New My Chemical Romance Single “Sing” World Premiere

“Sing”, the second single from the upcoming “Danger Days” premiered worldwide earlier today. As well as being uploaded to the bands official Myspace page, the track has been played by multiple radio stations, including the UK’s BBC Radio 1.

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70 Responses to New My Chemical Romance Single “Sing” World Premiere

  1. Roger Twose says:

    Hmmm, slightly underwhelming. For what it is, a ballad, the song is decent. I’m just really craving some fast paced MCR.

    After hearing “Kids of Yesterday”, “The Only Hope is You” and now “Sing”, it looks as if the album will be quite slow paced. I just really hope there will be some Prison, Halos or Dead moments.

  2. LugosiLives says:

    im not sure if i like this one. nanana and the only hope for me is you are better in my opinion CURRENTLY lol
    and im sure going to try to get me a ticket or two for the release show in LA :pirate: i just need to take an early lunch break from work ::(

  3. Gabbi says:

    Well, I don’t know how I feel about this song so far. It might grow on me, but so far it’s just alright to me.

  4. Sas says:

    Maybe give it time, it reallly sounds like one that’ll grow on you. I’m positive I’ll be yearning this later today. For that exact reason, does any one have a free download link?

  5. samvan says:

    anyone gotta rip?

  6. LugosiLives says:

    just right click “listen to sing now” and click on “save target as” and boom you have the song ya’ bums!

  7. Darling i sold my soul for skittles says:

    yeah im not too sure about this song

  8. sipie says:

    So another song that was hidden on the original transmissions…I like it 🙂 It’s another change of pace for the band but they do pull it off.

  9. Nichole says:

    I agree, they do pull it off. The video is beautiful as well. Wasn’t sure about the song at first but it’s already grown on me 😀

  10. samvan says:

    @lugosilives THANK YOU

  11. skydog says:

    I like this sound… it’s different… do you people seriously what repeated Three Cheer albums?
    PS. that’ll never happen.. I would find them boring and quit listening.. this is why they are good.. they don’t have to be Nickelbacks and sound the same every song to be good.

  12. ERIK says:

    WKIL track anyone else notice the drm beats are the same?

  13. LugosiLives says:

    okay call me crazy but this song reminds me of “stadium love” by metric. i dont know if its the tune or the way both songs are sung but thats it! lol im crazy probably x|

  14. Cryptic says:

    I really don’t like it. The lyrics are too profound and they just don’t seem to pull it off. I don’t know…I’m just disappointed and I feel like this song has been done many times before.

    It seems like the label is picking all the wrong tracks as singles. All of them have hooks and are poppy so hopefully the label isn’t just trying to make money by hoping it will get a lot of radio play. The aggressive, take no shit, MCR I loved even during The Black Parade doesn’t seem to be there anymore.

    By the way, the melody for the bridge kind of sounds like Elevation by U2.

  15. skydog says:

    The lyrics are pretty bad.. I’ll be the 2nd one to admit that.s

  16. Michael says:

    Its growing on me with each repeat. I appreciate the fact they can change it up and show a different side. They are still MFCR!!!

  17. Cryptic says:

    Honestly, this song is so trite. If THIS is the album then I will be way more disappointed than I anticipated. Honestly, what happened? And what the fuck is with the band and fangirls calling people “haters” if they don’t like the new stuff? I don’t give a fuck what they decide to dress up in or look like as long as the music is good but this blows. With each repeat I question what on Earth happened to this band?

    Now I see why Bob left because honestly what the fuck is this. Who does Gerard think he is? Bono? And what’s with Warner releasing all these singles? Shouldn’t the singles be the best songs off the record and shouldn’t the “single” take off. Clearly, these songs aren’t getting great reviews so they’re just following each song with another one…that’s worse. I’d be interested to see the original record with Bob…maybe that’s actually a real MCR record and not Gerard with some background music.

  18. Laurence says:

    I think this song kicks ass. G’s voice is incredibly impassioned and the backing vocals in the last chourus are amazing. It’s just change. People always find that hard to deal with.

  19. cdpinnell says:

    I agree the song is not their best, but I have explained what I think they’re doing in previous post. The record is still not out, and the demand for singles from them is so high, they are releasing the OK ones, and not the best. I think they are saving the best for after the album comes out, to possibly attract new listeners. Its all about strategy with the Big name record companys. Did you listen to Linkin Parks new album. The Catalyst was one of my least favorites, but their first single. With MCR, they have me wondering more than ever what the other songs will be like….. Just my theory : P

  20. cdpinnell says:

    Also, this is directed at “Cryptic” btw… MCR grew up. All bands do. Maybe you should too. I don’t think they are making music to satisfy you, and you only. Its to satisfy themselves and their TRUE fans. Rock on MCR!

  21. SpyKi says:

    I haven’t listened to SING yet, I’m waiting until I get the whole album before I listen to any more but when are the singles the best songs on the album? They’re usually the more radio-friendly songs that get chosen. Na Na Na was a fantastic single imo.

