New My Chemical Romance Album Discussed In Punknews Podcast

Punknews Podcast

Punknews Podcast

My Chemical Romance’s upcoming album is a topic of discussion in this weeks Punknews Podcast. The discussion is highly negative with the band being slammed by all panelists and the album being largely pre-judged.

“Great dudes, shitty band. They do a lot of great stuff, but they’re just fucking unlistenable”

However, amongst the negativity they do make some valid points. They discuss the bands visual style, stint with James Dewees and the contrast of the rock opera Black Parade fanbase compared to the punkier fans of it’s predecessors. The main point discussed is just how long it took to complete the album, which is surely something we all agree on.

“Put out the damn album, if it’s big and it’s great and it’s different, then maybe it was worth the four years”

Head on over to where to podcast is available to stream or download. The show is over an hour long, the My Chemical Romance discussion takes place around 55:00 – 1:06:34.

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21 Responses to New My Chemical Romance Album Discussed In Punknews Podcast

  1. sipie says:

    So the press is back on the old ‘bash MCR’ bandwagon :s

  2. Chris says:

    Yeah, but then Punknews slam most things. I really hate the way the punk community act so elitist. Like Gerard said, MCR distanced themselves from it, and I’m glad they did. I really don’t know what it is with this band that pisses people off so much. They seem to get a lot of hack for having a “younger fanbase” but all the MCR fans I know are 20+. I don’t really get the whole hating on bands thing. If I don’t like a band then I just don’t listen to them. I’m not going to devote my time to ragging on them. Why do you guys think they get so much stick? If I’m honest the hating on MCR just makes me more of a fan, it makes me feel like we’re a team and we’re fighting for something.

  3. sipie says:

    Exactly Chris. However having a ‘protest’ for them is a step to far lol

  4. richard says:

    im 18 so yay me XD but rly i hate this kinda stuff if u dont like it DONT LISTEN and leave all the ppl who like it alone

  5. sipie says:

    Chris im not sure if comments are playing up :s Im on my psp and it said there’s 4 comments on this but when I click it there’s only 2 :s

  6. Chris says:

    Oh really?, there are four, there will be five when I post this. I think it’s probably down to your browser cache, if there is one on a PSP?. Try closing and re-opening the browser. I don’t even want to know what my site looks like on a PSP!, is it bad?.

  7. sipie says:

    Its only showing the rest after I leave a comment

  8. sipie says:

    It looks good on here 😉

  9. Z. says:

    I don’t actually think they have a valid point with the 4 years comment mainly because it didn’t take 4 years. Yes, their last album was 4 years ago but they toured for 2 straight, took a hiatus and worked on this last one for about a year and a half. It’s not unusual for bands to take hiatuses and tour extensively. That’s where the money is. Not every band can make an EP with 8 1:50 min songs like most shitty punk bands.

    Anyway, old news. Punk hates MCR. Blah blah.

  10. A$H says:

    I don’t see why people hate on a band because of their fanbase, or their image, or the genres they’re lumped in. Judge them based off of the music they make, not because of a million other reasons. If you don’t like them, fine you don’t, nobody has a problem with that. But it’s not necessary to say rude things about them.
    Anyways I agree with Z.

  11. Chris says:

    I guess public dislike for the band is back. Just found an article at, which is unfriendly to say the least. Not sure it’s worth posting though, there’s no news there whatsoever, it’s just a cheap dig.

  12. Z. says:

    It’s your website but I wouldn’t post it. I only really care about NEWS at this point, not the same old essay about poseurs or whatever outdated word they’re using.

  13. skydog says:

    I wonder how many people even listen to that? LOL
    I don’t understand who would.. Punk died a long time ago.. the site should too….
    They bashed the band AFI for doing a mainstream sound.. who isn’t anymore? Bad religion’s last CD was definitely more mainstream…

    These guys are just douche bags looking to start a fuss.

  14. LinTu says:

    I agree, if you like a band then listen to it, if you don’t – don’t listen to them – it’s THAT simple. But I know a lot of people who devote their time on discussing how much they hate bands like MCR. Get a life, people! Anyway, MCR are not the only band that took so long into making an album, how about Linkin Park who have been around since 1996 but have only 4 studio albums? I’d prefer a band to take long to make a great album, instead of just popping out a new album every year with shitty songs with no meaning in them

  15. Adam White says:

    Hey thanks for the link to the podcast! Don’t worry about what we think anyways, if you’re passionate about this band then all the power to you. We just don’t have to like them ourselves.

