Download My Chemical Romance’s “Sing” Music Video

I have uploaded a high quality version of the “Sing” music video. The file is in mkv format, which will play on most open source media players such as Media Player Classic and VLC Media Player. If you are having trouble playing the file, contact me and I will convert it for you. Download “Sing” below or check out the video page for more downloads.



Filesize: 92.6 MB
Format: mkv
Length: 4:55
Resolution: 1920 X 784 (120:49)
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5 Responses to Download My Chemical Romance’s “Sing” Music Video

  1. MotherZombee says:

    This is awesome!
    But no Na Na Na video? :;(

  2. Skydog says:

    Not to be TOTALLY off topic (it is XD)
    But can anyone who is good with video converting tell me the best thing to convert .mov too? and what should I use to do it?

    My camera shoots .mov only : (looked through menus to see if i could change.. can’t find anything)
    My old camera did .mpeg? something like that.. and actually looked better quality….. lol.
    Old camera= 8.1MP
    New= 12.1MP

    Really thinking i wasted my money.

  3. LinTu says:

    I tryed several times to download it but I couldn’t play it, it shows the video is only 2 seconds long. What should I do?

  4. LinTu says:

    Thank you so much! 🙂 I downloaded it from Megaupload. I think the problem is my connection because I’m having trouble downloading other stuff from other sites 😦

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