My Chemical Romance Song To Feature On “Glee”

Glee Logo

Glee Logo

According to an article at, a My Chemical Romance track is set to feature on an upcoming episode of “Glee”.

“It all leads to Sue joining New Directions in an upcoming episode where she’ll partake in a dance number set to a My Chemical Romance song. Whether that means she’s joined the club for honest reasons remains to be seen.”

At this time, there is no news on what song it may be. Rumors of the feature have been circulating on Twitter over the past few hours.

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96 Responses to My Chemical Romance Song To Feature On “Glee”

  1. Sas says:

    Oh god no, American Idol and now this? I understand they want to get the songs heard but not this way, please!

  2. Lizzie says:

    No no no, please!! I guess it’s too late now… But its pretty upsetting :/

  3. Chloe says:

    Damn. I absolutely hate Glee. But still it will fine as long as they the glee people don’t mess it up 😐

  4. Sabincore says:

    oh goddess. i thought it was bad when tbp came out… please say it isn’t so!

  5. Skydog says:

    They mess everything up Chloe… Look at don’t stop believin’.
    Journey should have grabbed an AK47 and ended the show after that mess. LOL.

  6. Hannah killjoy says:

    Fuckin stupid glee!!! Dnt ruin a my chemical romance song!!! U suck glee get a life nd a fucking decent show!

  7. tinewashere says:

    Oh god NO! Fucking heeelll… You’ve GOT to be kidding me! GLEE?!? Really hope it’s just a rumor.. I could somewhat tolerate the American Idol commercials, but GLEE??!!

  8. Key says:

    This it will be a fucking mess 😐

  9. Wala says:

    This is sooooo fucking irritating! Glee sucks and I won’t let them sing a MCR song! NO FUCKING WAY.

  10. Eredish says:

    dont worry, although this is as bad as biffy clyro sucking up to x factor, Glee wont be covering it, just one chracter with it in the back ground so it might not be that bad. although it is still bad and someones agents needs to be beaten with a stick.

  11. Bays says:

    American Idol? What is this talk of My Chem and American Idol? I hate that show, but I hate Glee even more.

  12. So much for supporting the band says:

    Wow, I can’t believe the negativity on the comments. It’s their songs, they can do what they like with them. You don’t have to like Glee to appreciate that this is a good way for them to resurface after TBP, to fans that aren’t ‘dedicated’ they’ve been gone for years and probably mostly forgotten about. Let them make money, with /their/ music.

    Depending on what song it is it could be good, not as good as the original but still acceptable.

  13. Bee says:

    the only song they could possibly pull off by MCR would be teenagers, but they’d still probably destroy it… i like glee but, i really hope they’re importing someone to sing it because i dont think the current cast members will do an MCR song justice.

  14. hellyeah says:

    this is for so much supporting the band….
    do you think that my chemical romance would let them to play a song in a bullshit show….no Warner Brothers Records that do that kind of shit,,!!! c’mon people we hope this is jut a rumor

  15. Z says:

    LOL at these reactions. Chill.

  16. LinTu says:

    What’s everybody so mad about? Let ’em be. The songs are theirs and they can do what ever they want with them. Besides how do you know if MCR want their song in that movie or what ever it is, maybe the record label wants it there and there’s nothing we can do. So chill. Besides it’s just a rumor.

  17. Chris says:

    I agree with most of you. I think this is a very bad move. I thought that after “The Black Parade” they wouldn’t be doing anything else as commercial, but this and “Sing” in the American Idol advert are perhaps the worst things they’ve done yet. It just feels like they’re selling out really badly. I hope it’s not true, but I think it will probably happen.

  18. Claire says:

    I don’t know what Warner’s contracts are like and if they have complete ownership of the copyrights and stuff but I remember a few months ago there was a big hooplah cuz Kings of Leon turned down Glee, which I really appreciated them for. They basically said they didn’t like the show and thought it’d be a sell-out move. In that case, looks like the label couldn’t force them to do it

  19. Claire says:

    Which is especially noble considering what Glee will pay for ONE song- usually $15,000 to 20,000, and they’ve paid as much as $60,000 for something they really want. Not to mention the royalties after all the fans of the show go download the song. I’d imagine mcr has made more money over the years than KOL b/c of tbp charting so high, so if KOL can turn down the money then so could MCR

  20. cheshirebat says:

    GLEE is pretty much one of the worst shows in existence, but look at it this way, at least it’s not for Twilight, OK maybe they are both equally bad. Nevermind. This kinda helps the argument that MCR sold out, but they really need the money so I’m ok w/it.

  21. cheshirebat says:

    If you know the show Hellcats on the CW, I just happened to turn to that channel and NANANA was playing, so it looks like GLEE isn’t the only crappy show MCR will be playing on.

  22. Cryptic says:

    Really disappointing…I just don’t get it. They can get away with American Idol because Aerosmith’s Stephen Tyler is on it now but Glee…honestly? Just looking at the bands they’re getting to support them it just seems like MCR is going for a whole other audience now. It seems like they’re selling out…and if that’s what they want to do then fine that’s their decision but it annoys the hell out of me that Gerard says one thing and does another. They’re pretending to be something they’re not and that’s what annoys me.

  23. richard says:

    ok calm down LOOK everyone saying ” MCR ARE SELLING OUT” mcr dont decied this..the recored companys do so stop it and as for “look at who mcr are gettign to open.. circa survive and mcr played together 2003-2004 era and even after then…and thursday have been helping mcr from the before u moan lern all the facts

  24. sipie says:

    Its the record company that sell the rights off to songs. Im sure the band will come out and say either yes it’s true or it isnt 🙂 either way I hope it’s NOT true.

  25. Desertsky says:

    Noo!!! I was terrified when I saw this on twitter… This article is a rumour and I totally get that mcr wants to reach as many people as possible but glee? Holy Pansy.
    And mcr are not selling out. Again, they simply want to reach as many people as possible, even with their fans who are quite enough.

  26. Alesiah says:

    Oh my frankengee. No. That would be a disaster.

  27. Anna KillJoy says:

    >:[ WHAT THE FUCK! I do hate the fact that MCR could have a song on GLEE and I love the fact that it can be a rumor but all I could say is that
    we can only watch what exactly happens and just two more things to say I HATE FUCKIN GLEE AND THEY SHOULD GO TO THE PIT IN HELL WHERE THEY BELONG >:[ and
    its better if I stay so so long and good night
    So long and good night :;( >:[

  28. Anna KillJoy says:

    follow me on twitter.
    Username: GothicRevenge
    Name: Anna KillJoy

    friend request me on Facebook
    Name: Anna Killjoy

  29. MotorBaby says:

    I can’t believe you lot! You call yourselves My Chemical Romance fans. So what if their song will be on Glee? Exposure is exposure, the more they are seen, heard and promoted, the more money they can make, which means more opportunities for touring, etc.
    Support the band guys.

