My Chemical Romance Interview And “Destroya” On Radio 1

My Chemical Romance were featured on the Zane Lowe show earlier on, where they talked about “Danger Days” and performed “Destroya”.

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Player courtesy of

The full 2 hour show, (with all the non-MCR related material left in), is available to stream for 7 days via BBC’s iPlayer

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33 Responses to My Chemical Romance Interview And “Destroya” On Radio 1

  1. sipie says:

    This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. nicky says:

    this song was fantastic. up there with SING and Save Yourself, I’ll hold them back

  3. samvan says:

    Is the site gonna make an announcement when the record leaks? Fucking want.

  4. richard says:

    why leaks? its a week away and there is the play trhu from doctor dd tomoz on the site

  5. Euphoria Destroya says:

    It’ll definitely leak tomorrow. Many people on standby waiting to record…. And this is not them performing the song live. Its somekind of recording, whether its a demo or studio. You can hear his voice layered. Can not wait, I’m with you Samvan…

  6. richard says:

    its the play trhu…of the album..fromt he album not live not demp they ar eplayign the album tracks 🙂 tmoz at noon PST will leck AFTER will be on the site..the mcr site go there at noon PST and u will hear it..:)

  7. Claire says:

    I fucking approve of Destroya!!!!

  8. LinTu says:

    I like this track. It sounds great. So far I like all the songs

  9. Euphoria Destroya says:

    This is amazing. I think S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W and Bulletproof Heart are going to blow us away!!6 hours til the Transmission, Look alive!

    @Richard, but this not live, I meant the subject of this post says they talked about the album and PERFORMED destroya. I don’t think they performed it, I think it was played from the album.

  10. sipie says:

    Richard….Were you under the influence of alchohol when you wrote that lol

  11. richard says:

    lol nuuu i rarly drink anymore unless im at a party, but im dyslexic and cant spell at the best of times then add the fact it was almost 4 30 am makes things worse X3

  12. tinewashere says:


  13. Skydog says:

    Really there’s no point to grab a leak today since it’ll be on youtube after the full listen party thing.
    Plus we only have 6 days left till we get it.

  14. tinewashere says:

    Jeez, you could at least SOUND excited! :/

  15. Skydog says:

    No.. because that hurts their album sales… TBH. Which could mean NO MORE MCR 😦

  16. tinewashere says:

    Their albumsales have nothing to do with the end of MCR.. they will keep going no matter if they sell 5 albums or 500.000 🙂
    And I’ve already pre-ordered the album and a t-shirt. If anything this might increase sales.

  17. Claire says:

    “do not open before Christmas”

  18. Murdock says:

    Fuck yeah Destroya!

  19. tinewashere says:

    I haven’t listened to it more than once. I want to save it too :). But I still think people should know it has leaked!

  20. Skydog says:

    People can know, but less album sales means they make less money which CAN end bands .. this is their job afterall 🙂

  21. tinewashere says:

    I doubt a leaked album reduces sales so much to the point where they can’t even make a living of it..
    But whatever, I guess we’re agreeing on some level, and I don’t want to start arguing 🙂

  22. Murdock says:

    I run a record label for a living and I can tell you that the machine around MCR is making money with the record sales, the legal downloads, the merch, the tours and the licensing. They are not about to go out of business.

  23. Skydog says:

    My point is they lose a lot of sales when MILLIONS of people download a leak and not go buy the record (and a lot of people do this.. trust me I’ve done… after I heard a couple records by some bands.. I’m glad too LOL.. some of them were bad!)

    But i always buy MCR records to matter if I like every song or not. They are just a fun energetic band that needs support =)

  24. Chris says:

    Took me a while to find it, but tinewashere you’re right. It has indeed leaked – a HQ version, not ripped from the listening party.

  25. skydog says:

    The album is overall very decent.
    Liked The Cure feel of Summertime.

  26. Gabbi says:

    Personally, I think if you’ve waited this long what the heck is a few more days going to do? Kill you? I’m going to wait for the album release and support the band. ❤

  27. Euphoria Destroya says:

    Simply amazing, SCARECROW is AMAZING!!! And there is an interview where they talk about album leaks. Why do you think they pretty much gave it away? They know its a part of music these days. Now they rake in the bucks on touring. They wanted us to hear it today, or they would not have done the listening party. Its epic, DL people, just be sure and buy when it comes out!

  28. tinewashere says:

    Well said Euphoria Destroya 🙂 I will still wait though, just for the fun of it. I’ve listened to it twice but I want to save it for now:.

  29. Skydog says:

    It’s more than pretty decent like I put before 😛
    It’s a 4/5 now instead of a 3.5/5… will never hit 5/5 because there’s a few that i skip….

  30. selma b says:

    just wonderin, skydog, is there an older MCR album that you’ve given a 5/5 rating? I haven’t listened to Danger Days yet (only Na Na and Hope) so I’m just a little curious I guess.. 🙂

  31. Ash says:

    I’m not gonna download the album, because a few days won’t kill me and I just feel like it would ruin it if I did… I guess I just wanna have the real, physical copy of it when I listen to it. I didn’t even tune into the listening party.

  32. Skydog says:

    Their best album is Three Cheers Selma. But Danger Days is 2nd IMO.
    The Black parade was a little meh for me but still listen to it every so often 🙂
    The first album is beyond horrible lol…..

  33. selma b says:

    Yeah, I think I like Revenge the most too (of the three), and I too felt a little meh about TBP but listen to it just as often as the others (not because I feel the need I have to or anything. I simply like it), but I value Bullets very highly, and very close to Revenge in that sense. Lol that you think that way about Bullets 🙂 (btw not loling AT you, you are tootally entitled to your own opinions obviously) hah ok 😉

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