    That said, I got in touch with a big MCR fan the other day who wrote us a very nice explanation of why she loves the band. I’ll be reading it in the intro to next week’s show. You should check it out.


    Adam /

  16. triforce arena says:

    Not that surprising. Sites like that preferably don’t favor “mainstream” bands, no matter what their sound. The fact of the matter is, MCR is one of the more fearless “mainstream” bands out there. There is a shift in their sound with each album and they aren’t afraid to create stories and get intricate, lyrically, musically, literally giving each album a life of it’s own through their stories and imagery. Whether they are signed to a big label or not, they have created their own niche and have pretty much become a rock staple. Doing what they want when they want it exactly how they want and making no compromise is pretty “punk” if you ask me.

    And I mean, whether they are mentioned, good or bad, they are one of, if not the most recognizable bands that are really sticking “rock” music in the mainstream. Let’s face it, rock music in the “mainstream” is dying out, with shit like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Ke$ha topping the charts, people are still looking forward too and talking about this album, and they have been for over a year now. What other rock band can you think of would make people wait that long and still have folks foddering about it? I’m not trying to say that they are going to be some big saviors or anything like that, I’m just saying that the radio these days are saturated with pop and sugar coated “rock” acts. MCR have never been that, and still manage to do fairly well for themselves, hopefully keeping the door open for other bands that don’t fit into either or category.

    They’re also not taking into account that they lost their drummer for whatever reason and went back and actually re-recorded an entirely new album. You don’t know what the internal situation with that is like and whether that may be the cause for some delay. Not to mention one of their guitarists wife is having or has had twins recently. Obviously this wasn’t planned, but of course he is going to want to spend some time with his new babies and his wife before he goes out and starts promoting and touring the world for who knows how long.

  17. Claire says:

    I like Basically every band EVER does get bashed on there at some point though, so there’s no reason to be that offended. At least they talk about mcr instead of just shoving them off in the too-worthless-to-even-discuss category. I hosted a public radio show for a while and to not even acknowledge a band was the real insult.

  18. skydog says:

    Yes Claire is right in her aspect. Thanks Claire for bringing that up and using key facts (like that you worked in a radio station before)..

    Ps. Triforce, I hate that Ke$ucks is on the top of the charts, she can’t even sing her songs live.. Katy Perry can though.. which suprised me… Bieber is in between.. still really can’t sing.. overrated for that matter. (Ps. I really do hate Pop music but I end up hearing these songs at work..)

  19. Cryptic says:

    I thought this was a very interesting podcast. They did make a lot of good points like the whole updating us saying the album is gonna sound like this and we’re going to do this, and this, and this. 4 years is a long time but they also forgot about The Black Parade is Dead! which I guess technically counts as a release. So technically it was more like 2 years off since they ended touring in May 2008 and released TBPID that summer. Still, I wish they would just shut up and release the damn album already instead of stringing all their fans along.

  20. Claire says:

    Lol I just listened to the whole thing cuz my computer decided not to freeze this time, I thought it was pretty funny. “They need to Lindsey Lohan that shit.”
    A lot of it was pretty on-point. I hate to admit it but I’m also more interested to hear this album just out of curiosity, and not because I think I’ll like it. I’m glad that they were able to be pretty objective about the whole thing cuz it’s really easy to bash this band, and they gave em some credit. I wish I could sit down and explain to them what used to be special about this band though, like I don’t see how they can’t hang with Bullets.

  21. Cryptic says:

    Another thing I thought was interesting partially in response to Claire’s comment was that they said tons of people liked the first album but that it was absolutely horrible. I think the energy was really there and the emotion and the honesty in Bullets but I do agree that as far as music goes they were right that it was bad in that sense….Gerard not being on a note half the time, the band getting off beat because of Matt…etc. However, I disagree about what they said that it was poorly produced as far as sound goes. I thought it was one of the better albums put out by an Indie label. The drums sounded pretty great.

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