Something Is About To Happen…

mourning_woLf_6 and MCRofficial On Twitter

mourning_woLf_6 and MCRofficial On Twitter

When asked by a fan (@mourning_woLf_6) on Twitter if something was about to happen, the official MCR Twitter account replied “it is…”. Watch this space…

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10 Responses to Something Is About To Happen…

  1. sipie says:

    Come on lol Stop the teasing now

  2. richard says:

    i swear if its announced as monsters i will freak out

  3. Chris says:

    Something’s gotta happen soon, a fall 2010 release is looking less likely with every day that passes.

  4. richard says:

    yer im getting more and more worryed nothing going to happen

  5. sipie says:

    Its gone on to long now. Personaly I want something concrete

  6. A$H says:

    Just tell us already! We’ve waited fours for this, why torture us more?

  7. A$H says:

    Oops that should be “four years” not “fours”. I can’t type well when I’m impatient.

  8. Claire says:

    For real! Grrr I don’t like how they’re being so incredibly quiet on this lead-up to whatever the “something” is. I don’t like being ignored 😡

  9. LinTu says:

    Come on! Bring it on already! Because of them taking so long to make the album, I’ve gotten my hopes very high up. I hope something comes out soon or I’m gonna go crazy

  10. Evan says:

    Somethings epic is on its way…

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