  22. SpyKi says:

    “TRUE” fans shouldn’t try and make out that other fans are any less “true” for sharing an opinion, no matter how negative it may be. Discuss and argue all you like but pulling that shit is just lame.

  23. cdpinnell says:

    By “True” I meant the fans that are willing to accept the new sound. Not the ones who want to go on a fan site and talk shit about it after only hearing 3 songs. Its almost like when The Black Crowes album got a bad review, before the people who reveiewed, had not even listened to it.

  24. Laurence says:

    Having an opinion is fine, but when that opinion hurts other peoples feelings and over uses expletives? Well then an opinion is not fine. If you don’t like what mcr are doing, fine, say so, but for a band that encourage inclusion and caring for one another, lets follow their example and be civil in our discussion. :pirate:

  25. Matt says:

    TRUE fans don’t have to like every single thing a band does. It’s fine criticize a band’s work if you know they can do better than what they’re putting out.
    I know they can do better than this song.

  26. SpyKi says:

    If they don’t like the new sound and are disappointed they should be able to voice that. Not every opinion is going to be positive and it shouldn’t have to be. Implying those people aren’t true fans just because they’re disappointed about the new sound is the exact opposite of inclusion and caring for one another.

  27. Murdock says:

    It is not the most obvious song for a single and I think but I think it will make more sense in the context of the album. From what we’ve heard so far the record is even more story driven than the Black Parade and all the small details and subtle imagery will all come together when we finally listen to it in it’s entirety.

  28. tinewashere says:

    There does not exist ‘true’ fans. There are fans, and there are non-fans. Stop calling each other stuff and discussing, ’cause in the end, this is a fansite dedicated to sharing our love of the band, not dividing fans into groups and having prejudices.

    That aside..
    I really like this song. It’s a new path, and it’s quite more pop. I really hope there’s more rock and less pop on the rest of th record, but I don’t mind a little pop here and there. It’s a nice change, and sort of inevitable, when you think about it 🙂

  29. Cryptic says:

    In reply to Cdpinnell, I have been a fan since they started. I’m from New Jersey and have followed the band for a long time. I KNOW they can do better than this and it is upsetting for me, as a fan, to see these new songs. Maybe the new album will be great, I don’t know. But the singles are supposed to be there to put your best foot forward and so far these aren’t doing a good job of it. They’re supposed to make people WANT to buy the album and this song definitely does not make me want to buy their album.

    Growing up? Tons of bands grow up and that’s a good thing. I don’t expect MCR to write songs like the stuff off their first record but there is a difference between maturing and writing songs that sound different but aren’t as good. There are some good things happening in the singles we’ve seen so far but they just get ruined. I think MCR had the right idea but didn’t execute it well. Bands like The Used or AFI have matured amazingly over time but they still deliver quality music (without the gimmicks) that is honest and real…while being different from their last album. MCR did that with The Black Parade but Danger Days is just a “what the fuck” moment for me. Sure, a lot of fans seem to like it but compared to songs like Famous Last Words and Teenagers, “Na Na Na” only has 1.4 million hits on YouTube compared to the 40 million and 50 million for those songs respectively. If anything, that’s an indication that most fans (the ones who just listen to their music and don’t comment on YouTube or fansites) don’t like it or aren’t that impressed.

    To me, these new songs seem like an attempt to stay relevant. It’s really sad because MCR has written amazing songs in the past and the one thing I think everyone likes about them is their emotion and energy. With “SING” I don’t see the emotion and the lyrics are trite and aren’t something Gerard would actually sing. If you really want to be a “true” fan then you should give the band an honest opinion of their music. Yeah, they shouldn’t be writing music to please the fans but that doesn’t mean every fan has to love everything they’ve done (by the way, I have loved every song they made up to Na Na Na). It will help the band grow and maybe realize how they can improve.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but driving Bob away or kicking him out or whatever happened was the worst thing MCR has done. Since then it just seems like an awkward band. I haven’t seen the commanding presence that MCR had in previous years…it just seems weak and that is sincerely disappointing.

  30. Midnight Rambler says:

    Either that or it is an indication that Teenagers and Famous Last Words have gotten more hits because they have been up on youtube 3-4 years longer….

  31. Matt says:

    I just want to put this out there: I don’t think MCR losing Bob is that big of a deal. I hear too many fans think that MCR is nothing without him.
    Lol, just so you know, Bob ONLY played on Black Parade. Matt did the drums for Bullets and Three Cheers. And I actually think he was better than Bob.

  32. SpyKi says:

    You think The Used have matured better than My Chem, seriously? Artwork was garbage and Na Na Na is better than anything they’ve put out since In Love and Death. They’re an example of a band continuing to write the same kind of music but just getting worse at it with each record, exactly why I embrace the changes MCR make. I’m not going to comment on AFI as I’ve never been a fan of them.

    and like Midnight Rambler said, those songs have been amassing their number of views for years, it’s idiotic to compare them to Na Na NA’s.

