My Chemical Romance In Kerrang! Magazine

Kerrang! Magazine

Kerrang! Magazine

My Chemical Romance are featured on the cover of this weeks issue of Kerrang! magazine.

Turmoil. Exhaustion. Loss of control and confidence… The Black Parade all but killed My Chemical Romance. Then the band headed into the studio to make a new album, with one aim: To reject everything they had become. Read Part 1 of our world exclusive interview with MCR this week!.

The issue will be released tomorrow (Wednesday 6th October), and will be available until Wednesday 13th October. Make sure you grab a copy before then. To see what else is featured in the current issue, visit

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20 Responses to My Chemical Romance In Kerrang! Magazine

  1. skydog says:

    That’s the ugliest cover.. not because of them or anything.. just it looks so BAD… color scheme is bland.

  2. tinewashere says:

    agreed, it looks a bit cheap. i rarely like kerrang’s covers though.
    i really hope there are going to be some scans, i can’t seem to feed my MCR appetite lately.

  3. LinTu says:

    Well I like it, it looks cool 🙂

  4. sipie says:

    I’ll be getting this first thing tomorrow lol Don’t forget part 2 next week boys and girls

  5. richard says:

    allways get it ^^ saw it was gonn abe in last week cant wait ;D

  6. Ash says:

    Its things like this that make me wish I was British…

  7. Emily says:

    I agree with Ash. And what’s worse is that my dad’s in the UK for a business trip until tonight. ONE DAY DIFFERENCE. This sucks.

  8. Claire says:

    ya the lighting is super weird, g kind of looks like a fetus

  9. Ninja says:

    I made it, too.
    I’m Japanese!
    So I speak bad English…Sorry

  10. Erika says:

    This is awesome. Anything with My Chemical Romance is awesome. i love this new look they have its amazing. MCR for life :sexy: :luv:

  11. Clinton says:

    They have the scan uploaded at Its scary how close we were to losing them!!! Can’t wait for part 2 next week!

  12. tinewashere says:

    Thanks Clinton, and yeah, I just read it, I had no idea they felt like that. I mean, I knew they were exhausted and needed rest, but not that they wanted to disband :S

  13. selma b says:

    Clinton, thank you so much for the link ^^ We’ve got Kerrang here in sweden in some magazine stores, but they’re so expensive considering all else but My chemical romance in that mag is pretty uninteresting

  14. selma b says:

    yeah, for me it was always glass clear that they would be back with new material. It was pretty obvious they overdid the touring & traveling & press and got themselves tired for no good reason. But with songs like the untitled (“stay”) on tbpid I thought “they just have to release that”. They just seem like they always have something in store. Even when their stuff is “bad” it’s good (according to those others who listened to the #1 record attempt). For me.., they don’t always have to tour, they can just release their awesome stuff and leave it. (Sorry for the long post)

  15. : says:

    The Black Parade didn’t kill MCR.. it actually kept them alive IMO.
    Without a record selling like that CD they wouldn’t have lasted IMO… so these guys have no clue what they are talking about… you can see by how awful the magazine looks to just avoid it.

  16. Claire says:

    btw guys there’s a preview of the interview with Ray in Spin magazine on

  17. casandra says:

    I don’t like how the whole Part 1 article was about how the band was pretty much this close to breaking up…not just because I don’t like to think about where I’d be and what I’d do if and when they DO decide to quit making music, also because that’s basically literally what the WHOLE article was about. xP Here’s hoping Part 2’s about something a little less depressing, and something that we don’t already know about, hahah…

  18. Josh says:

    I cant find this magazine anywhere i went to my local music store, barnes and nobles, and borders, and none of them carry them, please help me?

  19. Beth says:

    sorry josh, i think kerrang is only sold in the uk (so happy i’m english!)

  20. Sas says:

    Thats funny Josh, my borders say they stock it. I’m going over tonight to get it if I can.

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