New Fanlisting Members

A huge thanks to Cain, Alena45, Jonas Vergel, Evan, Elsarina Makuto, Maddy Mollicone, Amelia, Nabilah, Lara, Pansy, Marybeth, Shasa, Rose Escape, Rachel, Alyssa Williams, Jessica, Jessica Noe, Casandra, Laura Revenge, Jacqui, Kaelynn Stewart, Stephanie, Hazel Cooksley, Nad, Sarah, Angelina, Kelly, Dana, Zombieboyy, Lauryn, Lynn, Katiero, Terr Djelassi, Mam, Jo, Karina, Jeska Speck, Veggieslayer, Jade Goddard, Sarastarfighter, Ren Zelen and Alexandra for joining the Fanlisting. We’re now only 22 members away from 200. Thanks to everyone for their support, you guys are the best.

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6 Responses to New Fanlisting Members

  1. Alexandra says:

    hi!! 😀

  2. Alexandra says:

    Hey,did anyone take look at the transmission thing on mcr’s site?I just wanted to say that a few channels have major updates and changes.Go ahead and check them out.Espacially the one with the weather report.Hurry up guys!.Glad I’m here.=)

  3. Nabilah says:

    You’re welcome Chris!

  4. sipie says:

    Welcome to the family 😀

  5. lauryn says:

    lauryn??? 😮 THATS ME!! 😀

  6. Casandra says:

    Casandra…where on earth have I heard that name before…?
    Ahahah, you’re welcome. 😀

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