    I can’t comment on SING as I still haven’t heard it.

    As for Bob, I honestly don’t see much difference in the band at all. They still seem to have a pretty commanding presence to me.

  33. PoisonPen says:

    i want mcr to make some loud proud music im not always in a dark mood.

  34. Mother_Zombee says:

    I will admit that I was thrown off by this song at first, but the more I listened to it the more I liked it. Hell I was screaming the words jamming it after a while. Also the more I listened to it the more I saw how it tied into the post apocalyptic theme they have going. Overall I think it is very different from what I was expecting to hear or am use to hearing but I like it, It grew on me 😉

  35. Cryptic says:

    @Matt Pelissier could play fast but he wasn’t a tight and precise drummer at all. A drummer has to be precise and keep the band together and Matt couldn’t do that, which is why he was kicked out. I feel for the guy but Bob is a trained drummer who knows his shit. I didn’t see Matt getting the attention Bob got for his drumming on black parade.

    @SpyKi Unlike the new MCR songs, The Used songs are powerful, intricate, the lyrics are thought out and brutally honest, and you can still hear what is genuinely The Used while at the same time seeing it is entirely different. I respect Bert McCracken for not having to come up with stories or gimmicks for each record and for being so humble and down to Earth in his music and to his fans. FLW and Teenagers achieved those views in a very short amount of time so I don’t think age has anything to do with it. They were hot videos when they came out.

    As for the band without Bob, it’s not the same vibe. It just doesn’t have that in your face presence. Considering what Bob went through and how much he cared about the band some pretty heavy shit must have had to go down for him to leave. I’m sure everyone has heard the reports from fans who met Bob at Bamboozle and if it’s true (which it probably is) then I’ve lost a lot of respect for Gerard and the rest of MCR.

    And about Na Na Na; that song sounds like a cartoon theme song with random lyrics thrown in between. Saying that is better than a song like Pretty Handsome Awkward is just hilarious.

  36. SpyKi says:

    Na Na Na is better than the whole of Lies For The Liars but together. The new Used songs are weak as fuck and the lyrics are garbage, not that they’ve ever been Bert’s strong point. and no those videos didn’t get those views that fast, you have no idea how many views they got in the same amount of time Na Na Na has been out. If they did that would mean that they haven’t been listened to at all in four years and I doubt that’s true.
    It’s not the same vibe because they’re doing a different thing, but I think it definitely has that in your face presence, have you even watched the Na Na Na video? I’m not going to go into what must have led to Bob leaving because I have no idea and I haven’t heard any reports from people who say they met him at Bamboozle but I probably wouldn’t put too much stock into them if I did.

  37. tinewashere says:

    SpyKi – I remember when FLW had around 40mil views, which was in 2007/beginning of 2008, and back then it was one of the most viewed videoes on youtube. I doubt Na na na will ever get that high on youtube’s most seen videoes. Artists like Bieber and Gaga (sadly) rule the music industry these days, just like MCR did with emo in 07.

  38. SpyKi says:

    I don’t think it will get that high either, I doubt they’ll reach the level of popularity they had with TBP again, I was just saying that it’s completely idiotic to compare the amount of views videos 4 years old have with a brand new one. and emo, ugh.

  39. skydog says:

    Who the fuck cares if you knew them first or have followed them a long time?
    We are all fans.. and if you are not anymore LEAVE.

  40. skydog says:

    And if you think the Used lyrics are good.. you are on drugs.
    They have never been their strong point whatsoever.
    Not to mention they play the same chords the entire time.

  41. skydog says:


  42. tinewashere says:

    @SpyKi – Yea, I get what you mean 🙂 also, I didn’t mean that I think they’re emo, but the whole “emo” thing was just so popular back then, and they were like the so-called #1 emo band. now they’re just a normal rockband.

  43. jackgray1938 says:

    I doubt Gerard writes anything for any other reason than it’s what he has to write. There’s nothing wrong with not liking it, but implying that they’re making art for any other reason than because it’s what they’re driven to make just isn’t MCR. I’ve read what he has to say in numerous interviews about Sing. It’s obviously something he felt he had to say. And whether we like it or not, we have to understand why it exists simply because of that.

  44. tinewashere says:

    Guys! If you haven’t it, there’s a new interview on the interview.

    There’s a part 5 too.. idk about 1-3.

