Fan Response Over Punknews Podcast

Punknews Podcast

Punknews Podcast

This weeks Punknews Podcast was opened with a letter from a My Chemical Romance fan, Holly from Arkansas. The letter was a response to the panelists on last weeks show who were largely negative towards My Chemical Romance.

“I love MCR because their music moves me. It feels like it was written for me, and I’m not alone in this. They pull me through the shit that life dishes out. Everyone has hard stuff in life, it doesn’t mean you’re emo. I want people to know that MCR has fans that believe in their music, fans of all colors and nationalities, and ages. I’m a 36 year old housewife and I couldn’t care less what the guys in MCR look like. Their music is about human feeling and the fear or life, as well as death, and we all have that inside us. I’m excited for their upcoming album simply because it is MCR and I can’t get enough. I don’t mind if you hate them, just understand that they are loved.”
Holly from Arkansas

The podcast is available to stream or download now at The fan letter is discussed between 1:48 – 3:23.

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3 Responses to Fan Response Over Punknews Podcast

  1. Bruce says:

    way to go Holly … i’m a 32 yr old from Tennessee and i’ve been moved by MCR their songs go beyond what most would understand if they would listen to the words , but MCR nation is patiently waiting for the next great album … so F U haters

  2. LinTu says:

    Great letter. That woman has said it so simple and clear, what more can we say? Great job, it’s nice she took the time to write it

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