My Chemical Romance Reveal “Killjoys” Track Listing

Frank Iero has posted an official blog, revealing the track listing for My Chemical Romance’s upcoming album, “Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys”.

1. Look Alive, Sunshine
2. Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
3. Bulletproof Heart
5. Planetary (GO!)
6. The Only Hope For Me is You
7. Jet-Star and the Kobra Kid/Traffic Report
8. Party Poison
9. Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back
10. S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W
11. Summertime
13. The Kids From Yesterday
14. Goodnite, Dr. Death
15. Vampire Money

It is clear from the song names that the album will follow the concept of The Fabulous Killjoys and related characters. Frank has also confirmed the official release date as 22nd November 2010.

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42 Responses to My Chemical Romance Reveal “Killjoys” Track Listing

  1. Ph!L says:

    1, Is probably the start of Art is a Weapon
    and something tells me the end of 7 is going to be the audio from BLND or extended.

    But it has more songs than any other MCR album! So thats good!

    I wish Death Before Disco was released. 😦
    Maybe B-Side?

  2. JackBloodcoat says:

    Yeah, I too was surprised by the absence of Disco. But if these songs are so good Gerard and crew couldn’t fit the ‘greatest MCR song ever’ on it, we’re in for a real treat.

  3. skydog says:

    No black Dragon fighting society (didn’t sound like it fit the killjoy theme well anyway)

    I can’t wait to hear this! 15 songs!?!? wow!

  4. LugosiLives says:

    15 songs!!!! thats unbelieveably godly! i kind of figured death before disco wasnt going to be on it, but im more bummed about that one song “stay awake” that they played live in the balck parade is dead album :;(

  5. Logan says:

    Well, I’m thinking that “The Only Hope For Me Is You” is actually the “Stay” or “Stay awake” song. Just a feeling but Gerard was reluctant to release the title of it, and this makes me suspect that it was something completely different from our guesses… Also, it’s 6th on the album order! Usually, usually being the keyword, songs right there on a track list are the strongest songs or at least very popular ones. (:

  6. Ash says:

    I liked “Stay” too. But like JackBloodCoat said, if what they claimed to be some of their greatest songs didn’t make the cut, then this album is going to kick some serious ass.

  7. Evan says:

    Lets hope Death Before Disco, The Drugs, Kiss The Ring, The World Is Ugly, Stay and Black Dragon Fighting Socitey are going to be retitled or something. Those sounded like good songs!
    Also I found a new photo of MCR,

  8. sipie says:

    Praying that ‘Stay’ is there and ‘Disco…’ what about ‘Trans AM’?

  9. Ash says:

    Sipie – I’m pretty sure that in NME or something they said that they renamed “Trans Am” to “Bullet Proof Heart”.

  10. sipie says:

    Ash – All been well 🙂

  11. Claire says:

    Gigs, Album listing, Trailer. WOW September is an awesome month.

    Also, BLND has changed on the site. not sure if people know.

  12. Emily says:

    I was thinking maybe Party Poison is Death Before Disco? It seems to fit.

  13. Cryptic says:

    If “The Only Hope For Me Is You” and “Save Yourself, I’ll Hold Them Back” is on there then that means Bob recorded drums for those songs because they were part of the old album.

    Since “Na Na Na” was the first song they did with Rob Cavallo then there is still a possibility the drums on there are by Bob. I’m kind of hesitant to say that because they sound REALLY messy and Bob was all about precision.

    The drums thus far have been really disappointing…I hope at least some of the tracks have Bob on them because he really was what made MCR a tight band.

  14. (another) Claire says:

    Maybe the Drugs ended up being Na Na Na….”give me drugs, give me drugs…” Was the Drugs on youtube? I’m too lazy to check and see if they sound anything alike.
    Ya Black Dragon Fighting Society seemed kick ass, just based on the name. Guess it didn’t live up to its name lol (I disagree though, I think it sounded concordant with the theme).
    Based on the track names it sounds really cool though, like they’re going to take us on some big Bowie-esque journey. We’re about to be exposed to some new world.
    (“is it cold up in space bowie?”……anyone? anyone?)