  45. leo2ron says:

    actually i think that they’ll reach a higher popularity now. Ive played the song for many people who didnt like mcr before, and have them completely love it! I’ve also had old fans who stopped listening to them after TBP hear it and love it as well. As far as my personal opinion: i love this song it cheers me up, and its really great to have a positive message in their music. It goes with the storyline as well. The song is about standing up for what you believe and standing up to who ever puts you down, so this song is perfect for the scene when the Killjoys stand up to Better Living Industries

  46. Ash says:

    This song grew on me too, after listening to it for a while. It’s not one of my favorite songs by them, but I really like it now.
    And I’m not entirely sure if I want to get involved, but I will say this: Just listen to the song for what it is. Don’t compare them to other bands. Forget about youtube views, drummers, their earlier material, album concepts and the direction they seem to be taking. Just listen to the song and appreciate it for what it is. And if you don’t like it, that’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with that. Not everyone’s going to like the same things. But there’s no need to be rude to others, or bash other bands, when we’re all fans, and we’re all on this website for the same reason.

  47. sipie says:

    VERY well said Ash 🙂

  48. leo2ron says:

    okay hopefully this will cool things off a bit: zero percent (full studio version)

  49. Darling i sold their song for skittles says:

    yeah it might grow on me. Its deffinatly not their best/ i feel like i’ve heard this somewhere before

  50. Claire says:

    This song is horrible. For real. I don’t even know why there is a huge debate happening over it, to me it is so obviously and completely bad. And I don’t just mean for MCR. I mean for anyone. This is bad music. Unlistenable. I am very disappointed.

    I don’t like this “true fan” argument. I still consider myself a supporter and fan of this band despite the fact that I am really disliking what it seems like this record will be (although the videos have been pretty awesome). It’s ok if you have something negative to say, you don’t have to blindly follow and unconditionally like every decision a band makes. It is a compliment to a band to take them seriously enough to even intellectually debate with yourself over the artistry. It means they are legitimate enough to deserve your thought, your time. You give them merit. You believe they’ve done good things before.

    I always really respect and usually agree with what you say Cryptic, although I do have to say that I’ve found it odd that you stick up for the Used so much. I’ve been disappointed with their direction on later albums and I don’t really think their lyrics are that original either. But that could just mean I don’t get it, idk. BUT I do agree with you that even the worst of The Used’s stuff is better than what we’re hearing from MCR right now.

  51. Matt says:

    Without Bob MCR has no in-your-face presence? You’re crazy. They were the most in-your-face on the albums Matt played on. Those two albums were so much more aggressive than The Black Parade.
    As for the Danger Days stuff coming out, I think their lack of “in-your-face” music has absolutely nothing to do with losing Bob.

  52. Nichole says:

    I know my opinion matters very little at this point, but if a band can do something with conviction and believe in themselves and in a song, can’t we respect that? I understand that people have different opinions, and that’s great, but as for me, I believe that MCR have something to say, and they’re saying it. They’re not in it for the money and never will be. They’re creative dudes, this is what they do. People are going to either love the song or hate it; it’s a complete matter of taste. No one is right and no one is wrong. So, everything aside, NEW SUBJECT 😀

  53. Amelia says:

    One quick comment about the video views thing. If it’s true about Na Na Na getting less views than FLW and Teenagers maybe it’s because MCR hasn’t been on the scene for a couple of years. People usually don’t keep up with bands unless they have new singles coming out every few months or so. I mean if I didn’t keep with MCR like I do then I would have no idea of the new album and singles at all. But I’m not saying that it’s MCR’s fault for this. They greatly deserved the time off.

  54. Claire says:

    When there’s a new song and it says “add comment,” that is the subject that will be discussed.

    Anyway I agree they deserved the time off but sadly you kind of can’t do that in the industry today and expect everyone to just come back when youre ready.

  55. darling i sold my soul for skittles says:

    wow tinewashere that was a great interview !

  56. Cryptic says:

    Thanks Claire. I also respect and agree with a lot of what you say. The reason I stick up for the Used so much is because I was a huge fan of MCR — and then I heard the Used and a lot of MCR’s stuff just became irrelevant.

    About the whole lyrics thing, I find a lot of Gerard’s lyrics unfocused or just random. There are definitely some songs with great lyrics, no doubt but I guess to me the lyrics in the new songs are just more noticeably unfocused and random. Bert has always let the songs speak for themselves and their sound in general and his lyrics are always brutally honest. He may not use tons of metaphors (like Gerard tries to) but when he does they fit perfectly and when he doesn’t he doesn’t need to. Lyrics are the song. They’re what you can relate to. I guess it’s hard for me to relate to driving in the desert in a Trans Am fighting guys in vampire masks shooting laser guns. I’d much rather hear music that is honest and about real things (they don’t have to be negative things, either) than this stuff which in my opinion comes across careless and uninspired. I’m disappointed because I know they can do better and I was genuinely excited for this new album. And regarding the Used’s sound; I like the direction they’ve gone in…and part of it is because Bert cannot scream to the extent he could without risking destroying his voice for good. The guy screamed for 8 years straight for God’s sake and those who are fans of The Used are fucking fans. They’re not people who like just one song by the band they love the whole band: each and every member…not just the lead singer.