    Oh and what the heck is with the whole “they’re selling out” nonsense.
    Just because they have a different sound and more people like them shouldn’t be a bad thing! If they were to stay the same their music would become stale and they wouldn’t want to do it anymore.

  30. richard says:

    thank you motorbaby tbh i think u talk to most sence here

  31. richard says:

    sorry for this doble post but…just thoart id say..yes my chem may be making more money over this, yes before they where like ” we dotn care about the money” but now..frank and gerard both have many of you can honestly say when and if you have kids u wont do all u can so i can buy them the stuff they want and make them happy, yes mcr are still a band ..but now they have a family to thank about as well

  32. Sas says:

    I see all your points but that’s not going to make people coming up to you after the episode has aired (if rumours are true) and asking you if you’ve heard mcr’s new album months after it was released any better. It’s stupid but I don’t want them to get overplayed on the radio or over promoted. The majority of the time that ends badly for the band/ musicians involved.
    I’ll bet, if it is true, it’ll be SING. It makes sense and I can see why the show would scoop it up. If we push our personal opinions about the show aside I can clearly see why the record company would chose to do it. This doesn’t affect my view of MCR at all.

  33. tinewashere says:

    I couldn’t give a flying fuck whether they have kids to feed or not. I’m sure they have enough money, and even if they didn’t, they should never compromise their ethics just to get money. It’s one of the things I admire them for – they never do what anybody want them to, they only create what they want to because they like it and because it’s them.
    By going on Glee, they are doing everything opposite of what they’re saying in ‘Vampire Money’. It doesn’t matter if it’s Twilight or Glee, either are some of the most commercial TV shows/movies made these years. They’re letting some shitty money machine use their songs so they can get money. I hate it. It HAS to be a rumor.

  34. Skydog says:

    Tine you are 100% correct.
    And don’t bash others for having opinions.. my golly people… lol.

  35. richard says:

    ill be honest i hate the show to the point i think they murder songs (lol) but i do stand by it warner are strick with copyright its them not mcr..remeber the problems with the songs on you tube and mikey even tryed to sort it out and it took ages? what im saying is the show will normaly apply for the rights from the recored copmany they say yes…done it is rare in this day and age that bands are informed anyway my tickets to see them in feb have come so im rly happy, so later MCRmy

  36. PoisonPen says:

    so yes if this is true it’s official, My Chemical Romance have sold out. first american idol now glee?

    “Fame is now injectable” the skinny nobodies on glee are exactly the kind of people that statement applies to, looks like MCR’s lyrics aren’t true from the heart.
    I thought art is the weapon, how can this band be using art as a weapon if their giving their art to something as inartistic as glee.
    They say their dangerous that statement is completely laughable.
    once MCR was an artistic and dangerous band, but not now. their about as dangerous as a safety sign made out of mash-mellows and covered in bubble wrap

  37. andysixkilljoy says:

    @tinewashere, i see your point about how it confusing due to refusing twilight and all but gerard said himself that that was mainly due to the fact that it was to do with vampire and he hates how cliche that all is now, maybe he likes the message of glee which is its okay to be different, youre always good at something, and hes always supported that notion. i hate glee myself and i was really fucked to hear about them doing my favourite band’s songs, but you cannot say i dont give a fuck about them having children to must be able to see how arsehole-ish you sound, im sure youre not…but i support mcr’s decisions, through thick and thin, no matter what cause thats what a fan does. i also dont believe in selling out, bands want to spread their message, thats not a crime, thats the point of it all. killjoys forever, over and out.

  38. richard says:

    thank you andysixkillyjoy u make sence, plus if i rember right i think i a interview gerard said..and i will try and look up where this came form i think it was kerrang but he said ” it would be funny to be covered by glee” or somthign like that, they could be doing it as they think its funny…after all there sence of humor is somthing to be desiered lol

  39. richard says:

    sorry for the comments but i found the quote its here

  40. Just Saying says:

    Interesting quote there Richard, thanks for looking that up. Okay so I just wanted to add to all the nonsense; remember these guys made two records, threw one away, and they went all out on Danger Days. Imagine how much that must have cost them? That and also, I believe someone tweeted Frank about the ordeal and he had no idea about it. I can’t screen cap it but the person’s question was, “You’re online, apparently, please tell me an MCR song won’t be on Glee. Make this madnass end, please!” and Frank’s response was, “fuck that i hope it happens. not sure what it is but i fear i might be a gleek… Nah maybe not but i still think itd be funny.” So I don’t think it was the band’s choice, but they don’t seem to hate the idea. So I dunno, I personally don’t think they’re selling out. I trust these guys, I really do. Just saying.

  41. casandra says:

    Am I really the only person who’s not completely disgusted by the idea of Glee doing a My Chem song? I’m not ALL for the idea, but I think it’d be interesting to see where they go with it, as long as it isn’t, say, Helena or something like that. But basically I’m getting tired of comments from people going, “OMFG I HATE THOSE FUCKIN’ GLEE PEOPLE THEY SHOULD ALL GO TO HELL” or “omfgggg my chem’s going mainstreaaam, they’re selling ouuuut!!!”

  42. Cryptic says:

    Okay, let’s clear some things up since obviously most of you don’t bother to read comments.

    In MCR’s case, the record company doesn’t decide where there songs are used. This is because MCR’s contract gives them creative control and the ability to decide if and what there songs are used for. If the record company did have control of what TV shows their songs would be used on, we would have seen tons of MCR singles on TV in other years as people definitely wanted to use them. They would have been on Twilight and Warner Bros would have capitalized on however much profit they could (depending on the contract we’d have to see what exactly WBR gets out of it). Not to mention Rob Cavallo is the HEAD of WBR/Reprise and wouldn’t force them to do shit. MCR chose this so please stop believing what you want to believe.

    Like I’ve said and many others have said we could give a rats furry ass what the songs were used for. The problem I see with it is that Gerard and the others went on record in interviews specifically saying how they wrote ‘Vampire Money’ and didn’t want to contribute to that movie and how the other bands were basically sell outs (I’m paraphrasing and that is essentially want Gerard said so no need to pick me apart). My problem is that they say one thing and bash other bands which MCR seems to have a habit of passive aggressively insulting other bands while seemingly doing exactly what they criticized elsewhere. I wouldn’t care if the guys said, “We like the show so we wanted to let them use a song.” But the fact that they’ve made such a point how they only contribute to things they really like and how they hate money making bull shit and then put something on Glee is hypocritical. It’s just a bummer because I’m sure if Gerard and the other guys saw the Smashing Pumpkins or Danzig contribute a song to a TV show like Glee they would all flip a shit.

