Fake Agent Cherry Cola Twitter Account?

AgentCherryCola's Twitter Feed

AgentCherryCola's Twitter Feed

Whilst the three Twitter accounts, (DrDeathDefying, NewsAGoGo and AgentCherriCola) continue to post cryptic messages, a fourth account by the name of AgentCherryCola is reportedly a fake. The user posted their first tweet on 4th September, 4:41AM, just 1 minute after NewsAGoGo tweeted AgentCherriCola, mentioning how he forgets that Cherri is spelt with an I not a Y. Is is possible that a misleading fan could have seen opportunity and created the account in just one minute?. Could this second account also be part of the bands story?. It is unclear, however AgentCherryCola continues to post cryptic tweets, much like that of the other three users.

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7 Responses to Fake Agent Cherry Cola Twitter Account?

  1. richard says:

    fake i thinki….aslo as of like 40 misn ago…tommy chow mein is on there as well

  2. Megan says:

    Even though the messages are cryptic, I love them. The silence was killing me, but now these tweets are keeping me going until the next announcement.

    I think that the new album has some sort of futuristic concept about it? Well, at least that’s what I get out of the tweets.

  3. Barbara says:

    Maybe Cherry Cola is like the bad one in the story, and Cherri Cola is the good one… Idk

  4. Nabilah says:

    I call cherrYcola fake – updates are too frequent and none of the other 3 are following it. There’s a bunch of fakes around, I think…it’s not that hard to post seemingly cryptic things especially when the others don’t make much sense to us either. Plus the whole going into chats thing? Too many opportunities for bored kids to make up stuff and string others along. xD

  5. Alana says:

    I think cherrYcola is fake cause NewsAGoGo and all the others have a biography or a location.

  6. LinTu says:

    Like Megan I think the album is going to have something futuristic in it. I mean the future which has been distroyed by something like a bomb attack.

  7. Hannah says:

    I’m pretty confident that AgentCherryCola’s fake. When you take into account how often Dr. Death Defying and NewsAGoGo and AgentCherriCola tweet, and how cryptic the tweets are, and then look at AgentCherriCola’s account, it just doesn’t make sense. Considering one of the tweet’s is “Keep The Faith”.. that is more than likely only Frank’s thing, and nothing to do with the website or the upcoming album.
    Maybe I look into things too much, but that’s my thought on it.

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