Frank Iero Posts “Danger Days” CD

Danger Days CD

Danger Days CD

For the more excited among you, Frank Iero has tweeted an image of the “Danger Days” CD. In 10 days time we’ll all have our own copies.

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12 Responses to Frank Iero Posts “Danger Days” CD

  1. LinTu says:

    “In 10 days time we’ll all have our own copies. ” Cheers to that! 😀 I’m getting more and more excited to hear the new songs

  2. Skydog says:

    Thanks, but that really is horrible quality.. not to mention you can’t listen to half of it because of the Gran T. game cars are so loud.

    But thanks for sharing anyhow.

  3. Murdock says:

    a) This is indeed a very bad way to discover Planetary Go. Sounds like it is recorded with a cell phone while someone is playing the game.

    b) 10 days until the album!

    c) Was the PARENTAL ADVISORY needed? I mean it half ruins the great looking cover. The black parade had some mean words and it would have looked bad on the cover.

  4. richard says:

    yer rly…awfull..i herd it live when i went to manchester show..i was on the froutn row and eveyone was dancing XD danceing not rocking out or moshing was amazing love this song

  5. Murdock says:

    I am waiting for my special California 2019 edition and I will wait to listen to the whole record, but I can’t believe it has not leaked on the internet already.

    And why are they not putting out a vinyl on release day.

  6. Murdock says:

    Who’s the drummer?

  7. katie says:

    where can i get this?

  8. Vampire_Queen says:

    I am dying for the CD, i can alomst feel it in my hands XD… must hear the new songs….can’t wait…:D

  9. tinewashere says:

    It’s in the official store.. Idk if any british stores sell it.

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