    All I’m saying is everyone just needs to start thinking for themselves instead of believing everything Gerard and the guys say. I honestly could care less what they do. It’s their band and their music…they can do whatever. It’s just disappointing when I think these guys really inspired me and I looked up to them and to see them and everything that has happened over the past 2 years starting with Bob leaving I’m just bummed.

  43. Cryptic says:

    But hey, they seem to care about drumming up drama and publicity and getting people talking so I guess we’re giving them just what they want by arguing. We’ll just be written off as haters because we have opinions.

  44. Anna KillJoy says:

    To end this constant arguing, look at this.

    we all hate: Glee & the thought of MCR song on Glee
    we all don’t hate: MCR

    If we all hate Glee than why are bashing MCR more. We all can’t do anything about it & frankly now its getting really whining little brats so all we can do is set up the tivos or watch it. I bet of MCR was reading this they would be disappointed or something else but they would not be happy or proud of u.

  45. andysixkilljoy says:

    i completely agree with you anna killjoy. im really not feelig the army of the killjoy right now! gerard would be so disappointed, likei said we support them no matter what, if you have negetive feelings about this band then go and find another band to randomly give up on cause my chem are worth more than fans like you. yes glee is annoying but its not giving out a bad message, this is what happened with black parade, people turned out them without them expecting it and it almost cost them the band all together, lets not let that happen again, weve only just got them back, lets keep them here for as long as possible by showing them as much love as possible. i liked franks tweet it made me laugh, like always

  46. LinTu says:

    I agree with the 2 comments before this one. I’ve never seen Glee, I had no idea what this was untill a few days ago when this message was shown here on the site (this show is not that popular in my country). I don’t care if MCR want to play their songs on Glee or on American idol, they can play them where ever they decide, the choice is theirs. I’m their fan and I still like them, even though many people said they have sold out. I don’t agree with that, but hey, it’s your opinion and it’s great you have one. I just don’t like how so many people started talking bad stuff about MCR just because they started doing something new and different.

  47. richard says:

    RIGHT NOW IM MAD AT ALL OF YOU….jokes X3 i have a bad sence of humor but lets all forget this and move seems mcr are not doign it for money but for jokes and laughs and for there own enjoyment..lets all be freinds again and keep alive and away from BL

  48. E.V. K.I.N.G. says:

    Why does everbody fucking care if their sellouts? Sellouts aren’t that bad, the only sellouts that are horrible are Ke$ha, the Jonas Brothers, Lil Wayne, Ludo, Taylor Swift, etc… C mon, Michael Jackson was a sellout and look all the fans he got. To think of it, having ads in commericals are good for bands and artists, it gives them money to shoot videos, make records, etc… Even though being a sellout is cheesey, look at all the fame they can get. And why does everybody hate fame? I know it can be annoying sometimes but sometimes it makes the person feel like they did something right. For example, look at Obama, he is a sellout.. well thats because he is president…

  49. E.V. K.I.N.G. says:

    andysixkilljoy why would he feel disappointed? He probably signed the papers and agreed with the whole Glee thing. Who cares if their on Glee, this won’t make them sellouts. Sellouts are people that get slammed in your face 24/7 like Tyalor Swift and Kesha. I would say Lady Gaga but she is the only one I respect because Gerard said he liked her, also I like her fashion and music. So stop hating MCRmy on her. Gerard said he respected her.

  50. Claire says:

    Kesha and gaga and the jonas brothers aren’t sell-outs because they never tried to act like they didn’t want that fame. The phrase “sell-out” implies that you had integrity at one point, and then you sold it. Kesha and them didn’t go from one way of being to another, they just aimed straight for the top from the beginning. Which is totally ok, cuz at least they’re not lying to anybody, or to themselves. Some people want money and popularity, that’s totally fine. But it only makes someone a sell-out if they cash in on something they seemingly didn’t believe in before.

  51. Claire says:

    And if gerard didn’t want to be disappointed, then he shouldn’t have done something disappointing

  52. Anna KillJoy says:


    Gerard : is not a sell-out & he is FUCKIN AWESOME!
    Mikey : is not a sell-out & he is FUCKIN AWESOME!
    Frank : is not a sell-out & he is FUCKIN AWESOME!
    Ray : is not a sell-out & he is FUCKIN AWESOME!

    Now that we covered that can we all just fuckin forget about this damn dumb shit. We all know that they are all not sell-out so why are we wasting our time with their decision. There decision is there decision and as apart of both The MCRmy & KillJoy I will support there decision. Yeah I will get pissed but I won’t let that get the best of me.
    Do you know why, its because i am a true KillJoy. You people just listen to there music, watch there interviews and say how you will never go against them but look at what you are doing right now people. Were tearing each other apart and the sadest part is that the pop culture is doing that. Stupid Glee and American Idol, you’ve got to be kidding me.
    As apart of the MCRmy and a proud KillJoy we should not be destroying each other and MCR like this. For all you people who still want to talk about how much Glee and American Idol annoys the fuckin shit out of you well than I only have one thing to say FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKIN MOTHER FUCKER!PEOPLE LIKE YOU SHOULD ROT IN HELL and for the rest of you forget about this mess and continue on being a proud KillJoy with me because bands like My Chemical Romance can’t go on without there fans.
    Without there fans they are nothing so we have to show them how much we want them to continue there 15 minutes of fame. Be a jackass or be a KillJoy.

  53. richard says:

    shouldnt we all be happy that the band we love are doing well showing us we all can?

  54. Skydog says:

    your comment saying “You Fuckin Mother Fucker” just made you sound like an asshole.. too be honest.

  55. Jamesy says:

    I bet the cover S.I.N.G.. It really seems ideal for Glee, and I have to say, I dislike that song quite a bit.. By far my least favourite on DD. /:

  56. Cryptic says:

    Anna Killjoy and a lot of other people need to chill the hell out. Why is there this huge misconception amongst MCR fans that you have to like EVERY song and EVERY decision a band makes to be a fan? I’m not any less of a fan of the band for voicing my opinion that this is a hypocritical decision by the band. It doesn’t mean I hate the band it just means I disagree with the decision. And Anna, spamming and cursing at people in caps lock isn’t helping anything and just makes the “killjoy army” look like a joke.

    Claire seems to be the only one I see who is really talking any sense. MCR is on record on their DVD’s and interviews talking down on bands who have done stuff like Twilight and then they try to spin going on Glee as an entirely different thing. My problem with this decision is a simple one: you don’t talk shit about other bands and other people and then do the same thing and act like you’re better than them and that what you’re doing is different. I could give a rats ass if MCR is on Glee but if they’re going to be then they shouldn’t be pussies about it. They should just say they wanted to be on Glee and get their music out there. Vampire Money is a good song and it’s fine they wrote it about Twilight but they don’t have to go around and bash bands like Paramore (no, I am not a fan of Paramore) and others who contributed. That’s just not the right thing to do and that’s not how I would go about it. You have to be respectful and humble and that seems to be something Gerard at least is lacking lately.

