My Chemical Romance Perform “Sing” On Conan

Here is My Chemical Romance’s performance of “Sing” from last nights Conan show.

“I love the creative way some of the musicians on our show decorate their set on Studio 15. Beach House had those trippy blue pyramids, Reggie Watts always does something weird, and tonight, My Chemical Romance set up a big black void dotted with lights. Very very cool dudes.”

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7 Responses to My Chemical Romance Perform “Sing” On Conan

  1. Skydog says:

    ew the backup ladies are horrible lol
    Gerard sounds better than them and they’ve probably had extensive singing lessons.
    Gerard sounds really good actually.. very shocked 🙂

  2. richard says:

    there gospal sigers by the looks of them..good ol’ fashoned back up signers X3 like bakc in da day x3 LOL

  3. LinTu says:

    I like the performance but at some point I couldn’t hear Gerard at all because the music was too loud

  4. Nato says:

    I thought the back up singers were great, I think the band should use them more, like if gerrard gets sick and needs backup vocals.

  5. tinewashere says:

    this is one of their better perfomances of ‘sing’! i actually quite enjoyed this.. i wonder if they’re gonna bring the back up singers on tour, haha. doubt it though..

    also, what the hell is up at the ending – gerard looks like a midget! they look so small, haha.

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