My Chemical Romance’s New Album At

An article has just been posted at about the bands upcoming fourth album. There’s nothing new mentioned but it pretty much rounds up what to expect from the new album.

“People just wanna fucking rock, I don’t know that people want to make statements right now. I can’t comment on anybody else’s record but I certainly feel something in the air, like, people just want the truth and they don’t need a big story.”
Gerard Way –

The article also rounds up some expected song titles: “Bullet Proof Heart”, “Black Dragon Fighting Society” and “Light Behind Your Eyes”.

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9 Responses to My Chemical Romance’s New Album At

  1. A$H says:

    Actually, “Jenny was a Friend of Mine” is a Killers song – they said that “Bullet Proof Heart” referenced it 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Ah, you’re right A$h, thanks for pointing that out. Surprised they never mentioned Death Before Disco, that must be the most obvious one. Other titles I’ve heard are “The World Is Ugly”, “Leave Me Alone”, “The Drugs” and the fan titled “Stay”. As far as I know though, they could all be titles appointed by fans.

  3. richard says:

    ok “the world is ugly” – fan name from sounds of it mostly light behind your eyes “leave me alone” also fan name
    “the drug” working name Gerard said the song was called the drugs at the roxy and as u said stay is a fan title.

  4. Claire says:

    Isn’t one called Trans Am?

  5. Chris says:

    Looking at NME magazine from January 2010, the song titles confirmed are “Death Before Disco”, “Save Yourself”, “The Only Hope For Me Is You”, “Light Behind Your Eyes” and “Black Dragon Fighting Society”. It states that Trans Am was renamed “Bullet Proof Heart” and is the most likely to be the first single.

  6. sipie says:

    Now all we need is an annoucnment for a drummer….

  7. Anonymous says:

    as for drummer it could be someone new,,,but im hopeing its james dewees as he can play and has been with the band for awhile now

  8. Chris says:

    I get the feeling that perhaps there won’t be a new drummer when they return and perhaps they’ll just have a session drummer for live shows. Ever since Bob left I’ve thought that there would be no rush to replace him. I’d try not to, but honestly I will be a little hostile to whoever fills the position because I’m so used to Bob. Personally I’d prefer it if they remained a four piece.

  9. LinTu says:

    “The Drugs” sounds kind of interesting, I wonder what this song would be. All of the titiles sound cool. I wonder what the title of the album would be. And about Bob, I’m pretty used to seeing him in the band too. It’s going to be weird to see someone new in his place

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