    I guess you have to look at MCR’s fanbase too. Most of the people who are fans of MCR are teenage girls who will buy and love whatever the hell the band puts out. Gerard definitely knows how to market himself and the band. Please don’t take my comment the wrong way, if you’re a teenage girl who likes the band then that’s great, but compared to what the fanbase used to majorly consist of up to TBP things are drastically different and I hate to say it but it’s the reason why the band gets so much shit from everyone. But hey, those teenage girls are the ones who go out and support a lot of bands and buy CD’s, merch, tickets, etc. so it’s definitely helpful for the band…I think a good amount of teenage girls who go on YouTube or on sites and just comment “Omg Gerard is s0 hawt McR 4 LyFe” annoys a lot of people and in turn makes people think that all the fans are like that and that the band is like that. Of course, anyone who actually listens to the band knows their music isn’t what people say it is: emo.

    The Used seems more like a guy band to me…like Rush is a guy band for example. I think the Used is an extremely underrated band and personally feel that they should be way bigger than they are.

    But back to the song, like Claire said the band has been away for over two years. That’s an EXTREMELY long time to be away with no presence other than Watchmen. In the amount of time that they’ve been gone everyone is expecting a great album because they’ve had plenty of time to make it. Because of that fact, I think people will be more critical of ‘Danger Day’s and many people like myself are disappointed by what is being turned out so far. I could care less what they looked like: Gerard could dress up in drag for all I care as long as the music is great. I also think he needs to just shut up. Sometimes less is more. He immediately tells everyone every little thing about each song, the record, some near-destruction band experience, and there’s nothing left to the imagination. There’s nothing you want to ask him anymore…and that’s how I feel…and the album isn’t even out yet! The Black Parade musically was a great album and no one can deny that. The lyrics at times are a bit overdramatic but overall are pretty damn good. ‘Danger Days’ musically isn’t impressive. In every song (other than Na Na Na) the guitars aren’t prevalent and it’s just a mess of electronics. I think MCR has the right idea but they’re executing it poorly. It’s too much at times. These songs don’t seem like MCR to me. And I’ll say it again before anyone decides to write this as a response: I don’t give a shit if they wear black, white, blue, pink, purple, orange…whatever! The point that myself and other fans are TRYING to make that so many people are clearly MISSING is that the imagery, the costumes, the gimmicks: all that aside just listening to the songs for the songs it is not the best they can do. If I didn’t give a shit about this band I’d just post random insults on YouTube like the other ignorant idiots but instead I’m trying to explain my point and sadly instead of understanding that I’m just a fan giving my opinion and criticizing the music because I know they can do better I get attacked and get called a ‘hater.’ I used to hang on every word Gerard said but as I grew older and was exposed to other bands I realized that a lot of what he was saying was BS and became more interested in bands who let the music speak for itself (like the Rolling Stones, Guns N’ Roses, U2, AFI, The Used) rather than elaborate “concept records” and stories. Eventually that wears off…just like The Black Parade did…and soon this whole ‘Danger Days’ craze of ray guns and dracula masks will too. Then we’ll just have the music to hold on to and I sincerely hope that this is one of those records you can look back on and say, “Wow, this record really influenced me. It made an impact on my life,” and still enjoy listening to it. Losing Bob seemed to be the beginning of the end and my greatest fear is that there will come a time when MCR doesn’t have any concepts or gimmicks to hide behind anymore…and then what? No more MCR? None of us want that.

  57. ROBOTPLZ says:

    I think it’s kind of funny that a lot of fans are freaking out that My Chemical Romance is actually writing somewhat happy/hopeful lyrics and they declare it as “shit”. It’s about growing up, seeing something you don’t like and changing it. To me, that is a very influential and positive message. We all have to grow up at some point.

    Wow, learn to tolerate better music. Don’t like it, then move on. Don’t be a five-year-old and try to change what you can’t. Don’t expect a band to do the same damn tricks over and over again. Then “other” fans will get bored and say, “Why don’t they do something different?”

    I actually like what they are trying to do. I’m glad with where they are at. And that whole Bob was the end of MCR thing is pure craziness. He was only the drummer for one album. One out of the four albums they produced, which is 25%.

    However, I suppose every album My Chem does gains and loses fans. What makes me think this album would be any different I don’t know.

