New My Chemical Romance T-Shirt “Ray Gun”

Ray Gun T-Shirt

Ray Gun T-Shirt

A new My Chemical Romance T-Shirt design, “Ray Gun” has been added at The shirt design features the silhouette of a ray gun over a distressed yellow circle. Thanks to Claire for that.

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9 Responses to New My Chemical Romance T-Shirt “Ray Gun”

  1. richard says:


    xD lol but looks pritty awsome

  2. Chris says:

    Now this is much more wearable, don’t you think?. It’s much more their style. It kind of reminds me of the Watchmen/Desolation Row era with the yellow and black design. If I wore clothes with logos on I’d probably wear it.

  3. richard says:

    its more 70s/80s ish …punk rock mcr? XD

  4. Claire says:

    Ya I like this one much better, and it does remind me of Watchmen. If this is the new aesthetic I could hang with that.

  5. Claire says:

    Oh hey there’s ANOTHER new shirt, they’re popping up like every five seconds…it’s neat looking it has like a tape player lookin thing on it and says Galactic Destroyer again

  6. LinTu says:

    Yeah this one is much more wearable. But this doesn’t look like a ray gun to me, it looks much more like an old pistol

  7. Chris says:

    Hey Claire, do you mean this one?. It was one of the shirts from last years Summer Sonic show but it seems to be doing the rounds again.
    Does anyone think that Galactic Destroyer could be the new album name?. I thought it was too obvious as it’s written on the shirts, but I don’t see what resemblance it holds.

  8. sipie says:

    Love this much more than the others. Now is it Ray Gun or Ray’s Gun lol

  9. Claire says:

    Ooooh ok, sorry then. I just figured since it said galactic destroyer.

    Could be; my friend said some shirts got released in 2006 that said The Black Parade even before there was an announcement

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