MTV UK “Sing” Premiere Tomorrow

Sing Behind The Scenes Photo

Sing Behind The Scenes Photo

The music video for My Chemical Romance’s upcoming single, “Sing” will premiere in the UK at 11AM tomorrow on MTV. Tune in to channel 350 on Sky TV to catch the premiere. Check out the MTV UK Guide for the full programming schedule.

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5 Responses to MTV UK “Sing” Premiere Tomorrow

  1. Eredish says:

    :;( Just saw the SING video. BL/ind will pay dearly for this.

  2. tinewashere says:

    I saw it on TV this morning, and my face was like this at the end: D:D:D:D:D:. I couldn’t believe they killed the Killjoys! I thought Mikey was about to shoot Grant and save Gerard, but instead they all die! WTF. Thank god for Dr.DD though. 🙂

    On another note, have you guys seen this?
    I’m pretty sure it was made by MCR, it looks very official. Also, the japanese woman is in the sing video.

  3. LinTu says:

    I saw the video today. You guys better watch it! It’s great and kind of sad

  4. Lucy says:

    i haven’t seen it 😦 i don’t have MTV }o

  5. richard says:

    that site is offical it was in a advert for BL in kerrang a few weeks back X3

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