Initial Album Release Postponed

FYE Superstore

FYE Superstore

According to staff at a FYE store in the U.S, My Chemical Romance’s fourth album was initially listed for release on September 14th, but has been postponed. However, fellow U.S superstore Best Buy currently have no upcoming album listed. I’m assuming that the September release date would have been for their first attempt, as we know they have since recorded the album again, pushing it to a later release. However, back in July Ray Tweeted a picture hinting at the albums completion. Could the “Time Remaining: 14:09” have been a hint at the initial 14/09/2010 release date?. Thanks very much to Taylor for researching and sharing that.

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15 Responses to Initial Album Release Postponed

  1. Anna says:

    Well….this news makes me a bit sad inside. lol

  2. Stacy says:

    i hope it comes out soon! i heard that Entertainment magazine said it was coming out in november!?

  3. skydog says:

    14:09 could be how long a song is too. You never know 🙂

  4. Claire says:

    I’m glad you cleared this up. People thinking it could possibly come out in September was ridiculous.

  5. n. says:

    that’s the thing, i dont know why people assumed that “bouncing to disk 14:09” meant a release date. it was a recording program saying about how many time left to finish recording – a master cd, the first copy of the mixed songs, whatever.
    even if september 14th is a tuesday (remember, records are always released on tuesdays on USA), it was never listed in any recording releases – and also, it’s not even fall yet.
    there is no release date listed yet – maybe they’re waiting for frank & jamia’s babies to be born first so then they can announce it.

  6. LinTu says:

    Aaaaaw I was hoping the album was gonna come out soon 😦 I do hope it comes out in November or at least by the end of 2010

  7. Yekith says:

    14:09 was simply the time left for the process (the album being put into disc). Ray posted that in July, the album wasn’t going to be out in less than 2 months. If that had been the case, they would have needed to start promoting right away…and when Frank’s kids were about to be born? Nah. If that September date (by the way, I only read of people hearing of that in THAT place, no other place listed the album with a concrete date) wasn’t a plain mistake, then it was the release date for before they re-recorded the album. But in my opinion, that place never had any real info and it was all a big confusion. They’ve been saying fall for a while now, and fall doesn’t officially start until the 21st in the US…

  8. richard says:

    as everyone else has said the time was just the the time left making the master cd..the album is normaly only considered done when the masters and done…hence ray saying it was the final countdown (as well as the song ^^ da da da daaaaaa XD

  9. triforce arena says:

    I agree yekith. I highly doubt the release date was EVER set for September for those very reasons. Considering the time frame and the work they’d have had to squeeze in it’s just not logical. There is no way they could have come up with that date as they literally JUST finished recording the album. They also wouldn’t drop an album out of nowhere with NO promotion. Sure they have a loyal fan base, but the company is going to want them to sell as many albums as possible. The speculation and rumors at this point are just annoying. When they have a release date and something solid, we will definitely know ahead of time, and they will probably be every where.

  10. Z. says:

    I…really think this makes no sense. I mean, I’m sure the staff had the best information they were going on but this spreading it around like it’s fact is dangerous. I really doubt that in July, the album was supposed to come out in September if it had just been completed (which is what the bouncing to disk was). July 28thish is when Gerard announced it had just been completed so that would give them less than a month, IF THAT, to complete everything and promote it.

    So if that was the stated release…well that’s pretty unrealistic of Warner Brother/Reprise. If it was the very first release date, it makes sense that it was for the release LAST YEAR, not this year and they’re just working off of an old list. We all know it was postponed…I mean that’s not new information. I’m just confused as to what this is supposed to give us.

    I’m going with November at this point and ignoring any further rumors or speculation that’s not in some sort of official or well known capacity. No offense to whoever researched this but it means nothing.

  11. liam says:

    it makes total complete sense

  12. Z. says:

    How? I mean this sincerely, I don’t get how the album could possibly be slated for September 14th if it was only completed in July. If it was, it being postponed is certainly not any kind of news. Of course it was postponed, they rerecorded it. It was postponed ages ago.

    But this FYE store and everyone speculating about the really silly 14:09 idea is the only place I’ve heard of any concrete date (I mean…what about Best Buy? And Virgin Record Stores and all the other places that would get this supposed release date). This is all just more pointless speculation. It’s obviously not going to happen.

    I certainly don’t mean this to malign this site or whoever supplied the information, I just think it’s weird.

  13. Claire says:

    So ya I am right there with all of you. Sept=dumb. I would like to explain though that everyone understood that 14:09 was the time on the disc, but then they thought it could simultaneously be a sneaky clue that we had to decipher about the release date. Which would have been clever, but obviously could not be true. As you all said, you dont just walk into a store and the record is miraculously on the shelf one day. There’s too many people involved in a release for us not to be completely sure of the release date at least a month or two before. Think of not only all the people directly involved, but also the shipping people, packaging people, store owners, itunes, radio and television people that have to be aware of new material to air….the list goes on. Somehow word would have gotten out by now if it were to be released in Sept.

  14. Z. says:

    Also, I think part of the problem is just the wording on this post. “Has been postponed” makes it sound like the postponment JUST happened when really, if this is true, it could have been postponed months and months ago. No one was expecting/anticipating an album in September and this kind of makes it seem like we should have been and I just…don’t think that’s true. If it were, we probably would have known the date in July. That’s my main issue, I think.

  15. Claire says:

    Z, I think this site posted this news in response to all the kids on who actually did think it was coming out in Sept. Of course it’s not really news to the rest of us but I’m glad it’s been explained for them.

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