Zone Surveillance 1B

httpv:// A new video has been posted on the official My Chemical Romance YouTube channel. The clip titled “Zone Surveillance 1B” features the mouse character from the BLND channel walking in the desert.

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56 Responses to Zone Surveillance 1B

  1. LugosiLives says:

    this guy HAS to be inspired by The Umbrella Academy. he looks like the character design of the character known as Bruno that ended up being replaced by Hazel and Cha Cha in the final product of the comics. you can see him in The Umbrella Academy Dallas collection book. CHECK IT OUT

  2. Jenny says:

    The video is on the BLND channel in the reciever too. Maybe we are waiting for four more clips similar to this one for the other channels. Can’t wait for the new album!

  3. WhoKnows says:

    right ok MCRmy…….
    this mouse thing is REALLY freaking me out


    i REALLy did hear gee;s voice in WKIL, it sounds like a song really :S remember romance or interlude by them, well this could be another short song thingamabobz AHHHH i dunno but i really think it might be a song :S i hope the band are enjoying this mind fuckery πŸ˜€ haha ❀

  4. WhoKnows says:

    oh and double plus……
    i thought at first the mouses outfit was the ones from black parade but i guess i was confuzzled rofl .

    never let them take you alive ❀

  5. LinTu says:

    People with masks just freak me out, I don’t know why

  6. lu31 says:

    Look at the way he walks in the video. Kind of nerdy and awkward. Tall skinny thin legs. Its mikey in a mask. Look up videos of him and just watch how he carries himself. And yes the first guy was right. Looks just like bruno. Ddnt end up in the comic book because of the resemblance to mickey mouse and wanted to avoid a lawsuite. I say at the end of the week we should have a single or release date.

  7. Z. says:

    Mikey does not have an ass like that. Mikey has no ass. So unless Mikey is in the video with ass pads and a mask, it’s not him.

  8. sipie says:

    I reckon it’s the new drummer thats under the mask. In addition, on WKIL I hear either ‘because, because’ or ‘because we are’. Anyone else hear it?

  9. Jenn says:

    I can hear it, for me it’s ether “because we are” “because were holding”
    or- “Become sweet harmony”

  10. richard says:

    ppl online have been sayign its because the goverment but..not new drummor or the band remebr…18-25 year ld thin affemante male? casting for promos and art work? its them

  11. Cameron says:

    It’s Gee!

    Because it’s his character, Bruno, from the Umbrella Academy. The character eventually turned into Hazel and Cha Cha.

    … or I hope πŸ˜€

  12. casandra says:

    Richard may be on to something, about the “thin effeminate male.” xD

  13. richard says:

    … about in tears girl moment..i got tweeted by party posion….and now its gerard….i got gerard…..

  14. Emily says:

    Richard: I know how you feel. When Frank private messaged me Happy Birthday I also cried. I tweeted him at about midnight, and when I woke up I checked my cellphone right away, only to find Frank actually tweeted me. I started screaming, running down the stairs. It’s the greatest feeling ever to know they care.

  15. richard says:

    i know right..not many band care these days i was sooo happy

  16. s says:

    It’s one of the band members.. we just know whom LOL.
    Or it’s the new member IMO.
    This is very interesting and strange.

  17. sipie says:

    Richard could be on to something πŸ™‚ Time will tell though

  18. richard says:

    wkil…now….at end…..

    look alivveee sunshineeee

  19. Emily says:

    I would like to say that there is a super high chance that HMV is just taking rumors and posting it on the site. That’s the info the Coup De Main posted on Twitter. The album can’t possibly come out in NZ the same time it comes out in the UK. The title could also be wrong. Remember the rumor that The Black Parade was called “The Rise and Fall of My Chemical Romance”? Could be the same situation here.

  20. Z. says:

    PLEASE don’t make a post about that. It’s spreading rumors and if it’s the truth the band very obviously wanted/wants it to be a surprise. If I were them, I’d be crushed that it leaked and they did all this stuff for nothing.

