The Umbrella Academy & TV Reciever Similarities

Dallas #3 & TV Reciever

Dallas #3 & TV Reciever

I’m not quite sure where credit belongs for this. The image above is a clearer version of a picture currently doing the rounds on Twitter. The image shows the visual similarities between the cover of The Umbrella Academy: Dallas #3 and the TV receiver. As we know from The Black Parade, elements of The Umbrella Academy have ended up in My Chemical Romance before.

“Elements of the original Umbrella Academy pitch ended up being part of ‘The Black Parade’ in weird ways that people would never know.”
Gerard Way – 2008 – NME Magazine

Is this just an uncanny coincidence?, or are the two deliberately similar?.

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19 Responses to The Umbrella Academy & TV Reciever Similarities

  1. jasmin says:

    hey there, just wanted to add that that picture belongs to she noticed it herself and deserves all the credit. :3

  2. Emily says:

    I thought the picture belonged to Brandy Way?

  3. Lara says:

    Wow. Taht is super creepy, especially if you consider that the person in the chair on the Umbrealla Amcademy cover? That’s you, staring at that TV Reciever and wondering what the hell it means.

  4. Lara says:

    LOL at my spelling this morning *blinks*

  5. Jonathan says:

    This is definatly no coincidence, the colours match perfectly and everythin!

  6. LinTu says:

    It’s so mysterious 😀 I can’t wait to see what this whole thing means

  7. A$H says:

    This entire thing sorta gives off an Umbrella Academy-esque vibe. I’m assuming that Gerard wrote the dialogue? I think this is pretty cool, I love trying to figure stuff like this out. And its a great way to generate even more anticipation and suspense for the album.

  8. Nabilah says:

    Well, the colors match because the display is a universal color bar /test chart for TV – so it’s not an exclusive “design” or anything. It’s called the SMPTE color bar. Pretty much standard, like the test card on the other channel on I kinda grew up with a gobshite manual tv set and saw these color bars often enough. xD

    I just hope we get the answers soon! Really really excited.

  9. richard says:

    tbh the person on the cover isnt ment to the seance of the members of the UA but i dont think interviews he said he rly wants to keep them seprate…its films by the same directer…totaly diffrent films..but you can tell its the same person

  10. Lara says:

    No, I know it’s the sceance on the cover, but in correspondence with that, we are all looking at this test card on a TV screen, are we not?

  11. richard says:

    im not im watching the mouse liek one X3 but yer its a standered test card…as u said..but tbh i think its could just be coicedence

  12. Hannah says:

    It’s Gerard Way… There is no such thing as coincidence with that man.

  13. Chris says:

    I don’t really know where credit belongs. Brandy Way tweeted the picture, among others, but the image itself is a screenshot from someones blog. Rosie Reaper blogged about the similarities, but it’s visually different to the blog in the picture. Whoever noticed it is a genius, but I’m having a hard time finding them.

  14. sipie says:

    In my opinion, it’s nothing. I think the band are throwing a few red herrings and dead ends in to keep us all guessing like this 🙂

  15. richard says:

    and as for ong look the coulers are the same as a few ppl have said its jsut a simple test card its used in ALOT of things

  16. LugosiLives says:

    if i remember correctly the the mouse face on one of the radio reciever channels looks like one of the rough sketchs of what turned out to be hazel and cha cha in the umbrella academy. i might be strecthing it but hey lol 8|

  17. MJ says:

    Is it also a coincidence that one of the screens looks just like C4TV ( used to, back when they were just audio? It seems like you’re reading a little to much into it.

  18. Z. says:

    I definitely think people are reading too much into some standard images. But it’s fun nonetheless!

  19. Chris says:

    I’d normally have this down to coincidence, as the test card with those colors is used in a lot of things. It’s like Hannah said though, there is no coincidences with this band. Gerard plans things to every detail very far in advance. Yeah A$h, I’m assuming that Gerard wrote the dialogue for the Twitter characters.

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