didn’t realize we were talking about this in the midst of this giant rumor mill uproar over exactly the same thing. I feel dumb paying heed to it but apparently some kid met bob at bamboozle and bob said he quit the band cuz he “couldn’t deal with divas anymore.”
    And then this thing, apparently it’s from March but I hadn’t seen it before:

  23. Cryptic says:

    Both you guys have put it well and it is nice to be able to talk about it to people since most conversations I have with people about MCR usually end in “they’re emo” or “they suck.”

    I don’t hate The Black Parade either. I basically grew up drumming to My Chem albums and that’s how I built my speed up. It’s just comparing it to their other albums and looking at other bands I feel a bit differently.

    That’s really interesting, Claire. I had not seen that either. Although rumors (especially those on the internet) are usually nothing more than, well, rumors…I can kind of believe that. The way I see it it’s entirely possible things with Bob could have gone down something like this:

    The guy fucks up a tendon in his wrist playing his heart out for the band…goes into surgery to have a tendon REBUILT…spends months in rehabilitation, his dog is left on his doorstep in a fucking box, he has to go easier on the drums (which for any drummer especially someone like Bob who beats the living hell out of them that’s practically a death sentence), and then to top it all off a year after working on a new album they scrap the whole thing because Gerard doesn’t think it’s good enough. I’m just speculating and I don’t want to assume anything because no one knows a thing about what went on but I highly doubt that after wanting to play drums in a good band professionally all his life, screwing up his hands for the band, getting surgery and going through excruciating rehabilitation I honestly doubt that he would have left the band after all that shit unless he was provoked or there were other reasons. The guy practically has to learn how to use his hand and play drums again and people are second guessing themselves and changing the focus of the album every 2 months (for proof, go look in all the old interviews from Gerard last year. One second it’s a dirty punk album, the next it’s getting back to the roots of rock and roll, and the next it’s God knows what.

    From what I can see just by looking at what we know and the type of person Bob is there has to be a larger reason that Bob left. That’s assuming he actually did leave and wasn’t kicked out (a lot of bands will say a member left when in fact they were kicked out. Frank’s post wasn’t exactly specific). My main problem with Frank’s post was he starts out talking about how sad the band is Bob is gone and then says, “We have been writing some very powerful new songs so this week the four of us entered the studio once again.” That’s not exactly appropriate.

    If anyone has read the old interviews on this site around the time their first drummer Matt Pelissier was kicked out you can see he wasn’t exactly happy either and was more vocal about it than Bob has been. I think Bob Bryar is a great guy which is why I find this upsetting and disheartening. I think if someone were to at least say what happened (preferably Bob) people could move on but it’s hard to do when people grew attached to Bob and basically no explanation was given. I think the fans and Bob deserve that.

  24. Claire says:

    Ya I think it’s possible too, I think if they had split on amiable terms because of Bob’s wrist or something neutral like that, they could easily have said that was the reason. Like, “we are so sad to say that Bob’s wrists could no longer hold up, we all wish so much that he could stay but we do not want to risk his health.” But the fact that they remain mum about it makes me suspect it was on bad terms. Cuz like with Matt, their reasons for not talking about the split was because they “didn’t want to talk shit,” which implies that there was shit to be said. And I thought that too about Frank’s post when he announced it; it seemed like he was basically saying, “Bob’s not in the band anymore, so now we can get back in the studio to make the best record of our lives!” It seemed a little spiteful or retaliatory, as if Bob had insulted the progress and so Frank was saying fuck you, it’s going to be awesome.
    Hey Chris is it ok that we’re doing all this commenting here or is there a place you’d rather us have this discussion?

  25. sipie says:

    From what i’ve heard over the years is that they split with Matt because he wanted Ray out of the band but they decided to kick Matt instead. I’ve said this before about Bob leaving, I can only see the reason been his wrist because he loved the band so much. I can’t see them either him been kicked out or leaving because of a fall out.