  21. richard says:

    i dont think hmv would post it with out being sure at least 90% and tbh that name is epic X3 and funynas its been in our faces for years

  22. Ash says:

    I don’t think that’s the title… I’m pretty sure that’s the name of Gerard’s upcoming comic. And on the Altpress website, they had an article on the albums to look forward to this fall, and they had the My Chem one set for late november, so the release date is probably wrong too.

  23. skydog says:

    Another rumor *rolls eyes*

  24. richard says:

    the mcr one is november 22 its out novmber and we know that…and i can tell u now hmv have called the distributor and asked of this is the title…and they said may alos be the name of the comic…or the comic might not even exist…might have all been a big joke..
    i use hmv alot and ppl are sayign its for attention..its not a person its a bussness and i doubt they would risk there rep on posting it unless they where atlest 90% sure tbh compred to ” the aftermath” and other name we have been given this is the best so untill the bad takeing it as the name…HOWEVER i stay with thte dont post it option they have worked 2 years on it ..dont need it leaked the moment its still on a small scale

  25. LugosiLives says:

    i think the name is too long honestly and seems like a mouthful, im sideing with the “it’s a rumor” people

  26. richard says:

    it makes sence…all the twitter caricters..would be the kill joys…and im sick of hereing ” its a romour” ITS NOT iif its anythign its a distrbuting mistake i have got it confermed by a freind of mine who works at hmv called distrabution and they got that as the name as well its not a rumour its a mistake if anything…as i said hmv is a bissniss not a person..they wodnt risk there rep on it

  27. sipie says:

    Guys and Girls lets not argue over this πŸ™‚ Im sure we’ll hear proper news soon. The band know what they’re doing so relax and let it flow πŸ™‚

  28. richard says:

    im not agueing ..sorry i know i can seem a bit pushy i just want the REAL facts out there but im sure we will tbh heres been ok…i said what i said here on another site the baned me and sent me thrests

  29. sipie says:

    You won’t be banned here Richard πŸ™‚ And I doubt you’ll get threats here πŸ™‚

  30. richard says:

    i know i like it here..thanks ;D

  31. ERIK says:

    wow richard being banned sounds fairly gay. i agree i want the band to put out the statement, not a site that i have never even heard of

  32. richard says:

    i know HMV i dont knwo the u.s but in the uk is a huge store chain and i hevent known the to be wrong in ther past but i agrry i wish it was them cuz they worked so hard on it…but i will admit..if this is the title..its the grestest joke ever as its been under our noses for over a year X3

  33. ERIK says:

    quite true haha no one guessed this one. yeah im from the USA and there are no HMVs here….

  34. richard says:

    yer over here its huge one in almost every city…i know a few city have 2 or 3 and u got ppl like ” DONT PRE ORDER THERE AFTER YOUR MONEY AS THEY HAVE SEEN THE HYPE” and im sat there like..well there HUGE and have a huge rep over here and they wouldnt risk it i mean and as for ” they want your money” isnt that the truth about all bissness you gotta make money right? HMV have band singings and all sorts over here in music they do know what they are doing. to be honest all the ppl on the sites that are like… THATS NOT THE NAME I KNOW ITS do you know know nothing more then the rest of us know its a few MCRmy memebers thinking they are better then other fans..and tbh there worse..ill willing to except everyone…ok then my rant finished ;D btw feel the romance and burn the black and rock on πŸ™‚

  35. Emily says:

    So Brandy Way confirmed that HMV’s title is correct. She gets emails with info about the album because she has friends at Warner. She hasn’t told us what she knows yet because she wasn’t supposed to but now that it’s out she said it’s real. I thought it was just a rumor before, but she confirmed it and I believe her. Now, she never said that the release date is true. And it’s unlikely that it’s coming out in the UK the same date as in NZ. But we know the title is real.

