My Chemical Romance’s “Sing” To Feature On Glee

Glee Season 2

Glee Season 2

According to a post at My Chemical Romance’s “Sing” is the song set to feature on Glee. The upcoming episode titled “Comeback” (Season 2) is set to air on February 15th in the USA. The song will be performed by one of the main characters, Sue Sylvester when she joins “New Directions”. For the full list of season 2 songs check out the Wikipedia page.

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9 Responses to My Chemical Romance’s “Sing” To Feature On Glee

  1. sipie says:

    Im saying nothing lol. After what they did to Rocky Horror I feel a dark, dark cloud looming

  2. richard says:

    oh god not annother way on this…they kill songs ..i dont like glee but each to there own if u like it good ^^ we are all intitled to our opions but like sipie i feel a dark cloud

  3. sipie says:

    Cheers richard 🙂 Just don’t want this to explode in 76 comments of arguing again lol

  4. SpyKi says:

    I love Glee but this is a terrible idea.

  5. bloodless_soul says:

    i cant say i didnt see this coming. one of the biggest bands on the planet makes a new album, i cant say they would consider missing the chance. all hope is gone. i think i’ll go listen to that song a few more times before they behead it. *sad face* have you heard what they did you all americsn rejects? go youtube it. *shudders*

  6. Skydog says:

    These people CAN’T sing.. that’s why they aren’t live.
    They use all the vocal enhancement they can on the show and on their “CDS” just to make $… it’s like over 98% of today’s music.

  7. SARAH :D says:

    I like glee but I love mcr… x|

  8. Z says:

    NooooooooooOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo…Now all my friends will be singing a HORRIBLE version of my favorite song x| They will kill it :;(

  9. Gabs says:

    I really like glee, but i have to admit the autotuning is pissing me off. Many of them can actually sing so i don’t understand why them make them sound like such shit!!!
    I love mcr but they’re total sellouts now! it makes me a little sad inside…did you know they were slated to do a song for the twilight soundtrack??

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