My Chemical Romance In NME Magazine

NME Magazine

NME Magazine

Gerard Way is on the cover of this weeks NME magazine. The full feature discusses the bands new visual and musical direction.

“My Chemical Romance are our cover stars, and we hope you like their new direction as we do. No, it’s not just about the hair dye, as Gerard Way tells us in a smart and surprising interview, they’ve stopped their goth-y whining, and gone pop art. Find out how and why inside…”

NME Article

NME Article

That issue will be released tomorrow, (Wednesday 10th November). To find out what else is featured in the upcoming issue, check out

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17 Responses to My Chemical Romance In NME Magazine

  1. LinTu says:

    That magazine is great. The cover looks super 🙂

  2. selma b says:

    “gothy-whining”!? MCR do not, have never whined

  3. Skydog says:

    I agree Selma.
    I dislike that cover so much.
    But do like that “The WIld Frontier” page very much 🙂

  4. Ash says:

    Looking forward to reading the scans online tomorrow. But when are they gonna be on the cover of a magazine I can actually get my hands on? ::(
    Spin and Alt Press, you better not let me down.

  5. Ash says:

    Never mind, just found out they’re gonna be on the cover of Spin’s December issue. My prayers have been answered!

  6. Ash says:

    And here’s the actual cover (sorry for posting so many times):

  7. SpyKi says:

    That spin cover is awesome.

  8. Gabbi says:

    Agreed Ash.

    Yay, Spin, you rock my world right now. But December is so far away…

  9. Emily says:

    The December issues comes out in November. It’s like this in all magazines. Expect it out soon.

  10. Skydog says:

    >:[ why can’t Ap have them on their mag instead of horrible new bands that make suckish music! >:[? lol

    okay im fine.

  11. tinewashere says:

    OMFG I love that spin cover! What a great photo, haha.

  12. PoisonPen says:

    Just finished reading the article , I hate how all the media wants to talk about is fucking “emo”, hardly any talk of the art.

  13. selma b says:

    Spin cover is ace! and so different from a lot of their earlier covers. And that panda picture- if you’ve seen it. Like whoa!-where did that come from- and whyy? lol

  14. Murdock says:

    I say art over emo. Looking forward to yet another MCR SPIN cover story.

  15. sipie says:

    I nearly threw the article away tbh. It’s all ’emo this and emo that’, ‘The Black Parade grew out of control’ and ‘All the whiney goth thing is gone’. Wasted £2.30…

  16. WTFFFFFF says:

    can somebody explain what NME did or say about MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE

  17. sipie says:

    Sorry I should have said I was talking about the NME article 🙂

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