    Now I know it;s the same name as the comic book, but the comic book was never really published. Maybe it didn’t work out? Or maybe it’s a different story but they liked the name so much they wanted to use it on this? Either way, it’s a pretty kickass name, if you get pass the fact we thought it was going to be a comic book.

  36. richard says:

    i rly rly rly love that name and i think im haveing a fit…sorry i have to go to the site i got ban from and scream i was right at them all MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  37. richard says:

    P.S i wish it had not come to this…i wanted to here it from mcr

  38. Nichole says:

    Damn. This is getting outta hand guys… people are blaming each other and getting pissy. This army is falling apart. I wish it hadn’t leaked.

  39. Veronica says:

    Who is Brandy Way and why should I take her seriously?

  40. ERIK says:

    GODDAMMIT this sohuld not have been leaked. this gay. i have one question thoug: why didnt MCR stop MV from putting up this info if they have such a huge plan hm?

  41. richard says:

    im rly annoyed at hmv ….i think we all need to calm down,…we know mcr…they will have a back up plan….

  42. skydog says:

    Who cares.. it’s a fucking album name?
    You people act as though they are leaking something tremendous.
    If they leaked all the songs (with sound) i could see that being fucking stupid. But some of you are acting as though MCR will be pissed at the world from this… IMO they won’t be.

    MCR will just see this as making a plan to announce song titles we don’t know of.

  43. Emily says:

    Skydog’s right. It’s just the album name. It’s not the end of the world. What’s really worrying me is how much drama it’s causing. Everyone’s fighting because of this. It’s ridiculous.

  44. Emily says:


    This so made my week. I’m practically jumping up and down in happiness. I going to buy this just for that little part, I swear.

    I am so glad they’re doing another concept album. It’s what MCR does best. It’s part of what makes me love them so much. This totally explains the transmissions. I can’t wait to hear ‘Na Na Na’. This made me even more anxious for the single. I have a feeling this is going to be different. But different in a good way.

  45. Lucia says:

    Hmm, So that’s what they meant by second try. Damn. I have no fear, if MCR cared enough to do all of this insanity for the fans instead of just plain saying it after the album finished, it HAS to be their masterpiece child that will totally blow our heads off from sheer awesomeness…..right?

  46. Daniel says:

    Hey, the article says that the album is about transmissions from 2019. The new print on their website has “California 2019” on it. I’d guess thats the album title. Would be cool one though.

  47. Brian says:

    lol, wow…We now have the album title, a corroborated release date (both HMV and the Rolling Stone article have the same one), and both the concept behind the album and the feel of how it sounds. It seems to me that this viral thing has been a massive failure unless we get some new music out of it, because the only things left to reveal are the album art and a new single…

  48. sipie says:

    If its a concept album then I ask a general question to everyone: Would you want a loose-connected concept album with general themes etc or a full blown concept album like Black Parade?

  49. richard says:

    i felt down last night 😦 but im rly hyper and lookign forward to this i cant wait

  50. Z. says:

    I was under the impression that that’s what all this viral marketing is FOR. There’s a new song under that WKIL station. And TBH, it’s not the band’s fault fans can’t stop digging around and freaking out about everything. And who would predict that a magazine in NZ would be the idiot to spill it?

    Everyone just needs to chill out. Take a deep breath. Soothing thoughts. Enjoy the ride, people.

  51. LinTu says:

    To be perfectly honest, I prefer a concept album like the BP. I just like this type of albums more, the songs make more sense to me. Let’s jsut wait and see what will happen. Maybe the guys have something big for us, I just hope some stupid paper or site doesn’t ruin their idea.

  52. Emily says:

    I thought the first single was going to be Na Na Na.

  53. Emily says:

    Turns out Bullet-Proof Heart is just an internet single. There won’t be a video for it or anything. It’ll just be available on iTunes or something. We’re still gonna get Na Na Na as the first single then I guess.

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