Gerard Way In Buzznet’s “Would You Ever Rock This Hair?” Gallery?

Gerard Way's Red Hair

Gerard Way's Red Hair

Gerard Way has been added to‘s “Would You Ever Rock This Hair?” gallery. The picture shows Gerard’s old red hairstyle from 2008. Leave a comment over at the gallery entry, or below and let us know if you would ever rock that hairstyle. Thanks to Jenna for sending me that.

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11 Responses to Gerard Way In Buzznet’s “Would You Ever Rock This Hair?” Gallery?

  1. Sipie says:

    I would…probably…consider it lol

  2. Chris says:

    I’m going to confess now, I currently have red in my hair, and there’s another pack of red dye on the shelf… it’s not as vibrant as that though.

  3. Stitches says:

    Currently half way there XD

  4. A$H says:

    I’ve had red streaks in my hair, but never dyed my entire hair red. I guess I could rock it 🙂

  5. alex says:

    i would 🙂 i love this hairstyle! :p

  6. nancy karst says:

    No WAY!! Thats obnoxious.

  7. Jimmy E. Orldwly says:

    TOTALLY! im definatly thinking about it 8)

  8. Lulu says:

    eeep im sporting it now…was an accident though!!

  9. loveing*lies says:

    Hayley Williams red all thee way(:

  10. Anastasia says:

    Hay Gergard i love you hair and i love you, you are so hot right now what have you been up since you have writen Na Na Na and Sing
    how is you kid going i hope that one day we can meet in person it will be fun i saw you and the rest ofyou crew on Hit List T.V

    is ture that in the vidoe clip you get shot and died or do you facked it
    coz i got so scared and i was crying i didn’t kown what to do.

    love from your biggest fan Anastasia Jelinek

    P.S my fav songs are Famours last words
    NaNa Na
    welcome to the black Perade
    I’m not Okay

    i play I’m not okay on Gituar Hero
    and i got it right i am natural

  11. eve sales says:

    Gerard i actually love you and it is my dream to meet you mikey frank or ray!!!! i no all the words to every song in the black parade, danger days and three cheers for sweet revenge xxx 😀 i have a mikey fucking way t shirt and a dont google youself t shirt that i had made for £30 each and i have one with your face on that i wear all the time xxxxxx i would love to come to your tour but im only 13 and im not allowed so :(((((((((( as i said its my dream to meet you!! search me in facebook and look at my my chemical romance edits and my mcr album pllllzzzzz i am the picture that has been edited with your lyrics and it has all the killjoy names on it xxxx my killjoy name is diamond destroya which my friend alice made up xxxxxxxxxxx

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