MTV “Sing” Video Premiere

Here it is, the music video for My Chemical Romance’s “Sing”, viewable in the UK. The video was added to the My Chemical Romance video player at earlier today. MTV Rocks (Sky channel 355) are continuing to playing the video on the hour almost every hour. Check out the MTV Rocks programing schedule for the next playing.

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10 Responses to MTV “Sing” Video Premiere

  1. Skydog says:

    =[ I thought mikey was going to save gerard!
    God that was sad!
    The song is uplifting and the videos sad! No fair! LOL

  2. jokite says:

    I’m loving this soo much, It made me cry ;(

  3. Eredish says:

    thinking about it the song is about keeping the future alive, so a video where they all die to save Cherry cola (i think that’s her name) is fitting, its like passing the torch

  4. LinTu says:

    I felt kind of sad for the Killjoys. They all died like heroes

  5. selma b says:

    Isn’t Agent Cherri Cola a male (meaning not the girl in the videos)?

  6. Skydog says:

    Found this theory for what could come after this.. thought it sounded very interesting!

    The killjoys will never die. That is a fact. No matter how cold their bodies grow, it’s about the spirit that they show, that whole “teenagers” feel of the thing, only here they actually have something to fight for. See, MCR has always been about the struggle. First it was the vamps in bullets, then the idea of dying in three cheers, then the afterlife in black parade and now… they seem to have taken their image a step further into the realm of the idealistic symbology. I think that maybe all the pop culture references are really clues to what they are trying to say with this new album. Although I haven’t heard enough of it to say definitively what the message is, you can be certain that there is more than meets the eye to the colorful killjoys. Peace!

  7. Eredish says:

    @Selma B, dammit. then whats her name ? it’s driving me nuts !

  8. selma b says:

    Eredish, I have no idea, sorry. The girl’s real name though (you know, in real life) is Grace 😉

  9. sipie says:

    They’ll find a way to bring ’em back. Or do a flash-back style video….

  10. selma b says:

    Or maybe they’ll be welcomed by the Black Parade in the next one ? aye?Who knows? 😉

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