My Chemical Romance – The Only Hope For Me Is You

Single Cover

Single Cover

According to a Wikipedia article and item listing on, “The Only Hope For Me Is You” is to be the bands next single. Both sources list an October 12th release date. The full track can be heard below.

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46 Responses to My Chemical Romance – The Only Hope For Me Is You

  1. jackgray1938 says:

    Ok, Na Na Na reminded me how much fun and how creatively inspiring a MCR song could be. It also reminded me how much I could rock out to them. But just this 30 second clip of the new song reminded how they could reach into my body and grab my soul and take it places I never thought possible. Can’t wait! Everyone, the second a full version appears, please broadcast!

  2. Argyle Noir says:

    the full song has already been released here:

    pretty awesome
    to me it sounds like what would happen if MSI remixed an MCR top rock single like Famous Last Words

  3. Cameron says:

    oh wow… um… I don’t really adore this…

  4. me says:

    good, just good

  5. LugosiLives says:

    wow far out! its so way different that im used to from mcr! i can really dig this change though! glad i preordered the special edition set :pirate:

  6. JackBloodcoat says:

    Anyone have a downloadable version yet? Can’t find it and must listen to on my ipod on repeat now!

  7. JackBloodcoat says:

    Thank you so much!

  8. Nadja says:

    Can I just say… Is this is the song from WKIL on Transmissions?

  9. Evan says:

    Sounds good, good enough to make a video. I love the start of the song, sounds like muse!

  10. Ph!L says:

    I think it is.

  11. MyChemicalSqueegee says:

    Probably the most generic song they’ve ever written, BUT I do think it will work well within the context of the album. That being said, I like it better and better with each listen, but I wish it was a little more original.

  12. Matt says:

    I really don’t like the techno-like intro. Sounds lame. But the rest is good. Pretty different from older MCR.

  13. miss_ques says:

    @evan that’s what i thought too, muse. But the lyrics are just so awesome.

  14. Mike says:

    A little disappointed but not discouraged. Very radio friendly though

  15. Clinton says:

    I agree with Mike, a little disappointed, but I think it is because the album is being built up to be the best album of all time. The hype its getting is incredible!

  16. Ph!L says:

    Honestly, if you think its the most generic song they’ve done, listen to I don’t love you….That was Generic..

    I don’t think he should they should have over-dubbed the track so much….

  17. MyChemicalSqueegee says:

    ^ I guess you’re right. And I agree about the over-dubbing. I can’t wait for them to do it live. It’ll probably sound better that way.

  18. Cryptic says:

    I like it better than Na Na Na definitely. It’s a pretty simple song and the drumming once again is forgettable. Honestly, without Bob the songs kind of sound like mush. It could be the quality but I’m kind of bummed.

    And about the hype, let’s get this straight. It’s MTV comparing it to Bruce Springsteen. Get real. MTV doesn’t know shit about music anymore so when MTV starts saying shit is great, I’m not about to take their word for it.

  19. tinewashere says:

    @Cryptic – I have to agree about the hype.. it certainly isn’t the first time MTV or NME have written ‘OMG BEST RECORD OF THE YEAR’ and then when it comes out, it gets a mere 6/10 stars.

  20. Sas says:

    I can see where your all coming from but this song still touches me greatly, it’s an amazing song. Especially the end. Although I agree with @MyChemicalSqueegee can’t wait until they release it live.

  21. PoisonPen says:

    I like it more than half the stuff on black parade.

  22. ScarlettANG says:

    I’m flying over the moon!Absolutely love it- especially the start!!

  23. LinTu says:

    Na na na is the “kid side” of MCR but “The only hope for me is you” is the “adult side” of the band. It sounds great and Gerard’s voice is so clear

  24. Clinton says:

    Hey, does anyone have a download of na na na with Dr death defying part mixed in at the beginning?

  25. tinewashere says:

    I think I sounded like I didn’t like the song in my post, but I really do! It’s a good song. Not as good as Na Na Na and I find it a bit cheesy/boring but still pretty good.

  26. estebanvaras says:

    As always, Mcr is givin’ me songs for special moments. I really, relly loved this one. Is taking me from here and moving me to Battery City. So agree with LinTu.

  27. selma b says:

    someone wrote in the comment section for this song on that this song reminded him of 30stm – closer to edge. I have to say I think there are some similarities in the choruses

  28. Cryptic says:

    As stupid as it kind of is…it will be a hit…hate to say it. Gerard sure can write catchy choruses (even if he can’t sing them live).

  29. Ash says:

    Hm, I love this song… but at the same time there’s something that I don’t like about it, that I just can’t put my finger on. Weird. It will probably go away after a few more more listens, though.

  30. RockingOutForTheDead says:

    Don’t want this album to be pop like :S

  31. jokite says:

    I really like it. It is slightly poppy however as it is a single it is likely to be more mainstream.

  32. Rina says:

    Just bought it from iTunes. Great song. Yes, it is more radio-friendly than most My Chem songs, but I still think it’s great.

  33. Claire says:

    Don’t mean to be a downer, but to me this song is just so…nothing. There’s just nothing there.

  34. StacyKillJoy says:

    i love this song! i am someone who likes variety when it comes to music so i love when they change it up! it kinda sounds like MCR mixed with 30STM and a little MSI! maybe give it a few more listens

  35. Ash says:

    StacyKillJoy – Me too. I think that’s why I’ve been able to enjoy “Na Na Na” and now this song a lot more than some others.

  36. PoisonPen says:

    The intro sounds very blade runner

  37. skydog says:

    Don’t see this mainstream at all.. It feels off yet again…. Definitely not what I was expecting and definitely won’t be listened to often (wasn’t a fan.. have tried listening to it 8 times already)

  38. Sas says:

    @PoisonPen Very true! Fits with the album theme then. Genius. xd

  39. Vampire_Queen says:

    Wow i really love The only hope for me is you. Its just amazing 😀

  40. AngelicDemon says:

    It’s SOOOO different from there other songs!!! but it’s AMAZING diff but FREAKIN AMAZING!!!!

  41. Pat's says:

    This is not MCR!!! D: What happens with they? :;(

  42. Cryptic says:

    Everyone is talking about why this song seems a bit off. I think I’ve figured out why.

    If you really listen to the song you’ll notice that the vocals are basically louder than everything else. Yeah, you hear the drums now and again and bass but barely any guitar. To me this sounds like a Gerard-only song…it doesn’t seem like an MCR song at all. It basically sounds like Gerard went solo and this is his single. Then you look at “Na Na Na” and Gerard is kind of secondary. Yeah, there are vocals but all you really hear is that one guitar line and the “Na Na Na Na Na Na (kill me now please)”‘s. So far, these songs don’t really sound like songs from a band but parts or songs by a solo artist. It’s really odd…I don’t know how the hell these are going to sound live…honestly who the fuck is going to do the Na Na Na’s…are they going to get back up singers or use a backing track because I can’t see MCR getting up there and playing this shit live.

  43. Hey says:

    The first time i listened I thought it was too “poppy” but the more i listen to it, its definitely mcr and fits with the theme of the album sooo well.

  44. skydog says:

    This is like RUSH minus amazing drums and high-pitch vocals.

  45. emi says:

    i love this song. . .it became my new fav!!!

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