  57. DemoLuv says:

    yah Cryptic that wasn’t a smart move on Gee’s part. It is really hypocritical. The truth is in this day and age “watching your heroes sell a car on tv” is inevitable. I do feel like MCR has gotten hypocritical lately, but I still love them.

  58. Z. says:

    You guys realize that there is no such thing as “sell outs” right? That concept went to the wayside a long long time ago. And further, those bringing up Vampire Money need to step back and realize that was about one specific instance and they reacted strongly because you know, they hated Twilight. They don’t appear to hate or have strong opinions about Glee (both Gerard, as people have pointed out and Frank on his Twitter stated they thought it’d be funny/cool) so what do they care if Glee wants to cover a song? In fact, it’s kind of flattering, especially for a contemporary rock band. It’s pretty rare to have a rock band, one that sings and plays their own instruments so much in the public eye.

    They’ve always said they want their music hear and known, they’ve always given it out to things. Commercials, video games, trailers, NFL and etc. This idea that OMG all of a sudden they’re SELLING OUT OMG is so bizzare to me. They are not a basement band and they haven’t been for a long time. They know they can make money off their music and why shouldn’t they? They also love playing music and interacting with their fans and MAKING music. There’s no reason why they can’t have all of that and they do.

    Either watch Glee or don’t watch Glee. I can guarantee you it’s not the end of the world and it’s not a sudden OMG CHANGE NO THE BAND IS AWFUL NOW. I’m disappointed in the reaction on this site, I thought you guys were more laid back. Obviously I was wrong. Peace out.

  59. Z. says:

    PS just because you hate Twilight or certain shows and films or whatever doesn’t mean then you automatically have to hate EVERYTHING ELSE EVER AND NEVER SELL YOUR MUSIC. That’s not how life works. You can object to certain projects and refuse to sell your music to it and approve others for shits and giggles. Because they have control over it. It does not make you a hypocrite. It makes you a person with opinions.

  60. Claire says:

    Ya that’s true, they really haven’t been a basement band for a long time. So I see what you’re saying. But I don’t think this is some sudden reaction, like, the day before this piece of news was posted I loved them and thought they could do no wrong, and then the day it was posted I got pissed. No, it’s been more of a gradual change for me because it’s been a gradual change for the band. I feel like despite the fact that they’ve always lent out their music, it’s become much more frequent as well as much less careful since Danger Days came out. When you listed “commercials, video games, trailers, NFL, etc,” I immediately thought of american idol, the sims and that racing game, and nfl. Those are all post-Danger Days. They did a few of those types of things back in the day, but they were few and far between, and they were more specific to mcr (like the house of wax trailer, a horror movie. And when gerard designed that prom jacket, which while being a marketing move was also creepy and an original idea). They used to be very deliberate about marketing but now they seem to be, for lack of a better phrase, whoring themselves out.

    You’re right, it is definitely flattering to be on Glee, and it really shows how far this band has come and how they can be considered by a project that has also used big names like Journey and whoever else. But the reaction to this news isn’t just about Glee. Cuz on the surface, if it was just about Glee, all anyone could really say was “I like this show” or “I don’t like this show” and judge the song placement accordingly. But the reaction is so strong and is delving into claims of “sell out!” because Glee represents something else.

    I think that “selling out” does still exist. I think the term is used completely incorrectly the majority of the time, and by virtue of that, its use should probably just be eradicated all together cuz it’s fucking annoying that it gets thrown around everywhere. But I think people (not just musicians) can definitely sell out. Tons of people do things they don’t believe in to make a buck. And I’ve had it proved to me time and time again that you can get your art out there and have people hear it, and you can be very successful even in terms of income, without promoting some stupid product with it.

  61. Z. says:

    Did it ever occur to you that perhaps they didn’t have as many opportunities to offer their music out and now they do and so they are? Pretty much everything they’ve given their music out to they’ve either outright loved (NFL, Gran Turismo) or didn’t really have adverse feelings. To be deliberate is to make decisions and lo and behold they are making those decisions. I’m sorry you hate Glee so much that it becomes this overwhelming status symbol for everything wrong in the world, but they clearly think it’s funny.

    And sorry, but if you still think there is such things as selling out and whoring yourself out for cash you really don’t understand how the music business works. There are very few opportunities to make money in this business (LOL you’re VERY idealistic) and the main two are touring and licensing. MCR are very smart and very business savvy, if that bothers you then perhaps it’s time to move on to whatever underground “pure” bands still around and give them some support.

  62. I'll just leave this here says:

    Everyone complaining about their recent decisions should check out this article, specifically the quote at the end. That’s all I have to say about this.

  63. Amelia says:

    In a way I kind of see Glee as being relevant to MCR. Glee kind of has this theatrical (from what I’ve heard. I don’t watch Glee.) feel to it and Gerard’s grandmother introduced him to theatrical elements (show tunes, cabaret, etc.). And I mean come on, even Rocky Horror Picture Show had its own Glee episode.

  64. Claire says:

    Damn, you got pissed about it. I didn’t make any personal jabs at you, I don’t know why you had to do so towards me.
    I explained that I don’t hate glee at all, that it is in fact a compliment to the band. I don’t think Glee is a symbol in general, but I think in this particular situation and with this particular band it is a symbol because the band has been so adamant about what they will or won’t do all the time. I know you’re trying to say that vampire money is based SOLELY on twilight, but why does gerard get to decide what is and isn’t an acceptable multi-million dollar audio-visual franchise to get involved in? Why does he get to say twilight is a sell-out move, but, oh, no, glee is perfectly fine?
    They did have tons of offers before, gerard said it himself. I could search for the interview if you’d like, it was around the time the action figures came out. He said they’d had offers for their faces on pillow cases, lamps, acting spots in movies, all kinds of things, and they turned em all down. But the action figures came along and they thought that’d be a great idea. That’s an example of marketing and selling your brand to a product that ties in with your band, and it’s much more business savvy than just sticking your name on any old product that has nothing to do with you. I’m not saying a band can’t put their name on something, because you’re right, it’s almost necessary. But they can be more discerning about their choices, and build themselves up through these choices slowly and carefully, because it fosters longevity. I’d say that’s why mcr has had longevity up to this point, because they were so careful.
    I’ve never in my life been one of those people that likes something for being “indie” or “pure,” in fact I like a lot of classic rock and they market the living hell out of that shit. And I can admit that some of the bands that I like have, by the technical sense of the phrase, “sold out.”
    On the other hand, I think bands like The Mars Volta or The Kills are good examples of bands that have gotten huge but haven’t used a lot of marketing. People might say they’ve sold out because of their popularity, but I don’t think that’s an accurate definition of what selling out is. I haven’t done an exhaustive amount of research on the products they’ve given their name to so I could be wrong, but that’s my impression. I’m only saying this so you understand that, while licensing is a major part of the industry now, it doesn’t have to be necessary, and depending on the bands goals and the way they want to appear to the public, it might not be the best decision for them. The Kills have this image of being artsy, Kerouac-style recluses (which I’m not promoting or condemning), which they achieved by not doing a lot of interviews and by making deliberate marketing choices.
    Btw I’m a music industry major and I work in this business, thank you. You’re right, music supervision is a huge business right now, and synchronization is one of the 4 main royalty revenues. But I know many artists that are doing just fine by picking only the most suitable, appropriate licensing opportunities. Also I gave the example earlier of Kings of Leon, who refused to license their music to this particular show altogether. I think it was smart, not simply because I “hate glee so much” but because it probably models something good to their fans, who, whether well-founded or not, appreciate the decision, just like MCR turning down twilight seems to model something good to many of their fans. (side note- I bet if KOL made a song called “Glee Club Money” about how sell-outy glee is, everyone would think they were douchebags).
    The option isn’t simply between “indie” and “sell out.” There’s a lot of in-between.

