Receiver Receiver Receiver

Within the past hour (between 12:00am-1:00am GMT time), some sort of interactive receiver has been put up at Whilst the meaning is unknown, I would assume that it is being used as a temporary placement whilst Warner Brothers update the site for the new album. The old site sections such as blog, media, shop, gear and community are no longer online, so some website work must be underway.

MCRofficial's Twitter Feed

MCRofficial's Twitter Feed

Following the website change MCRofficial tweeted “Stay tuned…”. I would expect an all new website and official announcement anytime now.

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31 Responses to Receiver

  1. richard says:

    yet again…very very retro i think this will see mcr being retro but also a new style witch so far ive not herd a bad word about
    i think this is temp..might be up for 1-12 hours maybe a day as they get reayd for a offcial accnocement for the album or a midnight info relise in the US

  2. richard says:

    update mcr official posted “stay tuned” on their twitter

  3. Anna says:

    Wow, something is finally happening!! 😀 lol im nearly crying

  4. Victoria says:

    I think that if you look underneath HRBT on the website in that tiny font, you can see numbers from 1-10 with words next to each of them.

  5. stefani says:

    I went on the site just now and I started smiling like some sort of psycotic lunatic because they finally did something! I don’t really think that the new MCR will sound retro, I just think that this…television set or whatever it is… I think that its just a really random thing meant to keep us interested and confused enough to check back. Oh well, what ever it is its better than nothing! I think it’ll be a good thing…

  6. Taylor says:

    Can anyone zoom in on the words? It might be their secret way of reveling the track listing!

  7. richard says:

    i can doubt its the track list…its got 0-10 most track listings start at 1 and there is summin else before it

  8. andre says:


    the website thing reveals all activity in 59 (days)!!!

  9. Taylor says:

    I wonder what it all means…besides a new record haha

  10. Claire says:

    There’s no words at the bottom, I zoomed. Also, Andre, how do you know?

  11. Andre says:

    really good guess since most albums come out on tuesdays and nov 2nd is tuesday. also it makes sence cuz they gota release like 2 songs and info and stuff so yeahh. and the timer stops at 59 everytime 59 days from now nov 2nd

  12. Claire says:

    but the timers stop at 11-9-10 every few minutes. This would also be a tuesday…

  13. Andre says:

    shit really good also but i just saw it stop at 11-23 and its tuesday

  14. A$H says:

    Well either date could be right. But I’m hoping for the second because it’s earlier. But I think it’s most likely going to be the ninth.

  15. A$H says:

    Let’s just say that it’s going to be released on a Tuesday in November.

  16. Andre says:

    lol yeahhh!!!!!!

  17. Claire says:

    Agreed! 🙂 are you guys following the twitter hype?

  18. Andre says:

    which twitter?

  19. Chris says:

    I’m getting pretty psyched tonight. Yeah, there’s all sorts going on on Twitter Claire, I’m struggling to keep up with it. November sounds like a realistic release date to me, it gives them time for promo and such. I’ll stick with “a Tuesday in November”.

  20. Claire says:

    just in general, there’s a lot of theories going on. Some are good, some are hilarious

  21. Taylor says:

    All of this makes sense. All the stuff on twitter makes it sound like the last party before the end of the world…a theme that Gerard has talked about.

  22. skydog says:

    umm there’s music on the buttons below the thing.. i hit the 2nd to last one.. and got some oldies music LOL

  23. Karen says:

    well, i think that HRBT means Heartbeat… a name of a new song, yep. *-* (just saying.)

  24. Kexy says:

    BLND is like the game Fallout 3! And the music is like that, too…:D Is MCR in Fallout 3: New Vegas or what? Wooow!

  25. sipie says:

    Knew somethin was coming. Got the ball rolling now 😀 It’s gonna be a long two months…

  26. casandra says:

    My ideas:

    RFDD: idk, but the bottom-right part of the screen gets lighter and it looks like a normal TV screen, but then it gets darker again…
    BLND: bland, because it has elevator music, or blind? BTW the music is called How Insensitive or Insensatez or something along the lines of that…
    WKIL: We Kill? The face turns from red (warm, alive) to blue (cold, dead) and then back to red again, meaning dying and coming back to life? Could it be a metaphor or something?
    KLSK: almost SURE it means ‘classic’, the song playing is called A Horse With No Name by America for those who were wondering. The spinning symbol goes with Ray’s “duke nukem” tweet.
    HRBT: Heartbeat, like someone else said…

    Sorry, that was probably useless… xD

  27. casandra says:

    BTW, I’m listening to WKIL and trying to see if the song behind the static is any clearer…it sounds like a military drum thing, not WTTBP, but I also THINK I heard a part of WTTBP too, seperate from the drum beat. I can also hear faint singing/screaming. And static, obviously. That goes with NewsAGoGo’s tweet: “noise outside. screaming. static. sounds like…like, robots dying…”

  28. Stacy says:


  29. richard says:

    also the song horse with no name has the word “na na na” in it…hint? maybe im just going insane from the broadcasts in zone 3 X3

  30. LinTu says:

    Casandra, your ideas are close to mine 😀
    I don’t know about you but when I hear that WKIL, that sound makes me crazy! I feel like I’m going to smash my PC just so the noise would stop. Everyone in the whole world started talking about these numbers and the letters under the screen so much, that I started looking for signs of what they mean in every tweet or in every picture posted by MCR members recently or in the past. I think I’ll go crazy 😀

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