“Sing” Music Video Trailer & Official Premiere

Sing Album Art

Sing Album Art

According to CaliforniaChronicle.com, a trailer for the “Sing” music video will premiere on the bands official website sometime today (Wednesday 3rd November). An audio stream of “Sing” is also set to premiere today on the bands official Myspace page at 12:30pm (Pacific Daylight Time). According to the article, the single will be available for purchase on iTunes beginning November 4th, followed by all other digital service providers in the subsequent days.
I’m unsure where CaliforniaChronicle.com have sourced their material from, however we know from my previous post that “Sing” will make it’s radio debut later today.

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5 Responses to “Sing” Music Video Trailer & Official Premiere

  1. Assssshulee59 says:

    I just cant wait it… arrrrrr

  2. LinTu says:

    Another video? GREAT! 😀

  3. cdpinnell says:

    CAN NOT WAIT! And we are so close to the album! Ahhh!

  4. Ash says:

    It’s on their site!

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