Dr. Death Defying, NewsAGoGo & Agent Cherri Cola On Twitter

DrDeathDefying's Twitter Page

DrDeathDefying's Twitter Page

There is a fair amount of hype on twitter at the moment surrounding a user by the name of Dr. Death Defying (@DrDeathDefying). The account was created at a similar time as MyChemicalRomance.com started broadcasting the receiver. So far, the user has posted four tweets that could possibly relate to the albums characters/themes. His first tweet read “Look alive sunshine. Shits all fucked up in the zones.” He has subsequently made three more tweets, two of which were at MCR fans. His profile picture reads “Slaughter Matic Sounds”, which could be of some relevance to the album.

NewsAGoGo's Twitter Page

NewsAGoGo's Twitter Page

Another account, NewsAGoGo (@NewsAGoGo), is also generating a lot of interest. The user is currently only following DrDeathDefying, so there is an assumed connection between the two. NewsAGoGo has tweeted three times, which may or may not be of relevance. To add to the hype, both Ray Toro and Frank Iero are following both users.

A third Twitter user, Agent Cherri Cola (@AgentCherriCola), has been tweeted in by NewsAGoGo. It seems that new characters are being introduced in a chained manner via Twitter. I suggest you keep track of all three accounts and stay on the lookout for more users.

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27 Responses to Dr. Death Defying, NewsAGoGo & Agent Cherri Cola On Twitter

  1. richard says:

    and now agent cherri cola as well

  2. Victoria says:

    ^^^ You beat me to it.

  3. Megan says:

    All of this is making me so excited… TOO excited. Now I won’t be able to wait xD

  4. richard says:

    it 4 49 am here…and im still up for this

  5. Chris says:

    I just noticed Agent Cherri Cola too. It seems they’re unveiling some sort of character network via Twitter. Weird way of doing it. I’m interested to see where it leads. I’m wondering if they’re going to drop the album name in there somewhere down the line. I’ll have to check up on this tomorrow. No more posts from me tonight, I’m exhausted. :yawn:

  6. Cryptic says:

    Hopefully this is a joke…I thought they were done with this character/theme thing. What happened to letting the songs speak for themselves?

  7. richard says:

    i dont care…tbh i think this is rly epic

  8. Nichole says:

    Dad tweet from Frank!! Sorry, random. Didn’t know where else to say it XD

  9. Nabilah says:

    I am so fucking excited, I can’t stand myself. I LOVE THIS BAND. :luv:

  10. amy says:

    i’m so excited!
    i have a feeling that this album will be called ‘The Aftermath,” or something like that…

  11. A$H says:

    That would make sense, if they’re tweeting about the apocalypse or whatever. I kinda like “Look Alive, Sunshine” too. Hey, they said they were gonna unveil the album title in a fun and different way – I’m guessing this is it.

  12. Claire says:

    Oh man, this seems pretty cool! Very apocalyptic…it reminds me of The Turner Diaries except less racist.
    Remember how gerard said that he wasn’t worried so much anymore about mixing comics and music? They’ve definitely created not only characters but also a dialogue.
    Hopefully this won’t merit 21st Century Breakdown comparisons. It doesn’t seem the same to me at all though, the green day one seems more based in reality, an apocalypse of bombs or war, and this seems more fictional, a scenario from another time and place.

  13. Claire says:

    oh and @Cryptic: they just can’t do it. Lol they can try as hard as they want but they just can’t drop the stories

  14. richard says:

    is..anybody out there..is this the MCRmy come in my chem…i repeat this is the MCRmy…my chem do you copy?

  15. Z. says:

    Pretty fucking cool. Also seems like a fantastic way to build anticipation and have a good time with your rabid fanbase. This is pretty obviously meant for the MCRmy and those that follow the band closely, they led the trail to the Twitters through MCR’s friends (Jon Rivera) and MCRmy itself. AWE.SOME.

  16. LinTu says:

    Not fair! It’s too late here and I have to go to sleep but I wanna see what’s going to happen :/ Something is coming…I feel it πŸ™‚

  17. Chris says:

    Yeah, there seems to be some sort of apocalyptic theme I think. If we’re going on what we’ve already heard about characters, is it possible that Dr. Death Defying could be the “ladyboy” and Agent Cherri Cola could be the “girl with attitude and venerability”?. NewsAGoGo seems to be some sort of last broadcasting network in a pre/post apocalyptic world.

  18. Claire says:

    What do you think Wave-Heads are? People listening to the frequencies, or “waves?” But why would you want to make them “pop,” as in shoot them….is it bad to listen to the frequencies? “tune out to tune in?” You should tune out so you don’t get hooked on frequencies, “living off” the frequencies…becoming robots? Battery city? Pills produced because people are depressed about being robots?

    Maybe a metaphor for how kids today are becoming robots by listening to the music that’s being produced by the scene right now. The bands are all the same and lack any life or originality. We’re all being stifled by that as listeners, and we’re depressed because we’re not stimulated by any of it, it’s hurting us, ‘living off the frequencies’ is hurting us.

    I really like the last update about the rock block of awe and shock, so skip the static from the scarecrows and stay nested. Kinda like skip the shit that bands are putting out right now and the shit on the airwaves and on tv, we’re about to bring you something that has substance and inspiration.

  19. Claire says:

    Of course the metaphor doesn’t have to be just for music. Anything people are feeding you: the government, the schools, anything. The static from the scarecrows.

  20. Claire says:

    That’s why we have to wake up, get out of our cellophane sleep suits, and “look alive, sunshine”……because we have to wake up from this coma of indifference and from letting ourselves be fed nonsense and lies.

    Sorry I just keep thinking of things!!!!

  21. richard says:

    or..maybe its jsut a cool refrance to there own comic book post apcoliptic world there set in

  22. Claire says:

    ya ya ya I know….I just got all whipped up cuz everyone was reading so much into it with “what could the numbers mean???” and stuff so I started reading into it too. I’ve decided to stop humoring them though lol

  23. LinTu says:

    For the last few hours I read sooooooooo many different interpretations of the numbers in the MCR site – some of them were simply crazy. They look like conspiracy theories πŸ˜€ People, relax! The album will come out. I’m sure MCR have something new and cool coming out, let’s just wait. We’ve waited for years, what are a few more months? If the guys could read some of the crazy things I read about those numbers, they’d laugh for the rest of their lives. Just relax…

  24. sky says:

    Found out what the song that plays when you hit the “KLSK” on that receiver thing..
    it’s called “A Horse With No Name” By America… 1970s song.

  25. Claire says:

    Ya I don’t think the numbers mean anything. It’s just random, for the art of it

  26. Stacy says:

    i think the theme might be apocalyptic like in the comic books, maybe all retro like how watchmen is, anyone get what im trying to say?

  27. Stacy says:

    nevermind lol

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