  65. Claire says:

    I totally back licensing. For example, I think Glassnote records has done a phenomenal job with Phoenix and their other bands. A Phoenix song was in a Cadillac commercial in 09, which gave them a lot of good exposure, but it’s how Glassnote ran with it afterwards, capitalized on that initial exposure, that has made them what they are today and given them so much success. Glassnote really nurtures careers, making tactical decisions depending on the band and on the level that band is in their career. You can’t take the same route with just any band; you also can’t put just any band on NFL.

    And I don’t even like phoenix so don’t go there.

  66. Claire says:

    ^ that’s a good article. mcr is more in the gaga sphere than the eisley sphere though. None of the other bands on that list have had a chart-topping album or grammy nomination like mcr

  67. Karolina says:

    I’m supporting MCR no matter what choices they make. I was a little mad at first because I never really liked Glee, but if it helps the band and if they like it, then it’s got to be good for them right? We want them to be succesful and to continue to write amazing music, even this Glee gig seems reasonable in certain circumstances. I just hope that whatever happens, MCR will come out in a good, or even in a better position.
    The article was really good, I agree.

  68. Z. says:

    So basically you have no point other than you don’t like Glee? Seriously, I fail to see where you’re offering up an explanation for how MCR could do it differently. Also putting your image on a pillow/blanket is not the same as getting an offer to have a song in a movie or television show. MCR does unique and fun marketing but that’s a separate licensing issue. They may have gotten a ton of offers for that but didn’t do it and they still aren’t doing it so what is your point?

    MCR is absolutely NOT in the Gaga sphere. The point is that no one is in the Gaga sphere BUT Gaga and Britney. Everyone else is in a weird in between where they aren’t making what they should be making. Everyone needs to think of ways to earn cash to continue to do what they do. You mentioned The Kills and another band but again, those bands are not nearly in the same arena as MCR, they are not well known at ALL. They may be well known on Tumblr but not in the real world.

    I still fail to see how it’s a bad marketing decision or not deliberate and how MCR is now just throwing their name around. They’ve given their name to what they like and they’ve always done so. Perhaps now they feel more comfortable doing it because they don’t give a shit what their fans think about “selling out” and whatever nonsense. I’m done arguing about this. Don’t like Glee, don’t watch it. Get over it.

  69. Cryptic says:

    Claire is right on so many different levels. One thing I’ve noticed in the post-Black Parade era of the band (2008 and on) is that Gerard at the very least thinks his shit doesn’t stink. If you want to license your song for a commercial or video game or TV show or whatever then go for it if you think it’s a good fit. They’re clearly trying to get out there and to continue a bit of what Claire was saying I personally think they’re trying to appeal to a different audience now. Perhaps Glee is part of that audience and I have also read that AP article…maybe they need the money for their families? The point is, people are assuming that Claire and I care so much about what this band does. In reality, this was just something I read about and thought I’d post my opinion in this article. I don’t obsess over the decision they made and I’m not attacking the band. It’s their band; they can do what they want with it I have other things to worry about than Gerard Way being an ass hole or the band selling out.

    As a kid that grew up in New Jersey 30 minutes away from Belleville, Kearny, Lodi and New Brunswick where bands like My Chem, Thursday, and the Misfits have come out of I guess this latest album has proved to be a disconnect for me from the band and the whole Glee situation is just a reflection of that. MCR has gone from a band that used to say they were proud of being from New Jersey and didn’t give a fuck about the “rock star” shit and proved that you could be a band that came from nothing and be different from all the shitty rock dudes that are in bands today. Since the end of The Black Parade World Tour in 2008 everyone but Frank has moved to California, they kicked out Bob Bryar, Gerard Way has started drinking again, and Danger Days has been released. I saw the band twice since the release of Danger Days and the shows were good (save a hint of auto-tune on Gerard’s voice) but they were missing something. The band was dead on (save Pedicone on TBP songs) and they were good shows…but something was missing. Maybe Claire can relate to this.

    I don’t know about everyone here but I’ve been a fan since 2004. I was maybe 12 or 13 then and was just starting to figure out what music I really liked. MCR was the first band that instantly hit me and fascinated me. From the Revenge look to the driving, dirty, punk sound. I loved The Black Parade because it took those great parts of My Chem from Bullets and Revenge and tightened them up taking the best parts of each and putting them into awesome huge rock songs. The band has never been that great live and Gerard is guilty of doing A LOT of talk-singing especially in the early days up until TBP but no matter if he was on-key, or if they were together, there was always an energy within their music that you could relate to and when Bob joined he took that power and focused it making the band tight and keeping everyone together so that mess of energy was more direct and focused.

    Danger Days has some good songs and has some awesome melodies and lyrics. The Kids From Yesterday, Summertime, Save Yourself, Vampire Money are some of the awesome tracks from the album and I do really like them but something is missing for me in this album. I don’t know if it’s Bob or what it is but something just seems to be missing. I’ll go out on a limb here and say it’s heart. The band’s heart doesn’t seem in it. MCR has always been a band that has written heart-felt lyrics and wears their heart on their sleeves. I don’t get that sense with Danger Days. I’m glad they’re having fun but I never started listening to MCR because I wanted to hear songs about rayguns and early-morning cartoon-theme sounding anthems. They gave me something to relate to and were proof that you could be a kid from New Jersey, make a band, play basements, and work your fucking ass off and you would get somewhere. Even during TBP and all that success they still kept that vibe and you knew that all the success hadn’t changed them and had almost shocked them. I don’t know if it was Bob keeping them grounded or Frank but something has just changed with this album and the attitude of the band (save Frank).