  58. SpyKi says:

    Huuuuuuugee comment. I see what you mean about MCR’s fanbase, it does have a lot of teenage girls that somehow seem to only know TBP and think they’re hot but that doesn’t bother me much tbh. I don’t see how you can say Gerard’s lyrics are ever unfocused and random and I don’t see how Bert’s aren’t. I love that guy and The Used’s (older) music but the lyrics are usually weak and it sucks that he can’t scream anymore, it definitely detracts from their music but I don’t think it means they can’t make great stuff anymore, they just don’t seem to. and the lyrics from the new My Chem stuff isn’t actually about driving around in the desert shooting ray guns at all.. The record isn’t a concept record in the way that it doesn’t tell a story.
    As for the time off, I understand that it’s been a while and people are going to be critical of the record, as they should be, and I’m fine with people not liking the new stuff, everyone has their own opinion. As for Gerard needing to shutup, I don’t know about that, all he does is talk about the album and the band in interviews which is pretty much what he’s supposed to do isn’t it.. If you don’t want to hear it you don’t have to and it’s not like he goes into too much detail, he’s been talking more about how the album came about and the killjoy theme more than the music so there’s still a lot left to the imagination in regards to the most important aspect.
    As for you saying they can do better, maybe they can and maybe they have on the album but I still think the songs I’ve heard so far, Na Na Na and The Only Hope, are awesome songs.
    As for the concept album thing, they’ve really only done one huge concept album, this one isn’t despite having the overall Killjoy theme and Three Cheers was semi-conceptual but that was pretty loose so it doesn’t seem to me like they need a concept at all, Bullets didn’t have one. I still don’t see why you’re so hung up on Bob though. All he did was play drums on TBP. They made their best music without him.

  59. Claire says:

    Everyone always just assumes that if you don’t like new music, it’s because it is “different,” and then they start talking about how you should be more open-minded because you don’t want a band to do the same thing over and over and over. Where do you get the idea that that’s why we don’t like it? In my comment before, I was being so harsh about how horrible the song is because I wanted to destroy that concept and let people know that the reason I don’t like this music is because I feel that it is straight up bad music, not for any reason having to do with it being different. I can hang with different. Experiment as much as you want to. Just make sure you execute it well and do something interesting. In fact, the reason I don’t like this album so far is because it is NOT different, at all. It’s so tired. The song structure is tired, the lyrics are tired, I don’t even buy gerard’s singing in this, it doesn’t seem passionate. The use of the electronics is tired, and used irrelevantly. The topics are tired. It’s regurgitated mush derived from music released in the past few years and, though barely recognizable, from old my chem stuff. So incredibly uninspired. I don’t see what you guys are hearing when you say that they “have something to say.” Actually, what you’re hearing is probably gerard’s words from interviews (and not the actual music). He always does that. He tries to explain his intentions in order to color your perception of the music before it gets to you. He did it with TBP too, calling it theatrical, huge, dramatic, risky, etc, before it ever came out so that you would listen to it from that mindset. But, if we remember, he said recently that they didn’t take any risks on that album and they were resting on their laurels, and following rules and restrictions they had set for themselves. I think what he was trying to do initially was convince HIMSELF of what clearly wasn’t true by saying how risky it was. I see it happening again. He’s talking about how young this album is, how it’s their most immature album, how for that magazine cover they put him in “older” outfits and he didn’t like it, how they’re bringing danger back. He’s a bit overly adamant about all this, again as if he’s trying to convince himself, because he feels bad about not being dangerous anymore. And, I guess in this case the album is actually very young-sounding, but not in the “dangerous” way they meant for. More in a, this-is-the-way-everyone-else-is-currently-doing-music-so-I-guess-we’ll-jump-on-the-bandwagon sort of way. I think what was said about this album being an attempt to stay relevant is very true. I agree with the statement “‘Danger Days’ musically isn’t impressive. In every song (other than Na Na Na) the guitars aren’t prevalent and it’s just a mess of electronics. I think MCR has the right idea but they’re executing it poorly. It’s too much at times. These songs don’t seem like MCR to me” wholeheartedly.

  60. Claire says:

    I’m not sure if this is true but I feel like maybe Cryptic and I are older fans. We judge them more harshly because we’ve seen not only the way in which MCR’s decision-making has evolved, but the way in which popular music itself has evolved over the period of time since MCR first started out. We can tell where the two have influenced or affected each other. I think that I personally judge MCR according to the standards of how music was back then. I don’t judge MCR based on the way music is now, I think that would be holding my standards way too low. I’d rather hold them up to Thursday or whatever rather than 3Oh3, because I consider MCR of a greater caliber. But I guess if you’re younger and you like current music, you could compare MCR to that and they would look like Gods.
    Of course now that I’ve said anything about comparisons, everyone’s gunna start freaking out about how I shouldn’t compare them to anybody and just judge them solely on their music. Which I’ve already addressed in previous comments. I honestly listened to it, initially, without comparison, just for what it is. In doing this, I found it to be horrible, and since then I’ve tried to listen again while comparing it to other things in order to try and give myself a little perspective and maybe begin to like what I was hearing. Didn’t work.
    I’m sorry I’m being so harsh about all these opinions I’ve been posting but I’m trying to get people to really listen to this stuff, to not look at it with rose-colored glasses just because it’s MCR and we love this band. If you’re not feeling it, don’t beat around the bush and try to make yourself like it and pretend on these message boards to think the music is ok because you don’t want to be negative about MCR. Get some conviction. Learn a little bit about music, study up on the greats. Be honest with yourself. MCR is not infallible. It is possible that Danger Days sucks.

