“Na Na Na” Now Available On iTunes

Na Na Na On iTunes

Na Na Na On iTunes

“Na Na Na” is now available on iTunes. The track is priced at $1.29 and currently has a five star rating.

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10 Responses to “Na Na Na” Now Available On iTunes

  1. skydog says:

    I love going to full album reviews (because most are fake just to hurt the album rankings) and reading people typing words like “listened” as “Listeteds” … obviously they are haters.
    LOL just wanted to let everyone know that… just because you HATE a band doesn’t mean you review all their albums as 1… because you’re bands most likely can’t even write more than the words “love” “you” every line (Yes I’m looking at you Joeblowz and disney fakes.)
    And yes, most of them are 13 year old females who hate on REAL Bands when they listen to JoeDickBlowers.

    Now on subject,
    I may purchase this.. not sure since I’ve heard it already (some haven’t and just noticed “NEW MCR!” today…)
    I kind of just want to feel good about myself and buy it to support the band though.. hmm LOL. Can’t decide : >:[

  2. You die before I disco. says:

    Can you buy it on the UK store? I;ve tried, unsucessfully -.- tah. ydbid x

  3. A P B says:

    Yeah you should really state that it’s only available in the US iTunes store. It isn’t released on the UK iTunes store until November 8th.

  4. skydog says:

    Umm he most likely didn’t know A P B… this most likely came from MCR announcing it today.

  5. Laurence says:

    Literally the coolest/cutest single cover-art ever.

  6. LinTu says:

    Yeah the cover is very cute 🙂 It kind of suits the song

  7. A P B says:

    @skydog what I posted was all in the MCR email that was sent out yesterday morning.
    Not trying to be an ass or anything though, I love this website and those who do it, it brought me up to speed on everything MCR and keeps me up to date with all the important stuff. 😀

  8. skydog says:

    🙂 Oh.. sorry i took it wrong A P B. 🙂
    Now i feel bad ;'[

  9. A P B says:

    ^ don’t feel bad. We’re all here for the same reason. Let’s enjoy every second. 😀 😀

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