    While MCR was making Danger Days I got into The Used (ironically a band that I wrote off immediately and never bothered to listen to because MCR fans said bad things about Bert and their falling out). The Used took me to a whole other place and expressed emotions that MCR only attempted to express with poor execution. Bert, someone who had been a drug addict, lived on the street, and worked his ass off with the rest of The Used to write songs and get signed became a role model to me. What I had loved about Gerard in the beginning I saw that Bert had been able to retain throughout his career. You look at The Used and they were huge from 2004-2006 and pretty big in 2007 and 2008 as well. Bert differs from Gerard and a lot of other rock singers in that he didn’t go out capitalizing on his success (which he probably should of). He doesn’t really focus on his appearance, or try to use any gimmicks to get people excited about the music. He’s a real guy who just cares about the music, writes songs he likes, and puts it out there for everyone to hear whether you like it or not. He screams his guts out and writes heartfelt lyrics without overusing metaphors. Bert isn’t fake at all and doesn’t pretend to something he’s not and that is something I both can respect and look up to. I feel that at times Gerard is a bit fake and it’s one big charade. Anyway, my point isn’t to bash Gerard or say The Used or Bert is better than MCR but for me I can relate better to real people who are in a band and create music because they absolutely love it and can’t live without it. I’ve never really seen an interview where Gerard has talked about how much he loves music and how much it means to him. He likes being in a band but I guess I’d like to see more of the musician because MCR is a band, after all.

    Anyway, I hope I kind of kept some sense of coherency and I’m sure no one will read my post but I just wanted to attempt to explain my feelings towards MCR as a band now and why this whole Glee decision doesn’t seem like one that was made because they thought it would be funny, or wanted to infiltrate stupid TV shows and commercial TV, or whatever they want to call it. If they just want to put it on Glee because they like the show or want their music to get out there then I will have nothing but respect for them but they should make their intentions clearer.

  70. Claire says:

    I guess the subjects basically beaten to death and we’re moving into different topics now (though they all still connect cuz they’re a deeper investigation into why a person might see this particular decision for this particular band as disappointing), but I’d just like to respond to a few things anyway in our little wrap-up here. I think Karolina and Cryptic and Z are all right in saying that if it’s a genuine decision, they really like the show and think it’s a great fit for their music, then go for it. But I guess like Cryptic said, it doesn’t seem like they feel it is a serious fit for their music, mainly based on Frank’s reaction being essentially “wtf?….well, I guess it’d be funny,” and on the whole vampire money argument (though yes, there are two sides to that argument). And I know “seem” isn’t a good word and is hardly any kind of evidence, but it doesn’t sound right to rest a career decision on doing something “cuz it’d be funny” or like C said, infiltrate stupid TV shows to prove that a rock band can. That’s not really even something that needs to be proven, it’s like a made-up cause. Just to justify what theyre doing. BUT, as we can all agree, I have no idea what they’re thinking and how genuine their decisions are. But that’s the point of these forums, to discuss theories and what SEEMS to be, cuz none of us can know, so we have to speculate. Nothing wrong with that. Human nature.

    Cryptic- I saw them once since Danger Days came out as well, but my experience was very different from yours. I really did not enjoy the show, but I think it may have been that it was more of a showcase with a few bands rather than the MCR show so they weren’t really on their game. For one they didn’t play as many songs as they used to, but I understand that in the context. Also the crowd was horrible, they trampled people and were generally bastards. Not the bands fault. But the band didn’t have any energy or really DO anything on stage, which is something I didn’t understand. None of them even rocked out much. Very little audience connection as well. I really didn’t understand what happened. It sucked, tbh. I read a forum later to see if I was just in a shitty disposition that night or if it really did suck, and everyone seemed to agree that mcr had lost their edge and excitement and aggression. One girl even said “mcr is dead to me. I paid money for that shit performance.” I think you’re right, they’ve lost something. Your guesses are as good as mine.

    And also, ya, I hate when I get going about this haha I promise I leave my computer throughout the day and do things. But I too was once really close to this band and they will always have a place in my heart, which is why I feel drawn to see what they’re up to and type out explanations whereas if it was any other band I just wouldn’t give a fuck. Too bad what I say has to be generally negative. I appreciate everything said about what you’ve been through with them and why they appealed to you and ultimately disappointed you; it’s the same for me and I think the fact that even after we’ve strayed from them or been disappointed we still feel attached enough to care at all and post our opinions says that they really do mean something to us. Even if everyone wants to say we’re just being haters and we’re not “kiLljOyzzzz…” (I’ll never consider myself a killjoy, btw, so that insult holds no impact for me).

    Also wtf man I hardly know what tumblr is, why do you make all these cultural assumptions about me simply b/c I don’t like this band? Apparently I’m some whiny indie rock whitey from suburbia who gets all my opinions from tumblr and my bike-riding, cigarette-smoking, TOMS-wearing friends, wears ironic thick-rimmed glasses and spends all my time in Starbucks with my apple computer. Just cuz we don’t hold the same opinion doesn’t mean I must be some particular type of person. What if, for liking mcr, I started saying things like, “ya, well, just go back to cutting your wrists.” That’s bullshit.

    I mentioned the Kills cuz of the example about how they’ve forged their own identity and perception. But you’re right, they’re not that big. The other two examples I used are though.

    And finally, about me not liking glee- again, false. It’s irrelevant anyway. The point is that many other people don’t like glee. Many, many, many people. And regardless of my opinion on the show (which I really have none of), there is a wide perception and consensus among music fans and even many industry professionals (that aren’t music supervisors) that the show ruins music or is a “sell out” move or is commercialized, whatever. I was taking that into account when speaking about the impact that this decision will have on people, because depending on the band, it can be a poor decision to do something that will repel so many people.

    btw, does anyone know how well the tour has been selling? Maybe the marketing/product placement is on overhaul cuz they need to sell more tickets. Just a thought, I’m not trying to imply anything

  71. Claire says:

    last thing to clarify- yes, this is a decision that will most likely draw more people than repel. In the short term. But perhaps in the long run, the glee fans will forget all about mcr, and the old mcr fans that have been getting more and more resentful b/c of decisions like this will finally be gone too. One of many possible outcomes, just sayin. All reasons I hope this decision was very carefully weighed and not just made cuz “it’d be funny.”

