Official My Chemical Romance Album Trailer

httpvhd:// An official trailer for My Chemical Romance’s upcoming album, “Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys” has been added to the bands YouTube channel. Dr. Death Defying and Party Poison (played by Gerard) both feature in the clip, although other characters are harder to make out. The girl with attitude and rollerskating ladyboy from the earlier casting call are both featured. A clip of “Na Na Na” is played throughout, which is believed to be the band first physical single release.

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21 Responses to Official My Chemical Romance Album Trailer

  1. Ash says:

    I’ll post the same comment I did on the HMV one – I think I just had a mini-heart attack from excitement. So anybody else’s thoughts on the song?

  2. Chris says:

    Anything we get at the moment is going to seem amazing because we’ve been waiting so long. The song sounds catchy, but obviously it doesn’t hold much lyrical depth. I’m not criticizing the band for being popular, but I’m worried if the new material is too radio friendly then it’ll all get over hyped like The Black Parade. It’s hard to say, I have a feeling it’ll grow on me.
    I enjoyed the trailer though, the characters are not really what I expected. Ash, you were so right about the girl with attitude and rollerskating ladyboy.

  3. Grayson says:

    i think i just peed a little. WAITING FOR SO LONG FOR THIS

  4. Jonathan says:

    I forgot what this band can do to me, im in tears jumpin round to the trailer on repeat! This is so perfect. Long live the fabulous killjoys!

  5. Nichole says:

    Ahaha the end is like exactly like the end of I’m Not Okay! Except instead of croquet mallets they have ray guns. I approve.

  6. PurpleDog says:

    Dr. Death Defying definitely isn’t Gerard, but he’s totally Party Poison from the jacket logo. Anyone else think Dr. D is the new drummer?

  7. JackBloodcoat says:

    And that was totally THE Grant Morrison playing the villain. That trailer was Clockwork Orange meets Mad Max meets The Warriors with a pinch of Akira (pill jacket?) and Watchmen (were those beans they were eating out of those cans?) AMAZING.

  8. skydog says:

    AWESOME song!!!! That sounds awesome! Very punk influenced!!! :)))))))

  9. Cameron says:

    I am so STOKED!!!!!!!

  10. LugosiLives says:

    i have never smiled nor laughed out of pure joy so much for any video i have ever seen. pure bliss… and check it out! mikey’s got a power glove on at 1:10! im not sure if you youngins know so much about power gloves though, its more in my time era lol 😛

  11. Cryptic says:

    Holy shit what are they smoking…

  12. Stacy says:


  13. casandra says:

    I cannot quit watching this! I literally cried tears of friggin’ JOY when I saw this, and I was barely a minute into the video! I AM SO EXCITED.

  14. sipie says:

    Mikey is wearing a Nintendo Power Glove :s and Im sure those ‘Ray Guns’ are spray painted light guns from either the sega master system or the NES. Either way love the whole Post apoc/Grindhouse look to it all, it screams americana (which im sure Chris will love 😉 )

  15. LinTu says:

    I’m crying right now! I’m so happy!!! Finally! I’ve watched this video 500 times and I can’t stop. I’m so excited right now 😀

  16. Claire says:

    This video/aesthetic is just so goddamn fun!

  17. darling i sold my soul for skittles says:

    i just realized the new drummer isn’t in it who ever he/she may be

  18. Chris says:

    Yeah Skittles, I realized that. Personally, I’ve never thought that there was a replacement drummer. I’ve always thought they would just hire a session drummer from now on. Maybe there is a drummer, but I think they would have told us by now.

  19. Darling i sold my soul for skittles says:

    yeah green day has another guitar player but hes not an official member of the band. could be the same idea

  20. Darling i sold my soul for skittles says:

    it looks like they are doing another alter ego thing that they did with the black parade.

  21. sipie says:

    I think both us the fans and the band are gonna have a VERY fun time with this new image etc

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