New My Chemical Romance Single “Bullet Proof Heart”?

Bullet Proof Heart Single Cover

Bullet Proof Heart Single Cover

The LiveJournal user imsinkingfast has posted the possible album art and release details for what could be the bands first single, “Bullet Proof Heart”.

Bullet Proof Heart Listing

Bullet Proof Heart Listing

The album art and release listing screenshots were both taken directly from the Warner Publicity website, which added the single on September 14th. The artwork features the same Stars & Stripes car from Frank’s official blog post. It also appears that the girl in the passenger seat maybe the “girl with attitude” required in the earlier casting call. The single’s “Street Date” is listed as September 28th, so we should be hearing it by then. Thanks to Richard for that.

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13 Responses to New My Chemical Romance Single “Bullet Proof Heart”?

  1. sipie says:

    They havnt wasted times getting promo pictures lol. We have our ‘girl with attitude’, now we need our ‘Femanim male’

  2. sipie says:

    Its only gonna be an internet single. ‘nananananananana’ will be a ‘real’ single with a video etc

  3. richard says:

    internet singles can have vids..i know a few bands that have vids for internet singles

  4. Chris says:

    Sipie, looks like you made the connection at the same time as me!, I was wondering if it could be the “girl with attitude”. How do you know it’s just an internet single?. I thought “Na Na Na” was the first single too. I was actually unsure if “Bullet Proof Heart” would feature on the album. I thought it maybe one of the old tracks that got scrapped.

  5. sipie says:

    It says on the screen grab off the reprise thing ‘box quant: 0’ plus theres so much talk of ‘nanana’ with the press

  6. Emily says:

    Chris: It says internet single right on the screen pic you posted with all the info. That’s how we know.

  7. Z. says:

    Not to nitpick but the girl is not driving. She’s the passenger.

  8. richard says:

    UK site XD we drive on the other side to any one looking the uk look like ther driveing ..common mistake

  9. Chris says:

    Oh yeah, you’re right Emily. I never noticed that. I was looking all over for it then I noticed it in big bold letters on the left.
    Thanks Z, I would never have noticed that. Yeah, in the UK we drive on the left so to us she would be driving… underage probably, but in a post-apocalyptic world I’m sure you can get away with it. 8)

  10. sipie says:

    Lol Chris there’s already kids driving underage and joy riding in the UK.

  11. richard says:

    yep and listing to chavy music while doing so 😦

  12. ben-jammin says:

    someone else is probably driving. she looks like shes too far out of the car to be doing driving of any kind. shes a kid, so her legs would definitely not hit the pedals the way she is right now

  13. sipie says:

    Shes not driving. The male character will be the one driving.

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