  72. Cryptic says:

    Claire, I couldn’t have said it any better myself. To touch on a few things you said, one of which being the live shows, I had that same feeling you did when I saw them on the live stream of the record release show in California. When I saw that, I felt really disheartened with the band and felt that they had lost their edge. That was in California. I saw them first at the PC Richards Theater at a private show for maybe 200 fans in a small club-style room. Gerard jumped into the crowd and everyone but Mikey seemed into it. That being said, it seemed a bit forced like they were just acting crazy because they were expected to. Since most fans were from Jersey/NYC they kept saying how shocked they were by the turn out and how good it felt to be home. No matter how hard MCR tries to appear like an LA band and no matter how long they live there they will never be one. They seem to have forgotten they gained a following playing fucking basements for 10 people. I think they realized some of that at that show. As for the audience, people were smashing each other around and although that’s great for a mosh pit and I think it’s awesome when crowds do that the show was 18+ and those under 18 had to be accompanied by a parent so a lot of parents were in the crowd and they could have been injured by a bunch of douchebags moshing. Ray actually tried to throw one of them out at one point.

    For me, I think bands should focus on building a fan base that will continue to be with them for years to come. The biggest mistake a lot of major labels make is totally exploiting an artist or a band to make money quick while they still can. Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers aren’t going to be around in 5 years because their fan base is a bunch of little girls. Of course, those little girls come to shows and buy albums and merch and you make money off them. And I don’t want to offend anyone, but the MCR fan base is mostly younger girls. This has definitely helped the band for shows, albums, and money but when you look at comments on YouTube and on fan sites and forums a lot of them are immature and sound like they don’t understand the band and just like their looks or whatever scene they think they’re in. I fear that Danger Days is appealing to a fan base that maybe in the next few years and after this album, won’t bother following the band anymore. Every album you change a bit and your fan base does as well but I feel like the fan base that first started following the band, got them off the ground, and supported them is dissipating. I don’t get the whole “killjoys” thing either. To me, it seems like this is just one big gimmick…at least that’s the way the band has made it appear in interviews. If I have to hear one more interview talking about how it’s a high-concept, and how the band almost broke up, and the same story that we seem to hear before every album (except Revenge).

    Gerard talks about wanting to make the band dangerous again and how black isn’t dangerous anymore…that color is. To me, the whole change in their look is just an excuse to get farther away from the emo label and to convince people they really aren’t an emo band. Emo is a bunch of shit, we all know that. But for a band that supposedly doesn’t take any shit and didn’t give a fuck what people thought of them they sure are trying hard to convince people they’re not what idiot newspapers say they are. The most dangerous thing would have been to do whatever the fuck they wanted and to tell all of the newspapers, magazines, websites, etc. to go fuck themselves. What you wear doesn’t make you dangerous, who you are does.

    I hate to bring it up again, but I will because I feel it’s a valid point. We still have no idea what went on with Bob. When I met Bob he was an amazingly nice and good person. While Gerard ignored fans, Bob spoke to every one of them and had an actual conversation with fans and was genuinely interested in what they had to say. Bob just cared about music and wanted to be in a band playing drums. Gerard on the other hand, seems more interested in the outfits, the theme, the look. The rest of the guys in MCR just go along with whatever Gerard wants. People like Bob Bryar and Bert McCracken care more about being musicians. Gerard Way cares more about being a rock star.

    My problem with Danger Days is the fans seem to care more about coming up with a character, dressing up, and shooting rayguns in the desert than they do with the music. Maybe that’s what a lot of fans want…an escape…a world to live in. I respect nothing more than a musician who bears their heart in their music for all to see. What makes a great song is something people can relate to. Can I relate to being in a desert shooting rayguns while people with rubber vamprie masks come running after me? Cartoon-theme songs? Songs saying, “Sing it for the boys, sing it for the girls!” that sounds like a freaking commercial? No. I don’t think anyone can. Can I relate to a song like “I’m Not Okay” or “Cancer”? Of course and I’m sure everyone can. To me, that is the difference between the current MCR album and the last three. Bullets is an album that to me, is inspired directly from New Jersey which although it’s pretty rough it’s one of my favorites. But, there are songs on Danger Days that do have meaning like The Kids From Yesterday, Summertime, Scarecrow, and even Vampire Money and people have said and clearly can relate to those songs! Yet they have to go on every TV show promoting songs like SING that have generic lyrics and sound like a commercial. I just don’t get it. Everyone wonders why Bob had a problem with the stuff. He’s a fucking rock drummer and they try to force him to play disco beats? Want to scrap an album for songs where the main lyric is “Na Na Na” and then go around dressing up and shooting ray guns? For someone who cares about music and is a musician, if the music isn’t spot on and the theme doesn’t fit then why do it? Like Claire said about MCR wanting to do Glee because “it’d be funny” I feel they have taken the same approach to the music videos. If you take out the radio transmissions and just listen to the songs (which is why I do whenever I listen to the album) I hear barely anything that has to do with shooting rayguns in the desert other than a few lyrics. If you gave me those songs without knowing about the concept, the look, the music videos I would have never guessed it had anything to do with what they’ve created. They’re having fun, which is great and all but what the hell does it have to do with the music? I just don’t see it and I think that’s why I’m so turned off by the latest album.

    I don’t know. We could discuss this and analyze this for days and probably get no where. The reality is, people will either like the band and the album and they won’t. People will choose to look at what Claire and I have said and agree on disagree. Take it with a grain of salt. If you like the new music and the new band, then awesome. If you don’t, well oh well what can we do? Like Claire said we care enough about the band to write all this out. I feel like I need to write all this because I don’t think MCR is a lost cause. I was so bummed when Bob was kicked out and they scrapped the other album because I thought they were finally going to stop hiding behind things and just write a record…just focus on the music like they did in Bullets and Revenge. TBP definitely had a concept, but it wasn’t one that was forced down your throat but rather one that made sense and worked. I don’t think this concept works for Danger Days. I feel like it’s them running away from who they really are and trying to be what they think they should be. I’d like to see them just sit down, write a song, not to worry about promotion, artwork, a concept, or whatever and just write a song. Record it, play it, and see what happens. Who knows, maybe they couldn’t do it but songs like Honey, this mirror, Cubicles, Skylines and Turnstiles, Cancer, Helena, and I’m Not Okay weren’t songs that had some big ass concept behind them but honest songs that connected with people. I’d like to see that side of them again and I think there are definitely some songs on Danger Days that do that.

  73. Claire says:


    Not a single thing to add!

  74. Jess says:

    I love when bands do things like this that will potentially make them “sell out”, it lets you see where fans lie and who flips their shit about how “their” band can’t do this because THEY hate the show.

  75. Shannon says:

    Hmmm, I’m hoping this is just a rumour. But at the end of the day it’s their music and its up to them what they do with it.
    And there is no way a cover will be anywhere near as good as the original, whether its done by Glee or anyone else.

