New My Chemical Romance Single “Sing”?

Sing Album Art

Sing Album Art

Rumors of the next My Chemical Romance single being “Sing” are floating around the web. The above image is supposedly the album art for the single cover. During the BBC Radio 1 interview last Saturday, Gerard mentioned that he would be working with Paul Brown directing the “Danger Days” videos.

Paul Brown's Wikipedia Page

Paul Brown's Wikipedia Page

The Wikipedia page for Paul Brown lists “Sing” – My Chemical Romance as the most recent item in his filmography. From this it looks as if Sing will be the bands next single. Credit to drewbeelj at Livejournal who dug that up.

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6 Responses to New My Chemical Romance Single “Sing”?

  1. cheshirebat says:

    Yah I remember seeing somewhere it’s being released Nov. 9th.

  2. Ash says:

    It probably will be, I think they said in a couple articles that Sing was likely going to be a single.

  3. sipie says:

    Whats happend to Bullet Proof Heart…

  4. Clinton says:

    @Sipie I know right?! I think it is going to be one of the best songs on the album, and thats why they are holding off. Everyone is so excited about the new album, I think we’d all buy a Michael Jackson cover if they released it. Probably just saving best for last to attract new listeners.

  5. LinTu says:

    I like the cover. The girl is so adorable 🙂

  6. skydog says:

    I hope we get every song as as a single.. that means more music videos LOL.
    I love how fast they are making videos.. most bands wait like 9 months to make 1 video… 😉

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