  26. Claire says:

    Ya I heard that too, and that Matt couldn’t keep time. You could be right. Any of us could be right. Also there could be some random-ass reason for everything that we haven’t even considered. Maybe Bob quit cuz he wouldn’t stand to have his name associated with an album called The Rainbow Cupcake. And the album’s been taking so long because they can’t decide whether to go with “cupcake” or “icing,” which is really a big decision because it would impact the artwork and really the direction of the entire album, knowadumsayin?

    …anyone who doesn’t know the whole history of the rainbow cupcake must think I’m retarded right now.

  27. Cryptic says:

    Who knows what went on with Matt. Ray was pretty much the person who first started helping MCR get their shit together in my opinion so that doesn’t make sense, but who knows.

    In Matt’s defense his drum parts from Bullets and Three Cheers aren’t easy and playing a 7-10 song set can get tiring especially if you’re not a trained drummer. I know people have said he sounds like crap on the live videos but you have to keep in mind they didn’t get any money until after Matt was kicked out so he was still using crappy equipment.

    The whole keeping time thing could be true…he plays really fast on the ride in a lot of stuff where Bob doesn’t (Bob will play quarter notes where Matt played eighth notes) for Three Cheers songs (look at the difference between Helena and Fashion Statement). Bob was definitely the more solid drummer by far and he knew what he could and couldn’t do. Regardless, the things that Matt supposedly had trouble with could have been fixed so if that was the reason he was kicked out it’s more of a lack of wanting to try on the band’s part. People thought the drunk and drug addicted lead singer, Gerard, at that point was going to get kicked out so it was definitely weird that the drummer was kicked out instead.

  28. Claire says:

    Oh that’s weird hearing what the fans thought back then. I never really considered what they might have thought about his drinking during the era where it was actually going on.

  29. Cryptic says:

    It was kind of like a car accident you didn’t want to see but couldn’t stop watching. He was so fucked up at most of the shows and a lot of people just came to see the lead singer who was out of his mind…especially on Warped. I think Gerard started to realize that and it just made things worse. If you look at the Summer Sonic 2004 videos on YouTube and the LOTMS footage that’s pretty much what it was like.

  30. Chris says:

    It’s no problem at all Claire, you guys carry on. It has made me consider a forum though, maybe it would be worth-while.

  31. A$H says:

    I wasn’t a fan yet when Gerard was an alcoholic, but seeing him drunk, on LOTMS, is always a bit depressing. I know a lot of people who have issues with alcohols and drugs, and it’s exactly like watching a car accident you didn’t want to see, but can’t turn your eyes away from.
    And here’s what I got as to why Matt was kicked out. This was taken from an Alt Press cover story after he had been given the boot and Gerard had gotten sober:
    “There are obviously things that went along with that [decision],” Toro continues, “like a lack of getting along with him and a lack of being able to play the songs the same way every night. But the main reason was that we weren’t having fun being in the band… He had to have known in his heart – whether he’ll admit it or not – that he wasn’t performing the way we needed to perform. You had to have been fucking blind to not see the relationship problems between each of us and him – that we just didn’t get along. When I started getting into the reasons of why we made the decision, he just walked away. That was the last time I spoke to him.”

  32. Claire says:

    I know it’s terrible but I find the shows when he was messed up extremely exciting and dangerous. Wish I could have been to one.

  33. Cryptic says:

    A lot of people feel the same way Claire. I think the sense of unpredictability that came with it and the idea of, “What are they going to do next?” has been kind of lost. With the predictability of The Black Parade tour I think it started to get old. That’s not to say he should drink again or do drugs but you can still be unpredictable and crazy without that stuff.

    I just think the band in general back then was a bit unpredictable and dangerous. Watching the old shows from clubs and Warped makes you just wanna smash something. I’m sure a lot of people miss the stage presence and just going nuts. MCR had said they started to get too comfortable at shows where as before TBP they used to bring it every single show and play like it was their last.

  34. Claire says:

    Dude, you are so right! Watching those old shows gets my adrenaline going so bad. “Smash something” is accurate. They did say that? Well….I hope that means they’re going to do something about it. Watching the more recent shows, including TBPID, is so boring.

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