  76. andysixkilljoy says:

    i agree we all need to chill out, fuck this, we love the band anyway whats the point arguing? dont agree? well fuck off to another site then, mcr fans should stick with them through and through…im gonna risk getting shit and say i really dont care anymore that theyre doing glee, theyve always been a band willing to try loads of different things to try to reach out to loads of kids. they all have kick ass personalities…this should end now. boring. on to the next ‘scandle’ peace out tumble-weeds, xo

  77. AGleeANDMCRFan says:

    I don’t understand what the fuss is about…have any of you haters WATCHED the show? It’s about misfits just like most MCR fans…who feel like they don’t belong. The message of the show is very Gee-esque, and I think that the Glee Cast will do it justice.

    And also…if you are a Glee fan…does anyone else wish Klaine would hurry up and get together? lol

  78. izzy says:

    Geez i love my chemical romance and glee, and i also like all the glee covers so ya’ll need to shut the fuck up. Most of you kids are either black parade or three cheers generations. Talk to me when if you were at there concerts in NJ when they were nobodies.

  79. Cryptic says:

    Thanks for posting that QKC. Case and point everyone. I think those two articles just back up what Claire and I have been saying.

    I also love how the best responses to what Claire and I have said are “we all love the band so stop discussing things!” and that we’re just from TBP or Revenge era. Really, just because you love the show or because you don’t has nothing to do with what we’re discussing here. Clearly you guys didn’t bother to read the comments or are just that oblivious.

  80. ei says:

    Glee cast’ll be singing Cancer. becoz evrybody dies.

  81. Listen Up says:

    Alright guys, I read all the comments about “Ohh this will be awful, I thought the commercial would stop after Black Parade.” But have you seen their movies like “The Black Parade Is Dead?” Or watched interviews or read anything about Danger Days? Just because My Chemical Romance isn’t the OLD My Chem (Which I Prefer) They’re doing this because they want to, they changed up the genre because it was their decision to break out of the AMAZING punk music they write, and as sad as I am that My Chem is dying, this is their choice, and Glee can suck my dick.

  82. Gary says:

    I find it sad that people hate this because it makes you less special that MCR are getting mainstream attention so you don’t get to feel all cool that you’re not the only kid at school that will be listening to them anymore. If you really did love MCR, you’d be happy for them, but just because Glee is popular you despise it. Stop being so non-conformist and grow up. It’s okay to like something that others like.

  83. Aviva says:

    I think its great for My Chem to get their fantastic music out there. Getting popular is not selling out, and I can’t wait to hear Glee do whatever song it is. I’m sure it will be fantastic, and until then don’t be negative about a band that you ‘love’. If My Chem did its job and saved your life, then you should be happy as hell to share their music with the world! 😀

  84. Glitter Bullet says:

    i hate glee! :;(

  85. LMAOOOOOO says:

    lol all the comments about “I hate glee”
    All I have to say is:”NA NANANANNANANANNANANA”
    All the emo kids go back to be dark and tough. x|

  86. Ken says:

    I think its stupid that all of you are feaking out about this. seriously have any of you ever watched glee b4? Its not bad and its a show that gives all teens hope out there. theres nothing wrong with them doing a mcr song so get over it.

  87. Sam says:

    dudes, ik this seems bad, but seriously, Gerard wasn’t peeved at it in the slightest. He apparently is a fan of Jane Lynch too, lol 😉 . and it comes on tonight. i usually hate glee but im going to watch it tonight just cuz it has an MCR song. oh, btw, it’s Sing. very good song, lets hope they dont screw it up :luv:

  88. Dan says:

    Gleeks Rejoice it was a solid episode. MCR fans dont be mad that it was on glee because really they didnt do a bad job. the only thing you should be mad about is that it was on the Biebs episode (i find it awesome that Emos and Bieliebers have to sit and watch together tonight) if you dont like it go lock yourselves in ur rooms and go cry on ur 30 seconds to mars pillow case

  89. Minnesota Mama says:

    I am a fan of Glee AND of MCR. What’s the big deal? There’s nothing more irritating than faniacs calling their favorite band or celeb a “sellout”. It’s like that line in that Cake song “that proves you were there, and you heard of them first”. Annoying.

    I’ve never missed an episode of Glee and last night was no exception. I liked their rendition of Sing. It wasn’t as good as the original, but is anything ever (for the most part)? MCR can (and will) do whatever they want. Some of them are married with kids, a dollar is a dollar and any publicity is good publicity. Lots of people have never heard of them still (like my mother), so I doubt they will explode and be commercialized like Gaga over a clip on American and their song on Glee. Everything will be fine if everyone just calms down & enjoys the show… or music. 😉 If anything, fans should be proud & excited!

  90. sipie says:

    @Dan Lol gota love how your suming everyone on this site by calling them ’emo’ Thumbs Up!!!!! (can anyone else feel the sarcasm in my typing?)

  91. SonicDetonator says:

    Everyone needs to calm down. I’m not really thrilled with the whole Glee-MCR thing, but bitching about it isn’t going to make it not happen. Real fans will back MCR no matter what, and not accuse them of selling out. ‘Vampire Money’ is the perfect example; everyone around the band was pushing them to do something they didn’t want to do, and in true MCR spirit, gave a big fuck you to Twilight – would people prefer they did Twilight rather than Glee?! It’s not a big deal. At least we’ll know who real fans are and we’ll get the honour of being known as the real fans, because it is a big fucking honour.

  92. Sammi says:

    lol, get the fuck over it, 12 year olds complaining about Glee covering MCR.
    I LOVE both GLee and MCR, and Glee does an awesome job at covering songs.
    Real fans wouldn’t be bitching about it.
    Glee is going to rock that cover. 8)

  93. Kelly says:

    hahahaha i bet all of the kids complaining about Glee doing a my chemical romance song and saying that glee sucks are little middle school wanna be emo’s that just got into my chemical romance this year or last year. they probably didnt even care for mcr when the were just a little unknown band in new jersey. glee fucking rocks :luv:

  94. Luki says:

    Hey, i was upset about the song, too, but when i heard it… it’s not bad, at all! it DOES have the essence of MCR, and it DOES have a more cheery-highschooled tune, but it is just awesome!
    I personally do not like Glee (and i’m glad Muse did not give a song for them) But even though, SING fits perfectly for Glee, and, though the newish fanboys of MCR are really upset, well, let us all have our opinions… they gave only ONE song, not the entire discography… why don’t we just hear the song first, and then open up our mouths?
    remember, the aftermath is secondary :p

  95. ash wills says:

    lol you guys need a life writing paragraphs on things that you obviously cant change they doing a my chemical romance song wether you like it or not…………….. i don’t like the fact there doing it either but oh well and glee are not that bad when they can sing a song that suits them and i agree with kelly you wouldn’t care if mcr were just an unknown band in new jersey but because they are famous you all want to know them …… 😐

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