  61. Claire says:

    Oh my god, I just watched the interview that was posted ^, the Part 4 thing. I can’t believe he compared it to Vampires. I was going to do that as well but I didn’t want the whole comparison argument to go any further for risk of being beaten in my sleep. I was going to say that a line like “sing it to the people that’ll hate your guts” is a far cry from “you must keep your soul like a secret in your throat.” Both are plans of action and survival against people that try to get you down, but the line from vampires is so cool and the one from sing is something my sister could write. It’s sad, I used to love their lyrics.

  62. tinewashere says:

    I know I’m not a part of this discussion, but I’ve read all your posts, and there’s just one thing I feel like I need to respond to..
    Claire, you wrote “Gerard did it with TBP too, calling it theatrical, huge, dramatic, risky, etc, before it ever came out so that you would listen to it from that mindset.”
    Honestly, if you do not think that TBP is theatrical, huge, risky and dramatic, then what is? Those 4 words capture the essens of it so well. It is VERY theatrical, especially on ‘Welcome..’ and ‘Mama’.
    Also, it WAS very risky.. and huge, dramatic, everything.

    I do miss the old lyrics too though.. Bullets could’ve been released alone as a poem collection.

  63. ROBOTPLZ says:

    Okay, Claire, we get it. You really dislike the new album. We all have our tastes. Haven’t you ever heard the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Apply it here.

    People who hate this album will continue to hate this album, but people who like this album will continue to like this album. Regardless of your input.

    And your whole point that you are an “older fan so you can judge them better” is such bull-malarkey and elitism. I’ve been a fan since Bullets and I like the new album. That really is a weak argument and irrevelant use of supporting evidence.

    It’s apparent that they aren’t going to go back, at least not in this album anyways. So there is no use crying over spilled milk. 😛

    Move on.

  64. Cryptic says:

    It’s great how people continue to take things Claire and I say out of context. I completely agree with everything Claire has said. In music you shouldn’t have to explain the songs in interviews…the listener should figure that out by LISTENING to the song. Like in TBP, Gerard is telling us what the songs are about and the vibe they give off before we hear them. Since I know better now than to believe everything that comes out of Gerard’s mouth I can judge the songs for what they are. Saying a song like “Na Na Na” has better lyrics than any The Used song out there is just plain wrong. We’re trying to get fans to judge the music for the music instead of saying it’s great. I bring up Bob because Bob leaving/getting kicked out is the main turning point in this latest MCR incarnation. He said he “just couldn’t take the divas anymore.” Clearly, everyone is willing to just move on and forget about Bob and pretend this band is fucking perfect and will save all our fucking lives. The dude gets his dog handed to him in a box, almost loses his ability to play drums and use his hand, oh and then isn’t doing the one thing he loved more than anything. Honestly, it’s disgraceful that so many fans are so oblivious to what is really going on. When I say Gerard needs to shut up, it’s for good reason. He doesn’t know when to stop. Promotion is fine but c’mon enough of the dramatics. Can this band just put out an album without going through some near-band-ending-experience? He’s been one to say that the band will never do something in the studio that they can’t do live. Well, clearly he wouldn’t say that if he didn’t think people wouldn’t accuse MCR of doing the same. He does stuff on albums that he can’t do live (WTTBP for example). He has trouble singing “Na Na Na” and do you think he will be able to pull of the stuff on “SING?” If you want to do it higher on an album, fine. Then tune down and sing it down live. But don’t go accusing other artists of doing something and then acting like you don’t do it either, when you do. Gerard just needs to freaking chillax and put the damn album out and just see what happens. Hell, the album isn’t even out yet and I’m already sick of it.

    Gerard says that “color is dangerous” and black isn’t anymore. He says he doesn’t care what people think but he clearly does. Black isn’t dangerous if you let people make you think it isn’t. Anything can be dangerous if you decide to make it dangerous. Black wasn’t dangerous in 2004-2005 because bands started wearing it…it was because bands ACTED dangerous. The danger…the unpredictability…the energy that was in MCR isn’t there anymore and that’s disappointing. For an album called ‘Danger Days’ it’s not very dangerous.

    If you really don’t give a fuck what people think, then you don’t have to go around saying you don’t give a fuck what they think.

  65. SpyKi says:

    You’re still complaining about what he says way too much. The songs don’t have to be explained in interviews but if you’re looking up and reading them for information on the new album, what else are you expecting? Even then they don’t go too far into the actual song as to take away any interpretation you want to take from it. You’re also acting like they’re the only band who does this, which is completely idiotic, it’s what every band does. The Used did it with their last album, talking about how brutal it was and how it was a lot more raw sounding. I’m judging the music based on what I hear, not on any interviews or things Gerard has said and I think it’s great, and I don’t think it’s wrong at all to say that Na Na Na has better lyrics than a lot of songs by The Used.
    As for Bob, I’m not just forgetting about him and he went through some bad shit and he was a great member but loosing him does not mean the end of days for MCR.