  15. (Another) Claire says:

    *sigh…..* I failed already at not posting twice in a row.

    anyway i didn’t mean that i disagree that it didn’t live up to it’s name…I obviously havent heard it. I was just musing on Skydog’s post

  16. Darling i sold my soul for skittles says:

    k gerard said death before disco was the best song the band had ever made. soooo im asuming these songs are even better…
    was kinda looking forward to “the world is ugly” but im still pumped 😮 x| :pirate:

  17. skydog says:

    My Chemical Romance – “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)”
    My Chemical Romance – “Welcome to the Black Parade”

    NEXT WEEK’S ROCK BAND DLC! (some of it.. 30 seconds to mars too :))))))

  18. LugosiLives says:

    i wonder if the song “DESTROYA” has any relevance to the godzilla monster… i think that would be straight out bananas 8|

  19. Kill Joy says:

    im a little skeptical that there are 15 ‘songs’. i think “look alive sunshine” may just be the opening where dr death defy speaks leading into nanana. some other ones look like they may just be interludes. if anyones checked out linkin parks a thousand suns you know that there are a few of those on there. Not that its bad or anything, theyre fucking beautiful but Im a little doubtful on a whole set of 15 songs. Soo excited to hear it though 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  20. Amelia says:

    I’m listening to the Kerrang interview right now, and Gerard just said that “Na Na Na” is the opening song and that Dr. Death Defying opens the album. So it sounds like “Look Alive, Sunshine” is just an opener.

  21. skydog says:

    Well yeah we knew Look Alive was… just listen to it.. the beginning of the Art video says that line… obvious enough?
    I think these could be real songs. Bands have made 18+ song cds before.. it’s not a miracle when someone makes more than a 10-12 song cd 😉
    And #7 is going to be awesome.. i have a feeling LOL.

  22. Kill Joy says:

    no absolutly i agree with you skydog, i had read some stuff in other places that thought it may be something we havent heard. its totally possible that the songs may all be full songs and i think thatd be awsome i love larger albums you never get sick of them . i was just thinking it might be the case that theyre not, seeing as they use one for the beginiing they might tie in one or two more. but you know they might not either. #7 does sound crazy awsome, im pretty excited to her #10 myself 😀

  23. Vendetta says:

    Anyone else wicked excited to see them live with this album? x| its gonna be fucking awsome

  24. William says:

    Vampire money? wow maybe is gonna be some Bullets after all !.. 🙂

  25. LinTu says:

    All of titles sound cool. When I read them I started thinking about what each song would sound like. I’m looking forward to hearing this album!

  26. Laurence says:

    More excited than i’ve ever been!

  27. Dino says:

    Don’t forget the obligatory “hidden track”… another nice little easter egg to look forward to.

  28. richard says:

    ok i can tell u BOB DID NOT RECORED unless old stuff recoreding drummer was tim from pensy prep

  29. richard says:

    also 1. look alive sunshine is the bit from the trailer it will lead into it gerard said that yesterday on kerrang radio…also SEEIN THEM LIVE NEXT MONTH

  30. Claire says:

    @Skydog #7 is TOTALLY where it’s at haha and ya curious about #10 too. Kind of want to know what The Kids From Yesterday is as well, cuz that brings up a lot of different connotations in my mind.
    Ya live this is gunna be the shit, even just judging from that little morcel we got of them with Weezer.
    Is the Kerrang interview posted somewhere? Richard you sound like you’ve got all kinds of info from that

  31. sipie says:

    Richard I think we all expect a full report unpon return lol

  32. skydog says:

    My Chemical Romance – “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)”
    My Chemical Romance – “Welcome to the Black Parade”

    NEXT WEEK’S ROCK BAND DLC! (some of it.. 30 seconds to mars too :))))))

    My Chemical Romance – “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)”
    My Chemical Romance – “Welcome to the Black Parade”

    NEXT WEEK’S ROCK BAND DLC! (some of it.. 30 seconds to mars too :))))))

    My Chemical Romance – “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)”
    My Chemical Romance – “Welcome to the Black Parade”

    NEXT WEEK’S ROCK BAND DLC! (some of it.. 30 seconds to mars too :))))))

    LOL… 😛 It’s official now

  33. richard says:

    get a full revue lol ^^ and ill tell u all about the new songs ^^ lol im queing at the gig from 6 am X3

  34. Whoknows says:

    Bet all death before disco and stuff have prob been renamed into something more inventive so probs still on the album 🙂 just hope the world is ugly is on !!!!!!!

  35. selma b says:

    I really hope “Stay” is on the album

  36. Amelia says:

    @Skydog. Yeah, it is actually obvious enough. I just thought I’d mention that Gerard said that “Look Alive, Sunshine” is just an opener 🙂

  37. rayessez says:

    look alive sunshine, the traffic report and good night dr death are all just voice and not actually songs but aparently good night dr death is amazing. idk why.

  38. Stacy says:

    lol nevermind that was posted already, but yeah i cant wait!

  39. Dimas says:

    what’s that killjoy custome?
    huh i have thinked bout that…

  40. labilabi man says:


  41. maekayla says:

    The alblum is AMAZING!!!!!!! MCR saves lives!! :p

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