Review My Chemical Romance’s “Danger Days”

Danger Days Cover

Danger Days Cover have posted a track by track review of My Chemical Romance’s upcoming “Danger Days” album. More than anything else, the brief review showcases the musical difference’s which can be heard between tracks. As we already know, the new album spans a mix of genres, including spoken narrative, dance, their more typical rock-punk sound, and a singalong ballad. With the release date now only weeks away, we’ll all be writing our own reviews soon enough.

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7 Responses to Review My Chemical Romance’s “Danger Days”

  1. PoisonPen says:

    whoever wrote this review is a complete moron, going on about farting at the beginning and constantly reminding the reader of how drunk he was, do not review an album drunk and if it was a joke it wasn’t funny the first time, let alone the times after that, contradictions, when talking about “NANANA” “The rest of the album sounds nothing like this.” then when talking about “Party Poison” “sounds like a great mix between ‘Na Na Na’ and ‘I’m Not Ok (I Promise)’. Suitably, I opened beer #3 at this point. That’s three beers for sweet revenge. Right? Right?? Anyway…”. Didn’t even bother to give an album summary. heres a summary for his review SHIT!, I find it quite amazing idiots like this who seem to be aiming for none fans get a listen.

  2. leo2ron says:

    yea i agree, this was the worst review i’ve ever read.

  3. richard says:

    rly i was like…what…that was awfull.. cant read his note as he was to drunk to write when reviewing it that awfull this is..just wrong..also the songs we have herd reviewed and got alot of proase where “bad” to him….one bad drunk guy doing a review like that its stuped

  4. skydog says:

    You are 100% correct.. very uneducated… I will never go to that site for reviews now. Nice one drunk ass you are making your site lose potential viewers! 🙂

  5. hannelore says:

    That was ONE shitty review. Oh, yeah, and:
    “Sorry to the four teenage behind us. Pretty sure there was an audible mid-scream gag as one fart hit the back of one of their throats.”
    Those, poor, poor girls…they’ve probably been scarred for life… D:

  6. cheshirebat says:

    Definitely one of the worst, most immature reviews I’ve ever read. They did not deserve that honor, no sireee.

  7. skydog says:

    I don’t care if it’s freaking Mariah Carey… I’d still stick up for her if they wrote a review this immature and nasty.

    Nobody’s review should say anything about “Drinking more”, “farting”.. all stupid immature shit in it…. that’s what facebook band haters can be for (because no one actually cares what they say)

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