  66. Gabbi says:

    I agree with SpyKi. C’est la vie, and que sera sera.

    Don’t cry over spilled milk. Relax. What will happen will happen. If this is the ending point for you, well, then it is. We can’t do anything about that.

    But seriously, relax. Don’t get so choked up over something so trivial as a My Chemical Romance album. It’s not that big a deal. :luv:

  67. TrixxyPixel says:

    Jesus, this much energy has been wasted arguing over this? The song is about doing something with your life, so maybe we should all do that, or at least leave each other alone.

    Btw, you can’t put rules to art. Sorry. There’s no right or wrong, just what we like and dislike.

  68. Claire says:

    ya ya ya, I always feel like I have to explain myself when people misinterpret me or say something that isn’t true. Like how I went off about how I don’t hold this opinion just because they’re doing something different. I’m sorry for that but I really want people to understand where I’m coming from and that’s why I always post way too much shit. I do agree that’s it’s a waste of time and energy and I should just leave, I guess, cuz often if you try to present the other side of the spectrum, the negative side, people just tell you to go away. I do want you guys to know, though, that when I say the song sucks, I mean it as a comment. As in, “add comment.” Directed at the band and the song, and not at any of you who like the song. I was going to post it whether or not anyone else had already commented saying they liked it, because it wasn’t directed at you in a “you are wrong” sort of way. Until people got all vile and hateful toward Cryptic, who is also just trying to explain his/her opinion, and then in that case I felt like it was necessary to give everyone a little wake-up call. But I’m sorry that apparently this has turned me into an internet troll or something lol honestly I never mean to hurt any feelings. I just like to discuss music and art, and I do it in a passionate way (and I don’t think that I do it in a hateful way). The hate started with others saying that Cryptics opinion is “garbage” and that they should “grow up,” which was all completely unnecessary.

    I didn’t mean by saying that we may be older that we can judge them better, I just meant that we judge them differently. I was trying to find where the disconnect is between all of our perspectives. I do a lot of psych stuff and I find it interesting to see how people react to culture based on factors like age, gender, whatever (Now I’m probably sexist too). It wasn’t supposed to be used as supporting evidence for anything that I’d said before. That’s why it was a new post. It was kind of a new topic. I understand that you would think I meant it in a bad way probably at the point when I said “that would be holding my standards too low,” that sounds bad. But I think it’s safe to say that we all percieve different levels of legitimacy in music; maybe we see Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, all those people as pretty high-caliber, and as we all know from the constant needless bashing, many people see pop music like Britney Spears or whatever as low-caliber (whether these artists being sorted into these categories is correct placement isn’t the point…). So, if I like a band, I would try to hold them up to people that I consider to be of their same caliber, or higher. If they can be compared to what I feel is lower, then that bums me out. It’s a coincidence that many of the things I consider not good art have come out recently, during the time of the generations younger than mine. Hence, because you are younger, it is possible that you judge them according to music that I don’t find to be good. But my opinion doesn’t matter, as you’ve said, because I have different tastes than you, and you wouldn’t like to learn about the tastes and opinions of others.
    In reaction to the interviews- I personally look them up because I’d like news on the band.
    About TBP being dramatic- I guess you’re right, it is very theatrical and dramatic, but I thought it was done in a very obvious way. I mean it was literally theater-type music. The decisions made were very obvious ones to me, they were pandering. I also felt that other decisions made were very commerial, decisions that don’t take that much thought or risk. So I guess it was wrong of me to imply that it wasn’t dramatic, the better thing to say was that it wasn’t risky.
    DAMN. Do you see how much effort it is to completely explain yourself so as to not be misinterpreted? Sometimes I don’t go through all this effort because I cross my fingers that someone will get what I’m trying to say without all of this, but that’s a mistake. I’ll peace out. Unless someone gets needlessly attacked again, in which case…watch yo back lol (that is in no way a physical threat to anyone or any establishment represented in previous comments, posts, or other sources of public information published on

  69. Cryptic says:

    Thanks for writing all that Claire. People seem to be wondering why individuals are willing to continue talking about this stuff. I think a lot of us are just really sad and really disappointed. Musically I feel the band has fallen apart. It looks like they succumbed to the pressure. I just watched an old interview with Madison Square Garden before their show and it was upsetting. They were so excited and didn’t give a shit what anyone thought about them. They were just playing music because they loved it that night in front of fans, friends, and family. Instead of telling all the people who tried to categorize them, ridicule them, and insult them for wearing black or writing songs about the things they did they wussed out. To me ‘Danger Days’ is just MCR trying to abandon and turn their backs on everything they’ve done in the past. They want to get away from the ’emo’ label but what they don’t get is you have to accept your past and respect where you came from before you can truly grow as a band. Constantly dissing The Black Parade and writing it off almost as if it was something horrible they created isn’t the way to do it. The band looks like they’re into it when they’re playing shows but that pure raw energy and commanding force that they used to have is gone.

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