Video Rips TV Rips TV Rips

I’ve ripped and uploaded the five videos from the TV receiver. By ripping the video from each channel, the filename, size and length of each broadcast is revealed.

Broadcasting: “bars.flv”, Length: 0:24, Filesize: 1.05MB – Download
Broadcasting “mouse.flv”, Length: 3:00, Filesize: 9.53MB – Download
Broadcasting: “heatface.flv”, Length: 1:56, Filesize: 9.17MB – Download
Broadcasting: “toxic.flv”, Length: 4:09, Filesize: 12.3MB – Download
Broadcasting: “test_brod.flv”, Length: 0:24, Filesize: 1.31MB – Download

The files are all in flv format. If you do not have any software installed to play them, try VLC Media PLayer, which is free to download and use. Feel free to redistribute, but please credit us if you do. Thanks.

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2 Responses to Video Rips

  1. richard says:

    cool…hopefully we will get something soon

  2. B says:

    new post is up at the official board.

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