Join The Drinking Souls Community!

Drinking Souls Community

Drinking Souls Community

The Drinking Souls community is now open. Register now and get your own personal profile, avatar, comment board and message inbox. The community works much like other networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace, except it’s made exclusively for MCR fans. To see a sample of what you get when registering, check out my profile. Thanks to everyone who’s already joined. Visit the directory to see our current members. Register now and become an active member. See you on the other side…

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18 Responses to Join The Drinking Souls Community!

  1. Kill Joy says:

    Transmissions has some changes to it, new song on KLSK. BLND has been acting a little out of order too

  2. Sas says:

    Yeh it’s from ‘Horse Feathers’ (1932). I’m sensing a pattern… (sarcasm) xd

  3. Sas says:

    The comic thing above looks great, btw.

  4. Clinton says:

    Well, I have been hitting up this site for a while now, so I officially registered!

  5. LinTu says:

    I registered too 🙂

  6. tinewashere says:

    How cool is this! 😀 I love it.
    Chris, you’re really amazing, your dedication to this site blows my mind.

  7. tinewashere says:

    ‘Slight acid rain’ er, how pleasant..

  8. sipie says:

    I hope everyone has as much fun with it as Me, A$H, Claire and Chris have been 🙂

  9. Chris says:

    Thanks Sas, I’m going to try and do something in that style for our new layout. Thank you so much Tinewashere, and everyone who registered. Without you guys I definitely wouldn’t be online. I just hope we can set up a tight community here. Yeah, Sipie, A$h, Claire and I have been testing the community for weeks. Thanks to you three for helping me out with that. Enjoy the community everyone!.

  10. A_P_B says:

    This is awesome. If I want any MCR updates I come here first, so I joined up. 😀

  11. cheshirebat says:

    This is the best MCR fansite, how could I not join? Especially since went down. And the community section of the Official MCR site is chaos, with all the spam and infinitely rediculous blogs.

  12. A_P_B says:

    ^ That’s sort of how I feel. I know I can walk right in here and find all the news/updates instantly with no hassle. 😀

  13. skydog says:

    ^ exactly how i feel. ❤ :sexy:

  14. Ash says:

    I think everyone feels like that. This site is, simply put, perfect.
    And your welcome Chris, I’m glad I could help out!

  15. Evan says:

    Can’t wait to see the new layout, I’m thinking about making a fan video called the World Is Ugly. I was dissapointed when I heard that it was on the album. It was gonna but they pulled it off. Stay might stay! LOL! I think its gonna be called “The Only Hope For Me Is You”

  16. mushroomsdotcom says:

    your welcome ^.^ it was fun.

  17. Sas says:

    How brilliant woulsd that layout be? Dooo eeeet! 😀

  18. StacyKillJoy says:

    just joined!

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