New My Chemical Romance Album Released 8th November

Pre-order New Album At

Pre-order New Album At

The new My Chemical Romance album is now available to pre-order at The item listing shows that the album is set for a November 8th release in the UK. Remember, it is also still available to pre-order now at too. Thanks to MCRmyUK for tweeting that.

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17 Responses to New My Chemical Romance Album Released 8th November

  1. richard says:

    ok… all truth…my family think im crazy as u jsut ran around my house screamign yess yessss yessssss

  2. richard says:

    and sorry about my spelling…and who else thinks California 2019 could be the title?

  3. Chris says:

    I suspected that “California 2019” could be the title, but I’m not sure. I don’t think they’d give it away that easily. I’m sticking with what Gerard said about releasing the title in a special way. The print is special, but not enough for me.

  4. richard says:

    the spider is key tho…its on the gutar strap…that print..the kill joys art work and at a one art show with gerard art work its been about 1- 2 years now

  5. erik says:

    I think that the print may be the slbum cover and title, but its unlikely

  6. triforce arena says:

    With all the rumors flying around I’d be weary of believing anything that doesn’t come straight from the band or record company.

  7. LinTu says:

    This ruined the surprise! I wanted to find out the date by solving all the clues in Twitter or something but now a website told me the date

  8. Roxy says:

    Richard: I heard about the art show with Gerard’s work in it. Do you have a link to that? Keen to find out more.

    I’m surprised the spider is from Kiljoys and MCR stuff. Gerard has said a couple of times in the past that he’s keen to keep his book work and band work separate. But it seems like they’re coming together.

    I’m gutted about the date slipping out this way too, but I think there’s still plenty for us to puzzle out! I’d be surprised if California 2019 is actually the title…but not in a bad way.

    Who else is really enjoying all the suspense though?

    No boring old press release and listening party for industry jerks for OUR boys. No sirree. :sexy:

  9. Nabilah says:

    Hey Roxy, here’s the link for Gerard’s pieces for the Alt Press art show:

    The guitar strap that Frankie linked to in his blog has the spider too…this is all so confusing/exciting! I’m really glad they don’t just vomit out the information and play with us a little. xD Shows that they put the effort even in mindfucking us. Heh.

  10. Sipie says: 😀

  11. Skydog says:

    I want fucked while hearing this new album. 😛

  12. sipie says:

    Lol go for it 😉

  13. Whoknows says:

    I actully think that ‘satan save the west coast, cause god wants us dead’ which is what the print is called would be a pretty amazing name 🙂 tbh I don’t care I just WANT ITTTTTTT OMGOMG *calms down* :;(

  14. Ash says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait! This is definitely the greatest thing I’ve heard all day!

  15. Skydog says:

    I just shit myself.. but still want fucked to while hearing this CD. LMAO…
    *is being sarcastic btw… *

  16. Lara says:

    You know you can already rate it? I’ve just given it five stars. 🙂

  17. Roxy says:

    Thanks Nabilah!

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