New Version Of “The Ghost Of You” To Be “Sing” B-Side

Single Listing At

Single Listing At

The “new version” of “This Ghost of You”, recorded at last years BBC Radio 1 session, will be the B-side to “Sing”. For those of you who haven’t heard the track yet, here it is:

Remember, the single will be released this Monday (January 17th) on CD and digital-download. You can download both “Sing” and “The Ghost of You” at now.

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15 Responses to New Version Of “The Ghost Of You” To Be “Sing” B-Side

  1. xMUSICxMAN says:

    wonder how I could get a copy of this, being in america and all >.<

  2. Sas says:

    Hm, I also wonder, being in Australia and all…

  3. Skydog says:

    No offence.. I hate this new version….
    This sounds worse than a GLEE cover.

  4. richard says:

    u see i love this new cover as i herd it in october i cant even discribe this live u can trly get the feel for it. recorded….it starts of slower like this and real allows the emotion of the song to flow live and as the gutairs coem oin at the end with that final corus… is so amazing…it seems a few ppl just have very closed minds about music like this -rock means lots of gutairs needs rock.roooooock im not gonna name anyone and im not goign from just the comments on here so lol, but as for me i am very open minded to music i love rave happy hardcore, rock, metel, scremo, and the new mcr sounds insane live..dont judge the songs untill you hear them live and i mean in person..recordings dont have the same feel

  5. LinTu says:

    Well I like the new version, this doesn’t mean I didn’t like the original “Ghost of you”. I like this one too

  6. Assssshulee59 says:

    new ghost of you same as in their LA : LIVE on album released day, lol XO

  7. richard says:

    its that same one they have played since they where back..they played it on the uk tour to

  8. sipie says:

    I like it 🙂

  9. Chris says:

    You can download it at

  10. hellyeah says:

    meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh……i can’t feel it…’s a little mediocre comparing to the original one……meeeeeh

  11. Crow says:

    I heard it live in October and I think it’s pretty good with the atmosphere of the shows, building up with the crowd going wild etc, but recorded? I agree with Hellyeah, it’s very meh.

  12. PinkDreamer says:

    i like it and i can’t wait to see them live in glasgow in feb 😀

  13. Sas says:

    Thanks Chris 😀
    I thought it was just a live recording with the intro, not a new recording per se. I could be wrong though. I like it either way. It’s kind of raw.

  14. Monchey says:

    😮 music is better here, but gee sings better in the old version (oh, Gee please, forgive me.!! 😦 )

  15. Skydog says:

    you are 100% correct on the singing, this just seems off in so many levels.

    And Richard your comment is totally wrong.. I’m open minded yet I do dislike this version… I like all kinds of music though…
    Psychadelic rock, techno, electronica, blues, alternative rock, emo, punk, hardcore punk, Iron maiden, judas priest, omg.. i could go on of all the music I like. X)

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