My Chemical Romance In Kerrang! Magazine Part 2

Kerrang! Magazine (Gerard Cover)

Kerrang! Magazine (Gerard Cover)

Part 2 of My Chemical Romance’s world exclusive interview will be featured in tomorrows Kerrang! magazine. The issue will feature four different collectors covers, one of each band member.

To celebrate the return of the mighty My Chemical Romance, tomorrow’s Kerrang! magazine will feature four collectors’ covers – each featuring a different member of the band!
Featuring a new and exclusive interview, Gerard and his gang reveal what happened during the making of their forthcoming new album Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys and why they’re “super dangerous” again. Plus there’s brand new photos of the band in their Danger Days… gear. This really is a must-own issue for any MCR fan!.

All four covers, as well as last week’s band cover, are available to buy online at, who will ship worldwide. The four covers have been added to the gallery, scans to follow tomorrow.
[lg_folder folder=”Magazine Scans/Kerrang! Issue 1334 – 13th October 2010/” count=”12″ cols=”6″ paging=”false”]

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14 Responses to My Chemical Romance In Kerrang! Magazine Part 2

  1. Chris says:

    Are any other 90’s kids getting a “Pikachu, i choose you!” vibe from the Gerard cover?. xd

  2. Beth says:

    yes! me too Chris, something about the colours i think that just says pokemon! XD

  3. Ash says:

    Haha I knew the cover seemed familiar! I used to be a huge pokemon fan, and thought it was pretty cool that I had the same name as the main character. πŸ˜€
    The covers all look pretty neat though. But I don’t think the link to works, at least not for me. When I clicked on it it said “error: incorrect store ID.”

  4. Chris says:

    Sorry, forgot the “www.”, try again.

  5. LugosiLives says:

    hahaha 90’s ruled. either that or they’re all about to play that extreme board game crossfire lol. maybe its fingerless gloves, but yeah gerard’s red(ash), mikey’s charmander, frank’s pikachu or electabuzz and ray’s blue and or GARY MOTHER FUCKING OAK! >:[

  6. LugosiLives says:

    just noticed… are they all waering “bad luck beads”? different colors maybe? cant really see mikeys wrist not to mention frank

  7. Clinton says:

    I have noticed them in a few other pics on Gerard, but not the other guys. With all this talk of four band members, I really don’t think they have a permanent drummer. Any thoughts on whos going to be the touring drummer? Everyone has been saying that whoever played on the cd(or at least what we’ve heard thus far) was very sloppy, and I think it sounds pretty badass! Is it just me?

  8. LinTu says:

    Gerard is smiling, so sweet (I know I sounds like a fangirl) πŸ™‚ I envy all of the British people because they have access to such cool stuff

  9. Clinton says:

    OMG! Has anyone scanned the new interview yet! I’m about to die waiting to read it!!!!!!

  10. Clinton says: has the scans uploaded. I kind of felt like I was reading the first interview again, but reworded… Thoughts?

  11. selma b says: check this out. an interview snippet. 1 of the keywords: red jacket πŸ˜‰

  12. selma b says:

    hi, sorry for trippelposting, but i just now also found this little interview-ie thing:

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