New My Chemical Romance Pictures

Greg Watermann Band Portrait

Greg Watermann Band Portrait

Rock photographer Greg Watermann has posted two new My Chemical Romance pictures on his MySpace. Picture #1 is currently featured in in Rolling Stone magazine. Picture #2 features “Gerard in Zone 06”. According to his blog, he has just finished a 2 day shoot with the band, so more pictures should be on the way. There is also a recent fan picture of Gerard’s red hair, the source is unknown. I have added both of Greg Watermann’s pictures to the gallery.

[lg_folder folder=”Photoshoots/Greg Watermann 2010/” count=”2″ cols=”6″ paging=”false”]

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9 Responses to New My Chemical Romance Pictures

  1. Claire says:

    Oh good! Seeing new pics and press will really finalize their return. Hey is that the na na na chalkboard thing from the tweet on the far left?

  2. Claire says:

    Oh also- they look like a bunch of fucking badasses. this is gunna be sick

  3. Tine says:

    Claire: I was just thinking the same!
    Also, the car on the table matches the one from the video, and I think the drawings are scetches for the characteres. Plus, the raygun on the far right. And the mask, obviously.
    This is going to be epic.

  4. skydog says:

    I think he’s just dying his hair to fit the “Character” he’s potraying.. 🙂
    So that’s why we are seeing red>blonde>red>blonde LOL.

  5. sipie says:

    Anyone else notice the numbers 2,3,4,5 yet theres only 4 manequinns? Where’s number one…..

  6. Claire says:

    Ya I was thinking about that too, hmmm…I guess we can in fact anticipate Mysterious Drummer to come out of the woodwork soon.

    btw Chris it’s really nice to see the album and some tour dates on the side panel! It’s like the cherry on top or something lol very satisfying

  7. Claire says:

    lol @Skydog you put into perspective how spastic the decision-making is. But ya the Watermann picture of Gerard with the red hair, looking at it made me think of like a fictitious comic book band, like exactly what an artist would come up with if they were to portray a sleazy punk band. Or like the characters on guitar hero.

    I always comment once and then realize I wanted to say something else and comment again. Sorry I’ll stop this!

  8. Meggy says:

    Has anyone else noticed Gerard’s sudden ability to grow facial hair? (Which was nearly non-existent, according to some obscure interview).

  9. robyn says:

    yeah i noticed that Meggy! he still looks mighty fineee though :p

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