“Na Na Na” Video Premiere

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27 Responses to “Na Na Na” Video Premiere

  1. LinTu says:

    The new video is more than awesome. Crazy, colorful, funny – a MCR video 😀 I really like it.

  2. tinewashere says:

    It’s a bit all over the place and I don’t really understand the storyline but I fucking love it. It’s so cool. Really sums up the whole look and sound of danger days so far =D. Also Frank’s wink.. I died little.

  3. Cryptic says:

    It looks like a college video project. They’ve had such awesome videos in the past but this one is just…disappointing.

  4. Hey says:


  5. AngelicDemon says:

    freakin amazing!!!

  6. JackBloodcoat says:

    Cryptic, I can understand where that might be bothersome, but I’m certain the cheapness in quality is purely intentional. This is obviously an homage to grindhouse exploitation movies of the 70s and 80s. Its almost like a trailer for an unreleased desert action movie; reminds me of Electra Glide in Blue, Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, and of course Mad Max.

  7. Matt says:

    I’m not too into it to be honest. I know they want a storyline, but I really hope the next video actually shows the band playing or something. I think most music videos are weird without it.

  8. Beth says:

    there are new videos on KLSK and WKIL! 🙂

  9. tinewashere says:

    Pretty sure that the WKIL is showing Battery City 😀 And the robot on KLSK scares me to pieces..

  10. Ash says:

    I really like it! Although, like Matt said, I kinda wish there were clips of them playing throughout.

  11. spinnell says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the video!! can’t wait for more! thanks for posting a grab-able vid! been trying to get it everywhere!! Oh and I say if you don’t like it, if you don’t like where My Chem is going, eff off! and quit whining!

  12. PoisonPen says:

    I like this video way more than their other videos, so wish there was a movie of this!

  13. LugosiLives says:

    do i smell a sequel?!?!? there should be a movie or at least a straight to dvd sort of thing. almost like what the band green jelly (green jello) did back in the 90’s. :pirate:

  14. LugosiLives says:

    not thats its not THAT important, but theres a show called hellcats that comes on the CW in the u.s. that used na na na in a womens flag football scene. it aired yesterday. its not that important like i said but i thought it was pretty funny interesting right? 8|

  15. selma b says:

    LugosiLives, yeah I like to hear about those things^^. Wherever they play MCR somewhere I get really surprised and excited

  16. Emily says:

    For those of you wondering about the sequel, in KROQ Gerard said he wants to do at least three videos that play like episodes. So we’re definitely getting a sequel. He also said he wants to post web videos, which they’ve been doing.

  17. LugosiLives says:

    @selma- i know right! its like words getting out! i mean its only been out for 2 weeks now? and its already being used in a tv show’s sound track! i havent even gotten tired of either songs ive literally been listening to them on repeat lopp at work for the whole 8 hours im there since na na na’s been out lol 😛

  18. LugosiLives says:

    by the way i want that bruno head chain at :24 for my own car!!! it would have to replace my andrew W.K. air freshner, but i can make that sacrifice… :;(

  19. Claire says:

    I don’t agree about there needing to be performance scenes, I think the intriguing thing about this video is that it really is like story or a comic. Like legit. To interupt it with some band playing would be really odd. Have you ever thought about how weird it would be if in real movies there was some random band in some random place playing a song for no reason? Like I know it’s a MUSIC VIDEO and that’s the way it goes, but the interesting thing is that it’s not an ordinary music video. I think that will be the interesting thing with this whole album cycle, is that it will be very anti-norm in terms of the way music is usually portrayed to the public. It will play out much more as a multimedia experience, a progressing storyline you follow in multiple ways, through video and writing and all sorts of things. And the music and all the extra things will be equally important and mutually beneficial to our understanding of the album/story. Whereas for most artists, all the extras just add to the music, with this it’s not only that but the music is adding to the extras. Like 50/50, you listen to the music, but you also watch all the shit. If all this is accurate, performance scenes would just be trite and kind of take away from the significance of the video itself, as it’s own entity. This is a very lofty comparison but imagine if there had been performace scenes in The Wall movie, lol.
    Maybe I’m just kind of assuming that there will be a comic released with this sometime, that these characters really exist on a greater plane, at least in Gerard’s head, than any of their other characters from past albums have. They’re thinking about this world in so many different ways, not just musically, and that will come out. It already is.

    Also, I see the “college video project” aspect as well, but I think the grindhouse comparison is kind of right. I think it’s all intentional. It’s a pop art kind of thing, it’s the beautiful cheesiness of it all. Which is similar to the point of the album, if I’ve understood their interviews correctly; that even though the message may seem uninspired (title “na na na,” I mean come on), that actually IS the message. That there’s beauty in pointlessness and being silly, and stupid/obvious yet enjoyable songs are ok sometimes. Just like stupid grindhouse movies are really fuckin’ fun.

    ALL OF THIS being said, I actually don’t know if I like the ideas being presented lol. I appreciate them and everything but I’m still skeptical, waiting for the CD. Love the video though, for the most part.
    God, I had a lot to say. I promise I don’t go around analyzing this shit. I intend to say like one sentence and then I get to thinkin

  20. Ash says:

    I get what you’re saying Claire, and after actually watching the video on MTV, and getting the ‘full effect’ so to speak, I love how it’s presented as an episode of sorts, like how “I’m Not Okay” was like a trailer for a nonexistent movie. I really do hope they come out with a comic; another band I listen to came out with an EP that had a comic with it a couple months ago, which was pretty cool. I wonder, if they make a video for “The Only Hope for Me is You”, how it would tie in with this one.

  21. sipie says:

    Gerard said in an interview that everything will be more connected this time 🙂 Its a very differnt, but fantastic direction that the band image is going in. And im still convinced that Mikey is wearing a Nintendo Power Glove http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Glove

  22. Matt says:

    I honestly just wish the music video would have more to do with the song. They kinda just shot a bunch of stuff for a story and put Na Na Na on. The only part I noticed that had any relation to the song was when they were lip singing it in the car.

  23. Ph!L says:

    I wish they did what Green Day did and add some not music parts.
    Then I could’ve really felt connected to it.

  24. skydog says:

    I was utterly disappointed myself, but I’m not going to rant what I was expecting since we already knew the video was close to the trailer..
    The ending makes me believe that all the videos will combust into a big and utter mess.

  25. Cryptic says:

    About the sequels and the bunch of videos thing…I remember hearing Gerard say that in another interview about The Black Parade how he wanted more videos and was going to direct one…I wouldn’t take anything he says as something that will actually happen.

    The video still hasn’t grown on me. I’m kind of bored and uninterested so far. But, the chorus for the Only Hope For Me Is You is really catchy although I don’t love the song. I don’t know, I’ve been really psyched about everything MCR has done up to now…I don’t know what MCR and Linkin Park are doing…I guess this is their ‘experimental phase’ because they think they can?

    We need Bob back. For reals.

  26. skydog says:

    DO NOT compare MCR & Linkin Park in the same sentence. Linkin Park doesn’t even touch the Rock Genre anymore…

  27. Limeade says:

    It really looks to me like the opening sequence of an early 80s action adventure tv series like A-Team and Knight Rider.. or a movie preview from the same period. It’s also the opening track of the album. As fun as MCR make their more performance-centric videos, I think it’s great for a band to do something other than play along to the record for the video.. especially when it so successfully fits the mood of the song and seems to really tie into the apparent theme of the album.

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